Games like Myst on Steam

games like myst on steam

Myst is a challenging puzzle game in which players take on the role of the main character on the fictional island of Myst. It has something to do with discovering hidden books that open the door to new parallel worlds and eras. Along with your island quest, you search for a few items and become familiar with the overall story as you progress. The purpose of this article is to inform you about PC games like Myst on Steam, which allow you to engage in continuous interaction if you are interested in playing such games yourself.

Best PC Games like Myst on Steam

In this article, I will tell you about adventure puzzle video games similar to Myst. I am sure it will be helpful for you when you read them one by one.

1. Timelapse

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Timelapse is an excellent adventure video game that GTE Interactive Media developed for Windows PCs and Macintosh computers. In many ways, it is influenced by the game ‘Myst .’ It requires you to discover the world and solve complex puzzles to progress through the game successfully. An archaeologist has become trapped in another dimension due to a rift, and you must use time portals sprinkled throughout the region to bring him back to his homeworld.

After discovering a mysterious link to the legendary city of Atlantis, the professor contacts you and invites you to join him on a trip to the Easter Islands. However, once you arrive on the island, you will discover that the camp has been abandoned and the professor has gone missing. As you search for additional clues, you come across his camera and his journal, both of which contain information about his disappearance. This is the point at which your adventure starts!

At various points during your journey through the game, you will stop in at legendary locations like The Lost City of Atlantis and those of the Maya Ancient civilizations. The puzzles span in difficulties from medium to complicated, and it will take a significant amount of tinkering to figure out how to complete them all. However, if you enjoyed the previous game’s world design and atmospheric setting, you will most likely enjoy playing through this one as much as you did the last. Although the graphics for the game have not aged well, if this is not a concern for you, go ahead and play it!

Download: Timelapse

2. Ether One

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Even though the gameplay of Ether One is similar to that of Myst-style games, the story is quite unique. However, the story of another character who has lost her memory and requires your help and support to recover is this game’s focus. You, as a specialist memory repairer, are tasked with assisting a lady in regaining her memories. The lady has a severe mental disorder, and you must help her regain her memories of her childhood. While carrying out your mission, you must engage in a meaningful discussion with the patient and solve any puzzles or riddles presented to you.

You will begin your search for answers in the town of Pinwheel, which is where the game is set up. The clues are simple and clear at the beginning, making the puzzles straightforward to fix; however, as the levels progress, the levels become more complex, and the clues become more ambiguous.

Download: Ether One

3. Obduction

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Obduction is another outstanding adventure video game by Cyan Worlds, the company behind titles such as ‘Riven’ and ‘Myst.’ The game is regarded as an advanced worthy successor to the titles mentioned earlier. It has been entirely suited for VR devices. If you find that games like ‘Myst’ lack exploration and you want to involve yourself in the bizarre worlds of adventure games fully, we strongly recommend that you play this title on one of the virtual reality console games. The controls are well-polished and enable you to freely navigate the strangely disaffected world of ‘Obduction,’ making the experience much more unique.

Download: Obduction

4. Dear Esther

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Dear Esther is a heart-touching game like Myst for Windows. You are tasked with exploring a solemn, lonely island in the middle of the sea, and as you begin to make your way closer to the coast, you come across several letters presented to Esther from her jilted husband. The letters reveal the history of the lovers, including the challenges they faced while living on the deserted island and how they came to be isolated from one another. Dear Esther is more than just a game; it is also a captivating story of love and isolation, as well as of human misery, that is relevant to all of us.

Download: Dear Esther

5. The Witness

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The Witness video game was developed by Thekla company in 2016 for Windows. It has one of the most extended development times of any game, with development beginning in 2009 and its release taking place in 2016. It is also the most expensive game to develop. However, the financial performance of ‘Braid,’ another puzzle platformer, enabled Jonathan Blow, the game’s led designer, to assemble an adequate game development team for the project. As a result, Jonathan was able to devote a significant number of resources to developing and fine-tune the various mechanics following his preferences.

This game is strongly influenced by Myst, enabling players to transfer and examine an unidentified island, with the ultimate goal of entering the heart of the hill that lies at the center of it. This is accomplished by completing puzzles on the island and amplifying turrets in particular areas that suggest that the place is safe. The island is divided into 11 sections, each with its own set of puzzles and gameplay dynamics. Once the player has explored and activated all of the turrets in all 11 locations in the game, they will be granted access to the mountain’s interior.

Download: The Witness

6. Xing: The Land Beyond

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Xing: The Land Beyond is a video game that has been strongly influenced by the game “Myst.” It can be termed as a “Myst” clone. It is being developed with virtual reality devices in mind, and the entire platform for the game has been designed to provide interactive gameplay experiences to players. The satisfaction of wandering around the open world and scrambling to figure out the small subtleties to uncover its secrets is in itself satisfying; however, realizing that there is a larger picture at play that is out of your control is the true beauty of the game.

When it came to creating puzzles for the game, the developers emphasized that gamers could reach them in any way they wanted as long as they followed the rules. As a result, its storyline is well-developed, and both players and critics have expressed their delight with the game’s conclusion. An incredible climax is achieved by combining intricate gameplay mechanics with an intricate storyline and an overall immersive experience. This is something that you must see and feel for yourself!

Download: Xing: The Land Beyond

7. Zork Series

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The Zork Series will take you on a journey via iconic entertaining adventure games such as Myst. It is one of the most popular puzzle game franchises to be created for PC. Time and effort are well spent on the game’s gameplay style. Remember that there is no discussion or dialogue in this game and that all of the information is provided through text. Even if you despise the puzzle game without audio, you should not refrain from participating in it if you are an avid fan of the genre and enjoy playing such games.

You must type every word and engage in conversation with the other characters to gather the necessary information. There are enough riddles to keep you occupied for several hours. The best part is that Zork encourages you to use your imagination and visualization abilities to complete the mission successfully. This series contains engaging stories and puzzles of varying difficulty. For the most part, it utilizes every mechanism that Myst fans are drawn to. Try this iconic fiction puzzle game and add some simple and earliest games to your collection.

Download: Zork