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Best Apps to Hide Messages on Android

Best Apps to Hide Messages on Android

best apps to hide sms on android

SMS hiding app is not a new concept following the current trending technology. With more people using their Android smartphone to communicate, some have worries about how personal information is being shared through these devices. If you are looking for an app to hide your text messages from others, this article will help you find the best apps to hide messages on Android in 2022.

Best Apps to Hide Messages on Android

These Android apps to hide text messages on your phone provide a layer of security and ensure that they protect your privacy from prying eyes. The following apps feature locker or text message hider. They hide many messages from your inbox and even protect them with passwords and encryption. You will also learn about the best practices you should follow while hiding your SMS messages to prevent your phone from getting hacked. Here are some of them.

1. Vault App

hidden sms app for android, vault hide sms app

Vault is a great hide SMS app that is used to hide text messages. It is a practical, secure, and reliable application that enables users to hide texts and call logs. After installation, Vault will automatically ask for your accessibility permissions, which means you can now protect your messages with a password or pattern lock. The best thing about Vault is that it’s available to download free on Google Play Store.

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2. Confide – Private Messaging

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If you have ever wanted private communication with confidential texting with no digital trace, this is the hide SMS apps to keep. You can get to enjoy the encrypted messaging, anonymous chat, and texting alongside sending, retracting, and hiding messages regardless of whether you are chatting privately in a group. Confide lets you communicate privately and digitally with the same privacy as the spoken conversation. The moment you send a message or receive and read it, it disappears automatically, eliminating the worry of whether you forgot to delete it.

Confide is a paid hidden SMS app available in two versions: a one-year subscription with a seven-day free trial, or four months subscription and a seven-day free trial. The free trial period lets you gauge the situation, and if you feel you don’t need it, you can cancel the subscription before the trial period is over.

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3. Privacy Messenger

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Privacy Messenger is one of the safe messaging apps available that is meant to replace the stock message app. Apart from hiding messages, Privacy Messenger ensures your chats are encrypted, and only the other party can access the messages. With this private SMS app, you can also get to customize the notification sound for private messages. This is useful, especially when you are away from your phone and want to know when you receive a message. This SMS hide app also comes with free GIFS, emotional icons, SMS blockers, among other advanced features. You will get it for free, but it comes with in-app purchases.

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4. Go SMS Pro

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Go SMS Pro is one of the standard apps for hiding messages with over 100 million downloads. People like it because of its utterly different customization options that give users every reason to keep using it. Besides the appealing outlook, this SMS hiding app allows you to set up a secret pin for your private space. Furthermore, you can add all your contacts and all conversations you want to hide from other messages. You can also hide the icon from within the app to ensure no one knows you are trying to hide something. It is an impressive SMS hider app, and consider it if you are not pleased with the previous options. Get the app from Play Store for free with in-app purchases.

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5. CoverMe Private Text Messaging

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Like other apps, the CoverMe Secure Messenger app involves a simple setup process. First, the app prompts you to set up the private pin for locking and unlocking to access the hidden content. In addition, while setting up the app, you can consider hiding it from the app drawer, which is even more secure. For further functionality, you need to import your contacts. These contacts will be private, and any chats with these contacts will be confidential and accessible by you or any other person with the pin. As a bonus, this SMS hider app can hide calls or block calls from a selected contact. When a message is received, your phone will usually alert you, but now you are the only person who can access the content.

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6. Calculator Pro+

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Calculator Pro+ is another SMS hider app serving two purposes. Besides helping you with calculation, it also has a private vault. Like any other private message app, you can set up private contacts and secure them using a password. Any time you receive a message, it directly moves inside the application. This app has an option for blocking spam calls also. The general user interface is simple, and every other person can use it with no issue. The calculator is free to use but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

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7. Picoo Messenger

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If you are looking for a secure and lightweight SMS app to replace the standard messaging app, then this is what you need. Pico Messenger comes with an outstanding outlook that has a more elegant look. Moreover, the app will let you hide messages from private contacts through a separate vault app. Besides, this SMS hide app offers the best performance using a small of your phone’s RAM. The app is available on the Play Store for free with no strings attached.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some apps to hide your text messages on Android?

Some apps that can help you hide text messages on Android include AppLock, Hide Text Messages on Android, Private Message Box, and Message Locker. These apps provide privacy and security for your messages. There are several apps to hide text messages on Android devices.

One popular option is the “App Lock” app, which allows users to hide text messages, including those on WhatsApp. Users can open the app, select the desired messages, and securely hide them away, ensuring privacy and security for their conversations.

How can I view my messages on Android?

To view your messages on an Android device, open the messaging app on your phone. You can usually find it by tapping on the Messages icon on your home screen or in the app drawer. If you want to view your messages on Android, there are various apps that can help you achieve this.

However, if you’re looking for ways to hide messages on Android, you can use secret text messaging apps that offer advanced privacy options. These apps work on both Android and iOS devices and allow you to hide your messages in a private message box. Some of the best Android apps to hide messages include Texting Apps and Private Message Box.

Can I hide messages on  Android device?

Yes, you can hide messages on your Android device using various apps available on the Google Play Store. Some popular options include AppLock, Hide Text Messages on Android, and Private Message Box. Yes, you can hide messages on your Android device using various methods. One option is to use a message locker app or Android apps specifically designed to hide text messages.

These apps allow you to hide the app itself and access your hidden messages through a PIN or password. Another way to hide text is by using apps like a calculator app that has a hidden message hiding feature. These methods can help ensure the privacy of your messages on Android smartphones in 2022.

How can I hide messages on WhatsApp?

There is no built-in feature to hide messages on WhatsApp. However, you can use apps like AppLock or Hide Text Messages on Android to secure your WhatsApp messages behind a password or pattern. To hide messages on WhatsApp, there are several options available.

You can use free apps like Vault or Private Message Box, which provide the option to hide the text messages sent and call logs. These popular apps automatically hide the messages on your Android phone, ensuring privacy and protection of your confidential conversations.

How do I send a new message on Android?

To send a new message on Android, open your messaging app and tap on the New Message icon. It is usually represented by a pencil and paper icon or a floating action button with a plus sign. To send a new message on Android, you can use various methods.

One option is using free SMS apps available on Android, which allow you to send text messages without any charges. Additionally, you can also use app lockers or text message hiders to ensure your messages are hidden and secure. Furthermore, some apps even provide the option to send voice messages, giving you a convenient way to communicate.

Is there a message locker app to lock other apps on Android?

Yes, there are several apps available on the Google Play Store that allow you to lock other apps on your Android device. Some popular options include AppLock, Hide Text Messages on Android, and Message Locker. Yes, there are several apps available on Android that can lock other apps and provide additional security.

These apps can hide your contacts, lock specific apps that you want to keep private, and even provide options to hide or protect messages received from certain messaging apps like WhatsApp. By using these apps, your messages will appear secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users.

How do I open the AppLock app on Android?

To open the AppLock app on Android, locate the AppLock icon on your home screen or in the app drawer and tap on it. If you have set a lock pattern or password for the app, you will need to enter it to access the app. To open the AppLock app on Android, firstly, ensure you have installed the app from Google Play Store.

Once installed, navigate to the main screen of the app and locate the icon with the name of this app. Tap on it to open the AppLock app. This app is one of the five best security apps for Android, designed to hide and protect various applications, including email apps and messages within them.

How can I hide the WhatsApp app on Android?

To hide the WhatsApp app on Android, you can use apps like AppLock or Hide Text Messages on Android. These apps allow you to hide other apps behind a password or pattern lock. To hide the WhatsApp app on Android, you can use a message hiding app. These apps can conceal not just the WhatsApp icon, but also the messages and call logs within it.

With a text message hider or locker, you can ensure that incoming messages and notifications are hidden, providing a discreet way to keep your private conversations and the identity of the sender hidden.

Is there a way to see hidden text messages?

There are messaging apps available that offer a way to see hidden text messages. These hidden messages may appear as encrypted or masked to maintain privacy. However, it should be noted that trying to access someone else’s hidden messages without their permission is a violation of privacy and can have legal consequences.


How do I find hidden messages on Android?

If you want to find hidden messages on Android, there is a way to hide text messages within certain apps. You can access these hidden messages by opening the specific app and searching for a hidden folder or vault. This is particularly useful for those who wish to keep their messages private or have conversations that do not appear in the regular messaging app.


With the rise in smartphones and the internet, the need for privacy has never been a more integral aspect of our lives. Hiding your text messages is an easy way to maintain privacy. These are the best apps to hide SMS on Android. Of course, there are so many other apps that you can use and hide your messages from prying eyes. But these are the ones that I found most reliable and with the best features.