Gender Swap Filter Apps for Android & iOS

best gender swap filter apps

As we are moving towards the modern era, technology is becoming more and more advance. Some applications can easily change your voice so that you can prank on your friends and family. Some applications are using AI technology that can make your pictures like they are talking. Also, gender-swapping applications have become so much popular on the internet. You can turn yourself into the opposite gender or make yourself older or younger. If you are interested in knowing what will you be like in the opposite gender, then you can install any one of these apps which are mentioned below. We have listed down the best gender swap apps for Android and iPhone.

Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iPhone

1. Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

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Face Swap Booth is an application that allows you to swap your face with more than one photo. You can completely change someone’s face by swapping their face with multiple faces. You can also use custom overlays, which allow you to pick any facial feature of someone and mix it with another person’s facial expression. You can make yourself unidentified by growing a beard on yourself.

You can have more fun with your friends by switching faces live in front of the camera. If you want to swap your face with your favorite celebrity, you can also do that. Once done, you can share those images with your friends and family.

It has advanced auto face detection, that can easily detect face from any image. You can superimpose your face onto any image. Overall, Face Swap Booth has advanced editing tools that can blend your image perfectly.

Download: Face Swap Booth – Face Changer | Android | iOS

2. Face Story – AI Artist Cartoon

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It is kind of interesting that you can see an old version of yourself when you are still young. To see the old version of yourself, you can use the Face Story application. It has AI technology that allows you to apply different filters and effects to your photo to make it better. You do not need to wait for hours to tune your photo in professional photo editing software, you can merely do it in a few seconds with this app.

You can not only make yourself old but also see yourself as the opposite gender. You have to just scan your face and the face reader feature will tell your face secretes. It can convert your real face into an artistic face. This application also helps you to find your celebrity twin. This is a complete entertainment package. However, if you want to use its complete features, then you have to subscribe to its premium version.

Download: Face Story – AI Artist Cartoon | iOS

3. Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps

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Everyone loves to watch their future self, like what they will look like in their old age. Face Changer Gender Transformation app makes it easier for everyone to see their old look. Also, if you want to prank your friends by changing their genders you can do that with this application. You can transform them into a woman if they are a man and vice versa.

Also, if you want to see the younger version of your parents and grandparents, you can do that. You can make them young by placing their photo in this application. You can blend two or more faces into one and see what it will look like. If they do not have hair, you can add hair or give them a beard. It also gives you editing tools and a variety of filters that makes your photo more attractive.

Download: Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps | Android

4. Snapchat

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If you use social media platforms, then definitely you know about Snapchat. If you love to capture your daily small events, then you must try this application. Snapchat is rich in different filters that make your selfie more attractive.

As Snapchat has gained so much popularity, its developers keep bringing new filters to entertain their users. Snapchat has many funny and entertaining filters, through which you can transform younger faces into older faces and swap genders. However, Snapchat only allows you to use this filter with a live camera, which means you cannot add an image from your gallery.

If you are looking for a perfect gender-swapping application, then you must try Snapchat. For sure no one is going to identify whether it is a woman or a man!

Download: Snapchat | Android | iOS

5. Instagram

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Most people know about Instagram. It is one of the most popular social media platforms which is also used by many social influencers. Instagram has a camera feature that includes a variety of mask filters. People love to record short videos and post them on their stories. If you want to swap your face with a man or woman, then you can simply search on the filter section in story mode.

The disadvantage is the same, that you cannot import images from your gallery. However, this application is quite interesting and entertaining. You can enjoy yourself with your friends by recording short funny videos and posting them on your stories.

Download: Instagram | Android | iOS

6. Face Lab: Gender Changer

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The last application on our list is Face Lab. It is an amazing application that can be used to change the genders of your friends and making them laugh. It has powerful editing tools, which can be used to swap faces. You can show your old family members their younger self, also you can transform your young friends into an old-looking person.

It has editing tools that allow you to edit your images to make them more beautiful and enhance the visual of your images. You can also do different things like you can make someone bald or tall. This application is free to use so that you can have fun without spending money.

Download: Face Lab: Gender Changer | Android


So, you now have a complete list of the best gender swap apps. You can install them on your phone and start pranking your friends or family by changing their genders. Make someone bald, or give someone long hair. Disguise yourself by growing a beard on your face. Possibilities are endless, so enjoy these applications with your loved ones.