9 Best Free Telegram Bots for Groups

9 Best Free Telegram Bots for Groups

best free telegram bots for groups

The messaging service Telegram is quickly gaining in popularity. It is among those social messaging apps that offer rich features like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. However, Telegram is better when it comes to functionalities. Compared to the Facebook apps, it places a greater emphasis on encryption and privacy. For instance, users can have “secret chats” and transmit messages that will automatically disappear.

Moreover, you can include bots in your groups, which is one of Telegram’s finest features. Bots are a fun piece of technology that serve a variety of functions. You can use them for a variety of purposes, like making polls with bots, setting up event reminders, and more.

What are Telegram Bots?

A Telegram Bot is a computer program with extra features that acts similarly to a regular chat companion. It works independently and without the user’s input to complete predefined tasks. The word “bot” comes from the word “robot.”

You can use Telegram to add bots to your chats so you can do something fun. Group chats become more engaged when Telegram bots are added. You can use your Telegram bot to retrieve information, for instance, if you are searching for certain details

How Do Telegram Bots Work?

It is an easy procedure. Any bot can be contacted by simply adding @ to the bot name. It works like mentioning someone. You can add bots to your Telegram groups, and those bots are managed by software. You must use certain commands to use these bots. These bots are comparable to the bots seen in Discord. If you use Discord, you must be familiar with what a bot is.

When it comes to Telegram, there are two different types of bots. The inline bots allow you to use them without leaving a chat because they both respond differently. This implies that you can utilize them without exiting a group conversation. The second class of bots can only be used by exiting a chat and chatting directly with them.

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How to Add Telegram Bot to a Group?

It is easy to add bots to Telegram. Simply complete the procedures listed below to add Telegram bots to your group.

Step 1:

Launch the Telegram app. The search icon will be visible in the upper right corner of your screen. You need to look for a bot name here.

add telegram bot to group

Just make sure you enter the right bot’s name. Since identical bots are available in numerous clones. To start typing a bot name, you must add the @ symbol.

Step 2:

After determining the correct bot, click on its name.

how to add bot in telegram group

The three-dot icon will show on the screen; tap it to activate it. You’ll be able to see a menu. Choose the “Add to group” option from that menu.

Step 3:

You will now see a list of your groups. Any group you choose can have that bot added to it.

use bot in telegram

In your group chat, you’ll see the notification “You added bot-name.” This indicates that you were successful in including a bot in your group chat.

Best Free Telegram Bots for Groups

We’ll show you the best Telegram bots for groups that you can use now that you know more about them, what they are, how they operate, and how to add them to groups. See them listed below.

1. Combot

This bot can be useful if your group has many people. You can effectively manage your group with Combot’s assistance. This bot can erase all unwanted messages and their content automatically. Additionally, it can give you many statistics. The user is promoted by comparing their contribution to the group. More people participate in groups as a result, which raises group engagement.

Add Combot to Telegram

2. GIF

best telegram bots for groups

Gifs are a type of short animation that people love to share. Your conversations become more fascinating and enjoyable as a result. You don’t have to close your group chat window to use GIFs. You can enter @gif followed by any keyword relevant to your search. Many GIFs will start to display on your screen. The fascinating aspect is that it responds quickly, which is strategic.

3. Spotybot

telegram bot list

Music is among the most common but adored topic to be shared and Telegram also provides a bot for this. Spotybot is a useful tool for members who love to play along with good tunes. You can use Spotify to look up various musicians or songs. There will be a 30-second audio clip. The best thing, though, is that it also includes a link to Spotify’s entire song.

Add Spotybot to Telegram

4. Vid

best free telegram bots

Use the @Vid bot if you wish to share some videos with your Telegram group. You can share any YouTube video using this bot. There is no need for you to exit your chat for this. The link will be shared after you choose your preferred video. Your members can share their favorite videos with this bot.

5. VoteBot

best telegram bots for groups

You could argue that the voting Telegram bot is the most intriguing one. If you wanted to know what to wear to an event with your family in a group. To ask them, you can make a poll and use polling. By conducting a poll, you and your friends may pick where to meet up. Your group members can select numerous options if you let them.

This bot can also be cast as anonymous in sensitive and private situations. You don’t need to hold bars because it will not reveal your votes if you intend not to.

Add VoteBot to Telegram

6. Dr.Web

telegram bot list

If you’ve established a group for research or another reason where members must exchange files, for example. Then you simply need to add a bot that can automatically scan those files. Nobody enjoys downloading virus-infected files. Because nobody is certain if the file contains a virus or not. If the members of your group share a variety of file types, we advise adding the Dr.Web bot to your Telegram group.

All shared files and URLs can be quickly scanned. Once it has been added to your group, you do not need to manually control it. It automatically scans files and links. However, it cannot be called simply by entering @ in a group chat. This bot must be added for it to function.

Add Dr.Web to Telegram

7. Skeddy

telegram bot

A reminder of the events is necessary if you have a Telegram group where you need to manage the event date and time. So that group members are aware of the day, time, and location of events. Skeddy comes in handy. Reminder bots are also useful for personal use. You could set a reminder, for instance, if you were planning a trip with your friends. The @skeddybot reminder bot can be utilized for this. Setting a reminder for your excursions and occasions will be made it easier by doing this.

Add SkeddyBot to Telegram

8. GameBot

Gamebot telegram

One of the best Telegram Bots is Gamebot. You can play a variety of games with your pals using this bot. Simple games can be played with your group members using GameBot. Simply type @gamebot and then choose a game. It will be added to your group chat, where you may immediately begin playing.

These games do not, however, include advanced graphics because they are made to function well. The games that are offered are all compact.

Add GameBot to Telegram

9. Store Bot

Telegram Store Bot

Use StoreBot if you’re having problems locating bots that meet your requirements. All of the bots are kept in the Telegram StoreBot. You can utilize any bot you discover there after you’ve found it. Simply use StoreBot to search for the bots, and those bots will be opened in the new conversation.

Add StoreBot to Telegram

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app that allows you to send messages, make voice and video calls, share files, and create groups or channels. Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app that offers various features including the use of bots. Bots are programs that can automate tasks and provide various services.

Users can add bots to their groups or chat individually with them. The official bot store provides a wide range of bots to choose from, including top Telegram bots. These bots offer different functionalities and can be used by users to enhance their messaging experience.

2. What is a Telegram bot?

A Telegram bot is an automated software application that can perform various tasks within the Telegram messaging platform. A Telegram bot is a software application that runs on the Telegram platform and is designed to perform various tasks and interact with Telegram users. Bots for

Telegram is versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as managing channels or groups, automating tasks, providing information, or even entertaining users. Telegram users can add a bot to their chats or groups by searching for the bot’s name or username and then interacting with it using commands or messages. There are many different bots available, but some of the best Telegram bots to manage files, automate tasks, or create and use bots include the 12 best ones recommended by experts.

3. How can I add a bot to Telegram?

To add a bot to Telegram, simply type the bot’s name or username in the search bar and select it from the results. Then, click on the “Add to Group” or “Start” button to add the bot to a chat or start a conversation. To add a bot to Telegram, simply search for the bot’s name in the search bar. Once you find the desired bot, open its chat and click on the “Start” button.

Bots on Telegram are designed to help users with various tasks, such as tracking movies, setting reminders, and providing search results. The platform offers a wide range of bots, so users can find the best ones for their needs without leaving Telegram. Additionally, bots can also assist in managing larger groups, making it convenient to use them inside the app.

4. What are the best Telegram bots?

The best Telegram bots vary depending on your needs, but some popular ones include Combot, Feed Reader Bot, Skeddy, and File Converter Bot. The year 2023 has seen a surge in the popularity of Telegram bots. Telegram channel owners are constantly on the lookout for the 10 best Telegram bots to manage their channels effectively.

Bots for Telegram provides numerous functionalities, from scheduling posts and monitoring analytics to providing customer support and conducting surveys. With the ability to automate various tasks and enhance user experience, these bots are truly game-changers in the world of Telegram.

5. How can I use Telegram bots?

To use Telegram bots, you can search for them in the Telegram app, add them to your chat or group, and interact with them by sending commands or messages. To use Telegram bots, simply add them to a group or chat.

These small programs can be used to play games with friends or enhance your telegram group experience. Setting up bots is easy, as you can either make your own or use existing ones. Bots can deliver high scores, automate tasks, and provide a fun and interactive element to your Telegram inbox.

6. Can Telegram bots be used in groups or channels?

Yes, Telegram bots can be used in both groups and channels. They can help manage the group, provide automated responses, and perform various tasks. Yes, Telegram bots can be used in both groups and channels.

With the use of a bot, users can create a must-have bot that makes tasks easier such as sharing YouTube channels or subscribing to RSS feeds. The bot lets users conveniently retrieve video files and the bot will provide timely updates on their subscribed content.

7. How do I find Telegram groups or channels?

To find Telegram groups or channels, you can use the search feature in the Telegram app or explore popular channels and groups through online directories.

8. How can I send a message via Telegram?

To send a message via Telegram, simply open a chat or group, type your message, and press the send button. You can also send multimedia files, voice messages, stickers, and more.

9. Can I schedule reminders using Telegram?

Yes, you can schedule reminders using Telegram by using the reminder feature of some bots or by creating your own bot using the Telegram Bot API.

10. What can I do with the Telegram Bot API?

With the Telegram Bot API, you can create your own bots with custom functionalities. This allows you to automate tasks, provide information, and interact with users in various ways.


There’s no better way than to constantly communicate with our loved ones. Group chats are so much cool and valuable. Adding it with these treats of Best Telegram Bots surely will double the fun and excitement.