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5 Best Free Spell Check Apps for Windows

free spell checker for windows 10

Whether you are writing for formal or informal purposes, it’s good to have the proper spelling of words in your articles. Properly spelled words are easy to comprehend. It makes readers believe that you are credible with your intentions. Writing articles is also another way to earn money. By this, you should see to it that your articles are free from spelling and grammar errors to gain an edge over other writers. However, many are weak when it comes to spelling. And this is where Spell Check Apps come in handy.

List of Best Spell Check Apps for Windows

Spell Check Apps are great tools for improving your writing skills. We’ve come up with the 5 best free spell-check apps for Windows.

Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker

spell check app for windows 10

Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker is an amazing tool that helps in correcting spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and style. It features a clean and simple user interface. We like that there is a Grammar Rules section for a few quick learning sessions. Users can choose to check a text or check word documents. And they can also choose between rephrasing sentences or correcting them.

This spell-check app can function across any website, platform, device, and operating system. Whether you are writing an email, posting a status or a tweet, or drafting an article, Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker got your back. With its quick one-click spelling and grammar suggestions, your productivity will surely increase to a level.

Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker are one of the best free spell check apps for windows that is suitable for all kinds of users.


spell check software for windows 10

WhiteSmoke is a spell and grammar check app that is powered by AI algorithms. It does not only correct grammar errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation, and style but also checks your document for plagiarism. This app features correcting abilities with the highest quality. WhiteSmoke offers top-notch service because of its innovative technology and premium software. It contains Dictionary and Thesaurus. There is also a grammar error explanation that will help you analyze and learn from your mistakes.

WhiteSmoke is a tool tailored for all purposes. It is one of the best English writing tools in the industry. With this app, you can elevate your writing abilities and become confident with them.


spell check for windows 10

Surely, you have heard of Grammarly, one of the best spell and grammar checkers for Windows. Grammarly has comprehensive tools that set the bar high when it comes to correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes. It also features writing goals that will help you organize your documents into the right tone and style.

Grammarly app features a scoresheet for the performance of your writing skills. There are sections on the right side that shows how well you have delivered through correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. The app has a premium version that offers more thorough assistant tools and plagiarism checkers. However, the free version is enough for simple and amateur write-ups.


free spell checker for windows 10

SpellCheckPlus is another free spell-check app for Windows that made it to our list because of its accurate writing assistant tools. It aids users in correcting wrong grammar, misspelled words, wrong style used, wrong punctuation, and some other writing issues.

SpellCheckPlus works by examining documents for errors, displaying a summary of the issues, categorizing and defining them, and finally correcting the whole document. This app works well on Windows PC. The free version has the right amount of essential tools but it comes with so many adverts. To remove these adverts, you can upgrade to a premium version.


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Another AI-based algorithm spell and grammar checker tool are WebSpellChecker. It is one of the most used proofreading software that can provide high-quality and error-free written material. This app is compatible with Windows and other operating systems. It can translate up to 160 and more languages. There is also a dictionary for definitions, synonyms, and antonyms purposes.

The free version of WebSpellChecker is already amazing, but the paid one comes with cloud storage for that perfect writing experience.



Writing requires skills and abilities. There are so many issues to tackle when it comes to putting together words for an audience. With the best free spell-check apps for Windows, you can overcome all these struggles and create a masterpiece with confidence.


If you need a spell and grammar checker software that works offline, check this out.