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8 Best IRC Clients for Mac

8 Best IRC Clients for Mac

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Today, communication is the primary use of the internet. The entire planet was essentially condensed into a globalized world thanks to the internet. Innovations and the creation of new applications that aimed to close the gap as much as necessary were the driving forces behind this. The introduction of the Mac IRC client changed everything. It has transformed how we connect and give us exposure to a limitless amount of knowledge.

IRC, sometimes known as Internet Relay Chat, is one of these concepts. IRC is a hub of chatrooms where millions of individuals can engage for a variety of purposes. These include informal talking, dating, and passing the time. It acts as a medium for the exchange of ideas. And is used to bring like-minded individuals together and connect with them without being constrained by physical distance.

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Best IRC Clients for Mac

In this article, we round up 8 of the best IRC clients for Mac.

1. Quassel

Quassel is one of the best IRC clients that we have found to be effective. All of the usual IRC capabilities are available in Quassel. Additionally, it provides special functions that are unavailable on any other IRC client. For instance, it includes a built-in browser that lets you access websites without taking up much room in your workplace.

Aside from typing, voice recording, and pasting text from previous instructions, it also supports other full-featured text input methods. If you find these features to be uninteresting or unimportant, Quassel also provides a wide range of other common functions, such as tab completion on channels, notifications for new messages in media, etc.

2. XChat Azure

XChat Azure is a great option. This popular IRC client XChat is cross-platform and is available in desktop and web versions. The new version is available for download through the App Store or its official website. It runs on your Mac without the need for any additional plugins or applications, unlike other IRC clients. Additionally, it supports a lot of features, including audible notifications, interface customization, and programming languages. As a result, it ranks among the most functional and adaptable IRC chat applications available for macOS.

3. Colloquy – IRC Client

Colloquy is an open-source, multi-platform IRC client for macOS that has a ton of features and is free to use. There is no need to open the Terminal because it is a native GUI application. The Colloquy offers a better user experience than independent IRC clients, and it was a drop-in replacement for the built-in terminal program.

Additionally, it offers a colloquies display that is organized and lets you quickly see all of your talks. It may be configured to vibrate when your nickname or specific words are spoken in conversations. This app also has several practical and useful features, such as the choice to ignore particular users, a searchable member list, and information provided per user.

4. Textual: IRC for macOS

Textual is a lightweight yet incredibly functional IRC client that supports a variety of chat protocols and has many customizability options. Both a free and a premium version of this IRC client are offered. Most IRC servers may be connected using the free version, but if you wish to use more advanced features or connect to servers that use SSL encryption, you’ll need to pay. Textual should be at the top of your shortlist if you’re looking for an IRC client for your Mac.

It is regularly supported, updated, and has a dedicated development staff. Additionally, it features a graphical user interface similar to any other modern communication tool and gives several keyboard shortcuts for convenient navigation. It works with every Mac version. Also, it is easy to use, modify, and customize with its advanced functionality, connectivity, and compatibility.

5. LimeChat – IRC Client for Mac

One of the top IRC programs for Mac is LimeChat, which you may use to communicate with others online via an IRC server. In 1988, the IRC conversation protocol made its debut. Although it was initially intended to enable communication between users of various host computer systems, it is currently primarily used to have online discussions about various subjects. When you use LimeChat, it instantly recognizes the server you are connected to and links you to the chat room for that server. Additionally, it provides functions like tabbed conversations and themes that let you personalize your use of the client to suit your interests.

6. WeeChat

Cross-platform, open-source, and free, WeeChat is an IRC client. It is one of the most widely used IRC clients for macOS that has been operating for more than ten years. On September 27, 2003, WeeChat made its debut to the general audience. To provide a terminal user interface, WeeChat makes use of the ncurses user interface library. It was created with speed, simplicity, and adaptability in mind and is compatible with IRC and SILC as well as all other chat networks. It includes numerous noteworthy features, including a tabbed interface, a comprehensive collection of commands, plugin extensibility, a scripting language, etc.

7. Irssi

IRC client Irssi has been accessible for Mac users since 1999. It may deliver capability in a simple interface because simplicity was a priority during design. Other IRC clients for Mac have existed in the past, but Irssi has seen steady growth in popularity. It is available for free download and has a straightforward interface that is simple to use. It lacks any plugins or scripts that would consume time and storage space on your device, in contrast to other IRC clients.

Irssi’s lack of customization compared to certain other, more well-known clients is its only drawback. However, if you don’t plan to perform much customizing of your own, this makes it simpler to use.

8. Smuxi – IRC Client

Smuxi is a user-friendly UI with a ton of functions. You may join numerous chat networks and chat rooms using the multi-tabbed interface. A tab for maintaining your contacts is also included. Even custom themes may be established for the app, which is cool.

This IRC client features enhanced keyboard shortcuts, searchable logs, and an ignore feature to make it simpler for you to complete typical IRC activities quickly and effectively. Additionally, Smuxi notifies you on your desktop whenever a new chat window appears or when you get a private message. Numerous operating systems, including Windows, Linux, OS X, and Ubuntu Unity 8, are compatible with it, enhancing user experience further by providing cross-platform support for these well-known platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is an IRC client?

An IRC client is a software application that allows users to connect to and participate in Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks.

Q2: Is there an IRC client available for Mac?

Yes, there are several IRC clients available for Mac, including LimeChat, Textual, Colloquy, and Irssi.

Q3: Where can I download an IRC client for Mac?

You can download IRC clients for Mac from various sources, including the Mac App Store, official websites of IRC clients, and software download repositories.

Q4: How do I update my IRC client?

To update your mIRC client, you can check for updates within the application itself or visit the official website or Mac App Store for the latest version.

Q5: Can I use an IRC client on Mac OS?

Yes, IRC clients are compatible with Mac OS, including Mac OS X and macOS.

Q6: What are some popular IRC clients for Mac?

Some popular IRC clients for Mac include LimeChat, Textual, Colloquy, and Irssi.

Q7: Do IRC clients support multiple channels?

Yes, most IRC clients support joining and participating in multiple channels simultaneously.

Q8: Are there any keyboard shortcuts in IRC clients for Mac?

Yes, many IRC clients for Mac have keyboard shortcuts for commonly used actions, such as joining a channel or sending a message.

Q9: Can I use an IRC client on iOS?

Yes, there are IRC clients available for iOS devices, allowing you to connect to and participate in IRC networks on your iPhone or iPad.

Q10: Is there any open-source IRC client for Mac?

Yes, there are open-source IRC clients available for Mac, such as Irssi and WeeChat.


IRC clients for Mac are widely available. We hope that this article has improved your understanding of all the options available to you when selecting an IRC client. It is worthwhile to examine the homepages of each IRC client if you have never used one before to choose which one of the best IRC clients for Mac meets your needs.