6 Best Internet Speed Test Apps for Windows PC

best internet speed test apps for windows

There’s nothing more important in today’s world than the internet. And if you want to live in this Zoom-connected world, you have to have high-speed internet.

So, how fast is your internet? This quick guide will help you find it.

This guide is for people who are looking for the best internet speed test apps for PC. From easy and fast tools to complex and more customizable ones. We’ve got all of it covered. Let’s hop on to it.

Best Internet Speed Test Apps for PC

#1 Fast.com

internet speed test app for pc

Fast.com is simple and easy to use web-app to test internet speed. It runs on all devices including Windows PC. The world’s biggest streaming giant, Netflix, owns and runs this website. But you don’t need a Netflix subscription to use it.

How to use Fast.com?

To test your internet speed, enter “fast.com” in your browser. The website will automatically start showing your internet speed.


  • Free to use
  • Easy and fast to open
  • No ads


  • Fast.com is primarily focused on download speed. However, it does show upload speed and latency too. 
  • You cannot download Fast.com on your device, you will have to use it on the web. 
  • You cannot manually select which servers to run a speed test on.

Bottom line: Fast.com is definitely the best speed tester for you if you’re more of a consumer. It’s also the best speed tester for most people who aren’t very tech-savvy.

#2 SpeedTest by Ookla

speedtest app

Ookla is the global leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence. SpeedTest by Ookla is one of the top internet speed testers you can find. Ookla has conducted 32 billion tests and has more than 13k global testing centers. 

How to use Ookla’s SpeedTest?

Option 1: Go to speedtest.net and click on the Go button.

Option 2: Download the SpeedTest app from the Microsoft Store for free. (Note: if you’re using Windows 7, download it from here)


  • Free to use
  • Easy and fast to open
  • Detailed stats on connection, latency, ping, ISP, etc.


  • The web app is filled with ads. However, you can close them. 

Bottom line: Ookla is an industry leader for speed tests. Ookla’s SpeedTest.net is somewhere between too simple to use and too hard to use. 

#3 Speed Of Me 

windows wifi speed test

Speed of Me was one of the first internet speed meters that used HTML5 and Javascript instead of Flash. Their website is lightweight, fast, and works on all devices, not only Windows. Speed Of Me also records your internet speed history which you can access anytime.

Speed Of Me’s internet speed test is a single-threaded one because it’s closer to how people use their internet normally. It also sports an algorithm to prevent miscalculated speeds because of PowerBoost or any similar speed enhancement tools.

How to use Speed Of Me?

  1. Go to SpeedOf.Me
  2. Click Start.


  • Free to use
  • A lightweight and fast website
  • Live graph view 


  • Although Speed Of Me has many servers, you cannot choose which server you want to run your tests on.
  • The website is filled with ads. There were 3 ads on the test screen. 
  • Their website is sometimes unresponsive. 

Bottom line: Speed of Me was one of the top internet speed testers when it launched because it used HTML5 and JS while all other testers used Flash. But now that all testers mostly use HTML5, it has failed to prove any better.

#4 Test My Net

internet speed test website

Test My Net is a highly powerful and customizable internet speed tester. Though the site is not as popular as others, the results are quite reliable. 

The best part is you can customize almost everything: which server to use, what to test: Upload speed or Download speed or both. You can also choose between single or multi-thread testing. 

How to use Test My Speed?

  1. Go to testmy.net 
  2. Click on “Test My Internet”
  3. Choose the type of test you want (Download, Upload, Combined, Latency)


  • Free to use.
  • You can customize almost everything. Apart from combined tests, Test My Net also offers separate latency, download, and upload tests.
  • Test my Net shows detailed stats and graphs representing your internet speed.
  • It also saves your internet speed history every time you test.


  • There are ads on the website. But on the testing page, there is only one ad. 

Bottom line: Test My Net is probably the best internet speed tester if you want detailed stats and extensive customizability.

#5 Bandwidth Palace

internet speed test app windows

Bandwidth palace is a simple internet speed tester. It now also shows you the best ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in your areas like AT&T and Comcast, etc. You can also compare different ISPs to see who gives better and more reliable internet speed. 

How to use Bandwidth Palace?

  1. Go to BandwidthPalace.com 
  2. Select servers (or automatically choose one)


  • Free to use
  • Not complicated
  • You can manually choose servers 


  • There are ads all over this website 
  • It shows very little stats – only download/upload speed and ping. 

Bottom line: Bandwidth Palace would make for a good choice if you want to test which ISP works best in your area. 

#6 Speed Smart

internet speed test app

Speed Smart is a relatively new internet speed tester, with only 3k tests performed until now. But, nonetheless, it works just as nice. The website is minimalistic with no ads to distract you. There’s a big obvious start test button. 

How to use Speed Smart?

  1. Go to SpeedSmart.net
  2. Click Start Speed


  • Free to use
  • Dumb-easy to use.
  • NO ads.
  • You can change servers as you like.


  • Not many details or any graph.

Bottom line: It’s the best choice for someone who isn’t very tech-savvy. It’s easy and simple. But fast.com would be a better recommendation if the option to change servers isn’t very important.