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6 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android & iOS

best gender swap filter apps

Gender Swap Apps are becoming a trend. With people wanting to constantly improve physical features for fun and entertainment, these apps have been garnering wide support. Using a gender-swapping app, you appear as the opposite sex. Before developers created specialized apps that provide the same function, it first appeared as a straightforward filter on social networking platforms like Snapchat. The underlying technology of a gender swap software scans specific portions of your photo and applies filters to them using artificial intelligence (AI).

If you are among the ones who would want to get in the trend of face and voice swapping, then this article might be of help to you. Because we have listed here, the best gender swap apps for Android and iOS. Go, check them out.

List of Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iPhone

1. Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

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You can switch your face with multiple photos with the Face Swap Booth program. Swapping a person’s face with several other faces can dramatically alter that person’s appearance. Additionally, you have the option of using bespoke overlays, which let you combine any face feature from one person with the emotion from another.

By changing faces in front of the camera live, you may increase the amusement you have with your friends. You can also exchange faces with your favorite celebrity if you so like. Once finished, you can send those pictures to your loved ones.

It boasts sophisticated auto-face identification that makes it simple to identify faces in any image. Any image can have your face superimposed on it. In general, Face Swap Booth includes sophisticated editing capabilities that can precisely mix your image.

Download: Face Swap Booth – Face Changer | Android | iOS

2. Face Story – AI Artist Cartoon

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The ability to glimpse an older version of yourself while you are still young is kind of fascinating. Utilize the Face Story program to see your previous self. You may improve your photos by using various filters and effects thanks to AI technology. With this program, you can adjust your photo in a matter of seconds instead of spending hours doing so with professional photo editing software.

The face reader tool will reveal your face’s secrets when you simply scan your face. It might alter your natural face into a creative one. This program also aids in the search for your famous twin. This is a whole package of entertainment. However, you must pay for its premium edition if you want to enjoy all of its features.

Download: Face Story – AI Artist Cartoon | iOS

3. Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps

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You can change your appearance in the Face Changer Gender Transformation app with just a few touches. The app also includes extra features that are comparable to those found in other apps on the Google Play Store. It features photo editing that can transform you into your younger, older, and opposite versions.

You can also do it if you want to view your family and friends when they were younger. By uploading their photo to this application, you can make them appear young. You can combine two or more faces into one to see how it seems. If they are hairless, you can add hair or grow a beard for them. Additionally, it provides you with editing tools and a selection of filters that enhance the beauty of your shot.

Download: Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps | Android

4. Snapchat

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Snapchat is among the popular choice for best social media platforms and it does well with being one of the best gender swap apps there is. A wide variety of filters are available on Snapchat that you may use to edit or enhance images. Additionally, it is unquestionably a successful software for switching genders. Contrary to FaceApp, the filter that can be applied to increase humor is fairly rigid. Only a few changes may be made to the filter itself to make it appear realistic. This is not to argue that the filter is bad; it does provide some amusing respite.

As Snapchat has grown in popularity, its creators continue to add new filters to amuse their users. With Snapchat’s various humorous and enjoyable filters, you may switch the genders of people and age up their appearance. However, you cannot add an image from your gallery to Snapchat since you can only use this effect with a live camera.

Download: Snapchat | Android | iOS

5. Instagram

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Most people are familiar with Instagram. It is one of the most widely used social media sites, and a lot of social influencers utilize it. Several mask filters are available in Instagram’s camera feature. People enjoy making quick movies and sharing them in their stories. Simply perform a search in the filter section of story mode if you want to switch faces with a guy or woman.

The same drawback applies—you cannot import pictures from your gallery. Nevertheless, this program is incredibly fascinating and enjoyable. By making short amusing movies and sharing them in your stories, you can have fun with your friends.

Download: Instagram | Android | iOS

6. Face Lab: Gender Changer

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Face Lab is a fantastic program that you may use to amuse your pals by changing their genders. It contains robust editing features that allow for face swapping. You can show your elderly relatives their younger selves, as well as make your youthful friends appear more senior.

Also, you can modify your photographs with its editing tools to make them more stunning and improve their aesthetic appeal. You can also make someone taller or bald, among other things. Use this program for free to have fun without paying any money.

Download: Face Lab: Gender Changer | Android


Your list of the top gender switch apps is now complete. Installing them on your phone will enable you to start gender-swapping your friends and family. Give someone long hair or make them bald. Create a mask of yourself by shaving your face. Enjoy these applications with your loved ones as there are countless potential uses.


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