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Best iTunes Alternatives for iPhone Backup

Best iTunes alternative for iPhone

If you are a fan of music and have an iPhone, you probably are using iTunes as the main program for media on your phone. But did you know that there are other alternatives to transferring your media files between iPhone and computer?

iOS users know that with the advantage of this technology comes a specific limitation. We refer to the fact that since iOS is a closed operating system, users do not have the freedom to install or use their programs on third-party hardware. But how far is this true?

If you are searching for the best iTunes alternative for iPhone backup, remember the following options.

Note: all programs here we ordered in no particular sequence.

1. PhoneView for Mac

itunes alternative for mac to sync iphone

PhoneView lets you access all the data on your iPhone from your Mac, including your favorite songs, movies, and podcasts! Its price is very reasonable, and it provides access to all your iTunes media. Its main advantage is that it is easy to use and access. And the only disadvantage is that you can only use this program if you have a Mac. So, PC users cannot enjoy this.

But wait, there is still a lot of alternatives we want you to know. If you have a Windows PC, the following program is for you.

Download: PhoneView for Mac

2. iPhone to PC Transfer

iPhone backup alternative to iTunes

This excellent program surely can be one of the best options for PC users. You can download your media for free, back up all of your music content, and store it on your computer. It’s user friendly, and easy to use. With it, you can transfer your songs between your iPhone and computer, either PC or Mac. It is no wonder why it is one of the current favorite iTunes alternatives for iPhone backup.

Its only disadvantage is that despite being free, some of its functions require a payment to be enabled. But it is an excellent alternative to make a backup.

Download: iPhone to PC Transfer

3. dr.fone

itunes alternative for iphone backup

What if we tell you that to do your iPhone media backup without using iTunes, all you have to do is drag and drop the files you want to move. With dr.fone, it is that easy. It is a program designed by iSkysoft specifically designed to break down the limitations and restrictions that iTunes imposes.

It allows you to transfer and back up the music you have on your iPhone to any computer from a simple interface. One of its advantages is that it also allows you to rebuild your iTunes library if you have accidentally erased the media from your device. It also has the advantage of the application manager.

But the most striking thing is that it brings a tool to repair damaged iOS devices since it can solve errors due to a damaged file that iTunes cannot read. All automatically, with just one click!

Download: dr.fone | Windows | Mac

4. iMazing

itunes alternative for iphone restore

With iMazing, you can even transfer to your PC entire playlists. For a long time, it was the favorite program to transfer and back up media. Especially files such as videos, but also contacts and messages. From ringtones and pics to books, you can back up everything!

Today it continues to be one of the best iTunes alternatives. You can transfer all your media directly, including call history. It is an excellent professional tool. Many basic and advanced functions that do not need an SSH connection make this app so valuable. It is an option valid for both OSX and Windows.

One disadvantage is that when you need to transfer large amounts of medium content, its speed slows, so and it may take a little longer than expected. However, on the counterpart, among its most remarkable advantages, it allows a complete and encrypted backup of the media content of your iPhone.

Download: iMazing

5. Sharepod

itunes alternative for iphone music

It is one of the lightest and perfect apps to back up your iPhone. In addition, it is free and compatible with all iOS devices.

The Sharepod recognizes your device as if it were a USB memory stick. You can copy, delete and transfer music, videos, and photos. Also, edit and create playlists. From this app, you can enjoy its super easy use of just dragging and dropping files, making backup copies, and the possibility of adding photos to album covers.

It is one of the apps with the highest execution speed. That is, without installing it on the device. We must also highlight its efficiency by having zero margins of error. Moreover, it works without screen freezes or forced closings.

Download: Sharepod

6. iFunbox

itunes alternative for iphone free

iFunbox is a program that adapts to all types of users. Quick and easy to use, it is a very great alternative to iTunes. In addition, you can manage the files between iPhone and the computer without compatibility problems or errors.

With this program, you can save a lot of space, compared to iTunes, which requires a duplicate to create the media library. It is also efficient to manage your files and an excellent option for backups – even chat history and game data!

Modules like “application store” and “game center” are also part of its features. So, in addition to managing the content of your device, you will find your favorite games and recommendations based on your interests. With this pointed out, we can say that of all the alternatives to iTunes, this app is especial for game lovers.

It has a simple, clean, and standard browser interface. It lets you move your files simply by dragging and dropping them. Also, you can install applications and make a backup of everything!

iFunbox supports both Windows and Mac OSX. Your device works as a storage unit with this program, and you can download it for free!

Download: iFunbox


It is not only possible to transfer or install programs on your iPhone without the help of iTunes. Now that we’ve shared alternatives for you, you can start backing up your files from your iPhone.