9 Best Free Telegram Bots for Groups

best free telegram bots for groups

You can find many interesting social chatting apps on Play Store. Among those social apps, WhatsApp is the most famous. Most people all around the world are using WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp does have basic features but not much. If we talk about which social chatting app is beating WhatsApp in terms of features then there is one app named ‘Telegram’. One of the best features of Telegram is that it allows you to add bots into your groups. Bots are entertaining technology that is used for different purposes. You can use them according to your needs, such as you can create polls by using bots, create reminders for events, or more.

What is the main purpose of Telegram bots?

Telegram allows you to add bots into your chats, so you can do something interesting. If you add Telegram bots into your group chat, it makes them more interactive. For example, if you are looking for specific information or debating on any topic, you can retrieve that information through your Telegram bot.

How to call a bot?

It is a simple process. You can call any bot just by using @ with bot name. It is similar to mentioning someone.

How to Add a Bot to a Telegram Group

We will guide you on how to add Telegram bots, and also, best Telegram bots you must use in your groups.

The bots which you add to your Telegram groups are run by software. To use these bots you have to use different commands. These bots are similar to bots that are present in Discord. If you use Discord then you must have an idea of what actually bot is.

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If we talk about Telegram, you will find two kinds of bots. Both acts differently, the inline bots let you use them without leaving a chat. This means you do not have to leave a group chat to use them. The second kind of bots can be used only by leaving a chat and interact with them one-on-one.

You will learn about inline bots more in this article. Some inline bots need to be added to your Telegram groups and others can be called just by typing a name of a bot. Just add @ before the name of a bot and it will be summoned. If you are looking for videos you can type @vid. This will summon a YouTube bot. You need to use different keywords while searching for a specific video like ‘@vid specific keyword’.

Adding Telegram Bot to a Group

Adding bots to Telegram is not difficult. Just follow the below steps to add Telegram bots to your group.

Step 1:

Open your Telegram app. You will see the search icon on the top right of your screen. Here, you have to search for a bot name.

add telegram bot to group

Just be sure that you must type the correct bot name. Because there are many clones available of the same bots. Before typing a bot name you have to add ‘@’.

Step 2:

After finding out the correct bot click on the name of your bot.

how to add bot in telegram group

You will see the three-dots icon appearing on the screen tap on it. A menu will be visible to you. From that menu select the ‘Add to group’ option.

Step 3:

Now you will see your group list. You can add that bot in any group you want to.

use bot in telegram

You will find that it shows the message ‘You added bot-name’ in your group chat. This means you have successfully added a bot to your group chat.

Best Free Telegram Bots for Groups

You have learned how to add bots to the Telegram chat group. Now, let us see some useful and best Telegram bots for your group.

1. Combot

best telegram bots

If you have a large group of members then this bot can help you. Combot can help you to manage your group efficiently. This bot can automatically delete all the undesired messages, as well as the content. It can also provide you different stats. The best feature is that it promotes the user by comparing their contribution to the group. Through this more users take part in groups and helps to increase group engagement.

Add Combot to Telegram

2. GIF

best telegram bots for groups

People love to share short animations which are called Gifs. It makes your conversations more interesting and entertaining. For using Gif you do not need to leave your group chat window. You can type @gif and then any keyword related to your need. You will find many Gifs appearing on your screen. The interesting thing is that its response time is fast which is a good thing.

3. Spotybot

telegram bot list

If your group members love to hear songs, Telegram also has a bot for this. You can use Spotybot for this. It allows you to search for different artists or songs on Spotify. The audio clip will be for 30 seconds. However, the best part is that it also brings a link to the full song on Spotify.

Add Spotybot to Telegram

4. Vid

best free telegram bots

If you want to share some videos with your Telegram group, you can use the @Vid bot. This bot allows you to share any YouTube video. You do not need to leave your chat for this. After selecting your desired video it will share the link. This bot is providing your members to share their favorite videos.

5. VoteBot

best telegram bots for groups

The most interesting bot you can say is the voting bot. If you have a group with your family and wanted to ask what to wear to an event. You can create a poll for that and ask them through polling. You can decide on a meetup place with your friends by doing polling. If you allow, your group members can also choose multiple options.

If there is some sensitive matter on which your members have to vote. They can vote as anonymous without revealing their identity. This seems a cool feature so that people can not judge you based on your vote.

Add VoteBot to Telegram

6. Dr.Web

telegram bot list

If you have created a group for study purposes or for other purposes where members need to share files with each other. Then you just need to add a bot that can scan those files automatically. No one likes to download files infected with viruses. Because no one knows whether the file has a virus or not. If your group members share different kinds of files then we suggest you add Dr.Web bot to your Telegram group.

It can easily scan all the shared files as well as the links. You do not have to operate it manually once it is added to your group. It scans files and links automatically. It can not be summoned just by typing @ in your group chat. You have to add this bot so that it starts working.

Add Dr.Web to Telegram

7. Skeddy

telegram bot

If you have a Telegram group in which you need to manage events date and time, you need a reminder of those events. So, that members in your group know at which date and time events are going to take place. You can also use reminder bots for your own use. For example, if you are going to plan a trip with your members then you can set a reminder for that trip.

You can use the @skeddybot reminder bot for this purpose. This will helps you to set a reminder for your trips and events.

Add SkeddyBot to Telegram

8. GameBot

Gamebot telegram

Are you and your friends getting bored? Do not worry! This list also includes a bot through which you can play different games with your friends. You can use GameBot to play simple games with your group members. You just need to type @gamebot and then select a game. It will be added to your group chat and you can start playing in real-time.

However, these games not include high graphics because these games are designed to run smoothly. All the available games are lightweight.

Add GameBot to Telegram

9. Store Bot

Telegram Store Bot

If you are having trouble finding bots according to your needs, you can use StoreBot. Telegram StoreBot is a place where all the bots are stored. You can find any bot in there and start to use them. You can just search the bots using StoreBot, and it will open those bots into the new chat.

Add StoreBot to Telegram

Use Bots for Telegram Groups

Now you know that how to add bots to your Telegram group and the best bots to use in your group chat. It is really fun to use bots in your chat. As today people mostly spend their time at home because of pandemics. People can spend good time with their family or friends by creating polls, sharing videos or songs by using Telegram bots.