5 Best Free Spell Check Apps for Windows

free spell checker for windows 10

Whenever writing content for articles, blog post, or educational purposes, a good spell checker software will help you to write flawlessly. Spell and grammar checkers help you to remove errors from your content and make them better to read. It does not depend on whether you are a professional or beginner writer, these apps help you to write faster without having a spelling mistake. If you want to earn money from writing, you must give proper work. Only the content having zero grammar and spelling errors consider to be good. No one will work with you if your work is full of syntax or grammar errors. If you are not a native English speaker and wanted to earn from writing, then you can use free spell and grammar checkers available for Windows.

List of Best Spell Check Software for Windows

You will find many spell check apps, but not all are good ones. In this article, we have listed down only the best English spell checker software for Windows. You can select one among these and start using it.

Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker

spell check app for windows 10

As the name says, Ginger Grammar Checker checks your grammar as well as your spelling mistakes. This software is helpful to those people who usually write emails and chats on different social media platforms. Its grammar and spelling checker is based on two patterns, one full sentence, and the other is text to pronunciation. People learning the language or having a reading disability can use this software to help them to write well. You have to just install it on your pc and it will start working fine. You need an internet connection to use this software. The working environment of Ginger Grammar Checker is easy and can be configured by anyone. Another good thing about this software is that it is free to use.


spell check software for windows 10

Having WhiteSmoke means that you can use it anywhere at any time, just need an internet connection and you are good to go. WhiteSmoke is the perfect software for resolving any spelling errors in your writing. Not only that, but it also helps you to improve your writing style and structure. To make this software better for detecting any mistake in writing, AI is added with it. AI-based algorithms are working to smartly fix any error that occurred in your document. This software can be accessed on most platforms. You can also access it when using a browser or MS Word.

The best thing about WhiteSmoke is that it also checks plagiarism in your content. So, you do not have to worry about whether your content is plagiarized or not. Also, if you want to translate your content to other languages, WhiteSmoke is here to help you. It can translate any content into over 45 languages. You can download this software for free.


spell check for windows 10

If you write online, then you must have heard of Grammarly. It is one of the most popular spellings and grammar checkers. You can install it as a Google Chrome Extension. After installing it, this will be synced with all the platforms wherever you write your content online. You can also write content locally on your pc after installing the software.

Grammarly shows stats on the right side, whether your content is blended or not, how much your content is readable, it also provides you punctuation errors. It shows the final score, after analyzing your complete document. If you are using this software on daily basis, your documents are automatically saved in their server, so you can access them whenever needed. The basic version of Grammarly is free, however, to use its complete features you have to buy its subscription.


free spell checker for windows 10

Another best grammar and spelling checker on our list is SpellCheckPlus. It helps new writers to solve spelling and grammar errors, capitalization, punctuation, and many more issues in their content. The procedure of checking errors in this online software is a little bit different. First, it completely analyzes your document for errors, then it displays a summary of what issues are occurring in your document. Then it categorizes and defines all the errors. If you did a spelling mistake, then it will be displayed under the spelling error heading. All the spelling mistakes that you have done will be underlined as red, just like Grammarly does. The summary will simply explain to you, why errors are occurring. It is available for free, but it contains ads in the free version. If you do not want to be interrupted by ads, then you can go for its pro version.


english spell checker software win 10

WebSpellChecker is one of the powerful AI-based grammar, punctuation, and spell checker. It is the best and amazing proofreader software, that will polish your content and give a more attractive look to the reader. It has cloud storage. However, to utilize the cloud, you need to buy plus version, else it is free to use.

You can easily set it up on Windows or with your desired platforms on which you work. It is also available as a browser extension with different name called WProofreader. It has 160+ languages, that allow you to translate your text into any language. If you are out of new words or bored using similar words, then they give you a dictionary. You can use modern synonym words that you have used in your content.

The quality of your writing not only depends on how well you write, but it also depends on whether your content is errors free or not. Grammar and spelling mistakes can make any good content looks bad. So, to praise by your audience you must select the right grammar and spell checker for your Windows PC. Only then you will be able to progress in the field of writing.