8 Best Free Windows 10 Apps You Must Have

If you’ve newly switched to Windows 10 and you do not know about free apps that can be used on Windows 10. Then this article is for you. We have listed down the best and essential free apps that can be used by anyone who is using Windows 10. You can perform any task from these apps which can be done by any paid apps. Read this article till the end and after that install them on your Windows 10.

List of Best Free Apps for Windows 10

The below-mentioned apps are totally free and easy to use for Windows 10.

1. Polarr Photo Editor

best free windows 10 apps, photo editor polarr

If you are new to the photo editing field and struggling in choosing the right photo editing tool, then Polarr is the right choice for you. Polarr is AI-based software that is used for photo editing by newbies and professionals. It is the best free tool that can be used by anyone. Polarr’s free version has all the important features which can help you in editing. However, if you are looking for extra features, there is also paid version of Polarr.

2. Cakewalk by BandLab

must have apps for windows 10, Cakewalk by BandLab

If you are a music artist and want to edit, record, or master your soundtracks then Cakewalk is the right choice for you. Cakewalk was old music software that is reborn under the new ownership. They decided to keep this software free to its customers so that anyone can use this software. It is a complete music production package having all the important features like composing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and sharing. So, if you are a composer, songwriter, or producer this software is the right choice for you.

3. Audacity

windows 10 apps download, Audacity

You can find multiple free software for audio editing. However, Audacity is above all in audio cutting or tweaking. No other free software can defeat Audacity in terms of audio editing features. This software is developed by a group of volunteers and provided as open-source software. Audacity has a variety of features which include recording, import and export, sound quality enhancement, editing, analysis, and more.

4. Shotcut

must have windows 10 apps, Shotcut

There are video editing tools that you can use. However, not every good video editing tool is free. Most of them are not completely free. They ask you some amount to unlock their premium features. However, if you are looking for a completely free video editing tool then Shotcut can be helpful. Shotcut is open-source software that is used for video and audio editing. It has all the basic and important features which are required for editing videos.

5. Notepad++

top windows 10 free apps, Notepad++

The new coders always seem confused when choosing the source code editor. There are different options for choosing a source code editor. However, not all source code editors are easy to understand and easy to use. There is one source code editor that is used by many schools to teach kids basic coding, it is called Notepad++. It is the replacement of Notepad and it gained popularity as its interface and functionality are better than Notepad. It supports several programming languages.

6. LibreOffice

best apps for pc, LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a competitor of Microsoft Office. It is similar to Microsoft Office, having all the application which includes the word, spreadsheet, presentations, draw, base, and math. However, LibreOffice is open-source software which makes it more popular and fascinating. As you are having all these great applications without giving a penny. It is one of the most powerful office software which is used by millions of people all around the world.

7. CCleaner

useful desktop apps, CCleaner

If your laptop or pc is getting slow and you do not how to fix this issue. Then try to use CCleaner. As CCleaner helps your system to get optimized and recover your system health. It also helps you to block ads and hide your digital identity. CCleaner is not heavy software and can be installed easily in any system.

8. Cobian Backup

necessary apps for pc, Cobian Backup

If your system does not have any backup software, you can install this free backup software called Cobian Backup. It is one of the best and capable backup software. You can send your files to your external drives, or any network location, or you can also send them to an FTP server. Cobian Backup creates automatic backups for your files, which is a good feature. You do not have to create backups manually. This software also has compression and encryption features. You can either run this software as a service or an application.


We have tried to give the best free apps for Windows 10. There are more free apps that can be used to perform different operations. You can get those apps just by searching out on the internet. When you can get the same app for free then why purchase an app? However, if you are working as a professional, then you can go for purchasing an app.

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