Voice Chatting Apps for Gaming

best voice chat apps for gaming

Today, although there are still plenty of titles focused on solo gaming, the increasingly powerful presence of online multiplayer games, together with eSports and streaming, has caused impressive growth in the programs of voice-chat communication. Now the big question lies in knowing which is the best voice chat program for games, or at least which one best suits your style of play and your PC configuration. Remember that proper team communication is a part of winning any multiplayer game. These applications will help you communicate with your colleagues in the most effective way.

Best Voice Chatting Apps for Gaming?

If you are looking for voice chat programs to talk with your teammates and other players, you are in the right place because we’ll show you the 7 best voice chatting apps for gamers!

1. GameVox

GameVox is a service you can use to create and manage your chat server. This program offers you a standard server. The standard server is best for new gamers and if you want to try using GameVox first.

One of the best features of this service is how it handles adding new people to the group. The server admin can share a link with whoever they want to add to the server, and they can follow the link to join. There is no need to enter any address or password.

GameVox also offers custom server themes that can give your server a custom look and feel. Administrators can even customize the user layout for their server. They can create and customize badges, assign badges to users, set users as priority speakers, and much more. GameVox uses the latest voice codecs, which results in their low latency. Overwolf powers GameVox. And this allows it to remain as an overlay in games.

2. TeamSpeak

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Another option you can see for your in-game chat needs is TeamSpeak.
It uses the Opus codec for voice chat and achieves some low latency with it. For administrators, TeamSpeak offers many permissions that they can use to control and manage their servers. However, this feature provides significantly fewer of these to keep the app simple and easy to use.

TeamSpeak supports encryption, and as a player, you can be sure that no one other than the users of the servers accesses them. You can enable the encryption server-wide, but you can also enable it for specific conversations.

TeamSpeak also offers many customization options for servers, including themes, sound packs, layouts, and much more. TeamSpeak is exceptionally good at handling servers with a higher number of people than other apps.

3. RaidCall

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RaidCall is a free service you can consider using as your in-game chat application. One of the best things about this chat service is that it is very low on system resources. You can run this app, and you wouldn’t notice a big difference in your system performance while gaming. However, the highlight feature of this service is that it can support up to 100,000 users in the same Raidcall group.

The app also lets you record, make announcements and create polls, and more aside from having quality sound. Users can also use Raidcall to transfer files, keep chat logs, share YouTube videos, etc. In addition, Raidcall servers support themes and emoticons for customization. Aside from that, Raidcall will also let you chat while streaming on Twitch.

4. Twitch App

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Formerly known as Curse, the Twitch App is another excellent app in gaming chat services. The Twitch App is a VoIP service that has an attractive user interface. Its audio messaging and rich media functionalities are one of the best features. You can also send attachments and more.

Players who use the GG acronym can either vote up or down on the content on Twitch. Curse supports voice activation and push-to-talk, and the admin may choose between the two. Twitch also reduces packet loss effects by using custom audio engines to give you a quality audio experience.

Curse also supports in-game overlay, as well as providing its users’ protection against DDoS attacks. Twitch App is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

5. WeGamers

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WeGamers was created by gamers. Here, you can chat in popular mobile games such as Free Fire, Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, apart from talking on Among Us.

It also allows you to learn tips and tricks from veteran players and other players in gaming communities.

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6. Plink

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Aside from being able to chat with other games, Plink will also let you find other players and create groups. In other words, the app’s neural networks can select the best possible teammates to play a game. You can also expect lower chances of being disconnected from your game because it has low latency.

7. Pinch

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Pinch is also one of the best voice chatting apps for gaming. You can make calls while you play with your friends since it can work in the background. In addition, fundamental features have been added, such as the ability to contact your friends and initiate a group call without leaving the game. You will also be notified when your friends connect to the game.


There you have it! 6 of the best voice chatting apps and programs for gaming. We hope you give them a try and have a great time while gaming!