7 Best Home Screen Widgets for iPhone

best iphone widgets

Widgets are micro-apps that you can place on the home screen of your mobile phone. They are entries of your apps that will give you the information you need from them without opening the application completely. Apple’s latest OS update allows users to choose their favorite widgets to organize, facilitate, and customize the appearance of the lock screen or home screen of your iPhone or iPad. If you are still unsure which the best widgets are for you, don’t worry! In our list of best iPhone widgets for home screen, you will find one that you will love.

7 Best Widgets for iPhone Home Screen

1. HabitMinder Habit Tracker

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HabitMinder is one of the best habit trackers today. From this app, you can record more than 50 habits to get better results in taking care of your health and take control of your life. It will help you remember and get accountability on a healthy lifestyle with daily tracking on the habit of your choice.

The Widget can help you with several important aspects to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, with Habitminder, you can monitor your hydration status, your breathing, etc. In addition, if you need to perform any exercise routine, you can watch the time you spend walking and pay more attention to how long you sit. Habitminder has the best widgets that will allow you from your home screen, track your favorite habits and help you stay fit and focused.

Download: HabitMinder • Habit Tracker

2. Battery Widget

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With Battery Widget & Color Widgets, you can control many aspects of your system from your home page with just a few simple steps. Get complete control of your battery information, see the charge level and different battery statuses, and access the low power mode from the widget for better management charge. It also allows you to control the screen brightness and observe the system storage information. You can see the real-time capacity of the system memory, detect the different networks you can access from the widget, and much more.

Battery Widget & Color Widgets allow you to get detailed information about the phone and information related to the phone hardware. It has a premium subscription model that gives you access to all available widget options. The free version only gives you access to limited widget options per day.

Download: Battery Widget & Color Widgets

3. Launcher with Multiple Widgets

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Launcher is the default application most used in the customization of the iPhone home screen. With it, you have all the power of customization, significantly and uniquely.

With Launcher with Multiple Widgets, you have access to many options:

  • You can send messages, receive or make calls, or send an email to the contact of your choice.
  • Have access to your most frequented websites with a single touch.
  • Play music instantly in any of your music applications, change songs, access shuffle mode, etc.
  • Run any application in a personalized way.
  • You can activate one-touch options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, mobile data, and others.
  • You have access to customized icons and backgrounds with whatever you like, whether it is a color or an image of your choice.
  • Create widgets for apps that do not have any customization option, and manage the different options offered by the launcher.

In addition, it has a paid version that gives you access to premium features such as:

  • Modifying the size of the system icons.
  • Access to a total customization of the widgets and the frequency with which they appear.
  • You can schedule them to run every so often at a specific time of the day.
  • Access to an unlimited number of widgets and the option to arrange them the way you want. You can even remove the icon labels to give them a cleaner appearance within the system.

Download: Launcher with Multiple Widgets

4. Sticky widgets

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Sticky Widgets are the easiest way to create notes and stick them to your home screen. They are remarkable for their great simplicity, as you just add the widget to your home screen and place what you want to remember easily with a single tap. It allows you to customize the appearance, shape, font, and color of each widget. In addition, when synchronized with iCloud, you can share your information with multiple devices.

Download: Sticky Widgets

5. Photo Widget

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Photo Widget is a free application that allows you to interact with the aesthetics of your home screen with some exciting options. With it, you have access to a calendar, horoscope, photos, notes, reverse timer, etc. In addition, you can use the sizing options to display your gallery photos in different proportions on your home screen.

Download: Photo Widget : Simple

6. ScreenKit App Icons & Widgets

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ScreenKit is the number one application in the App Store for home screen customization. You can use more than 5000 icons and more than 500 themes to modify your screen as you wish. Having more than 500 widgets at your disposal, among which you have: date, calendar, clock, motivational, photos, and more.

It has a premium version where you can access exclusive themes and icon kits with widget updates, just for a one-time lifetime upgrade fee of $9.99.

Download: ScreenKit- Widget, Icon, Themes

7. Color Widgets

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Color Widgets have many widgets with which you can completely customize your home screen in a way never seen before. You can even create a widget from scratch with all the customization options that the application provides.

They allow you to add and access a wide variety of widgets where customization is the main protagonist. Include images to your widgets, modify their colors, and change their default fonts, and more. With them, you will find no limits when it comes to customizing your home screen. Among the most popular widgets of Color Widgets, you can find countdown, pedometer, analog clock, calendar, music, weather, and many others. Color widgets is a free application with updates and icon packs, where you can customize the way you like the icons of your favorite applications. It even has default themes for all tastes.

Download: Color Widgets


Get the most out of your iPhone is very simple, and now that you know the best iPhone widgets for your home screen, you can optimize the functions of your mobile phone. Having quick access to your favorite apps makes it easier to use them, plus your home screen will have a unique and fun touch. So don’t hesitate to download your favorite widgets and customize your iPhone.