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Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) for Linux

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If you are a Linux user and have musical projects to develop, this article may be valuable. Many renowned recording studios and producers are using Linux DAWs. More and more music softwares supported by Linux are improving the levels of audio creation and production. Lots of professional features and options that Linux DAWs are offering have us all surprised!

5 Best DAWs for Linux as of 2021

There are diverse DAWs options for Linux that are a real gem, and here we will tell you which are the best of them. If you are a music fan and like to edit sound and usually use Linux, be sure to check the following digital audio workstations. Here you’ll know the best Linux DAWs available in 2021.

1. Ardour

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Ardour is a fancy open-source editor. It is considered one of the best free DAW for Linux so far, and let us tell you why. With this Linux DAW, you can keep all the power of your tracks just as it happens in any professional studio. This multitrack software allows you to process your digital audio and record musical projects with an easy-to-understand interface.

Ardour has an optimal performance system. It doesn’t matter the level of demand to which you submit it. You can make recordings without a problem. If you need to transfer your work to another PC or Mac, you just have to copy the audio folder of your project. You can also create base project templates and scenes with project variations. This will help you to have your recordings well organized.

Download: Ardour

2. Audacity

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Audacity is one of the most popular programs for the recording quality it provides and for its excellent audio editing system. This open-source Linux DAW has many extraordinary features and is appreciated by professionals, including radio journalists, producers, and filmmakers. Its interface is quite dynamic, and you learn to use it quickly. For this reason, we recommend it, especially to beginners.

One of the things we like the most about this app is that it is an excellent multitrack recorder (it records several audio channels simultaneously). With Audacity, you can record multiple audio tracks at 700 MHz and use a USB microphone. Likewise, it enables you to edit and mix multiple tracks and add various effects. You can work through the processes by audio segments using cut, copy and paste. You can even modify the tones and speeds of your recordings. You can also import and export audio in different formats such as Wav, MP3, and others.

Download: Audacity

3. Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS)

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Linux MultiMedia Studio can easily be placed among the top positions of the best free DAW for Linux. It is free, open-source, supports multiple platforms, and works with high performance. It is recommended for advanced users or those with extensive knowledge of music production. Principally due to the many complex tools that it offers you.

Its interface is very complete, and it has support for MIDI keyboards and other specialties. With this program, you can open multiple windows simultaneously. This allows you to work faster and more efficiently. It also has different sound and effect keyboards. If you need it, you can import any file in OGG or WAV format. In addition, it includes a 64 channel FX mixer to which you can add effects and let your creativity run wild.

LMMS is a convenient program, especially for composers due to the variety of instrument options. And of course, given the high quality with which it allows you to make your musical creations.

Download: LLMS

4. Reaper

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With this program, you can create music very quickly. The ease of its interface is ideal for users who like to make looped melodies and repeat sound sequences. But it also works great for creating complex musical arrangements. This software adapts to the needs of the user! That is why we place it among the best DAW for Linux.

Reaper has a graphical editor of the workflow and synchronized correction. You can include WAV, OGG, up to MP3 files! And with its multitrack editing option, you can control and execute each track as you wish. You can configure and modify everything from volume control to automated effects.

This software is causing a lot of hype in all music software users. We can highlight its audio and MIDI recording function. It is also important to mention that it is compatible with a wide range of hardware, digital formats, and accessories. Finally, let’s not forget to mention that the speed and efficiency of its processing will not disappoint you.

Download: Reaper

5. Bitwig Studio

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Bitwig Studio is characterized by being quite dynamic, fast, fluid, and high performance. But what stands out the most is its authentic focus on improving live performance. Bitwig Studio is much more than a music creation system. Of course, with this software, you can compose, organize, and record your music, but you also enjoy multiple tools designed for flexible editing, DJ work, and beatmatching.

Bitwig has tons of effects, more than 90 instruments available, 150 music modules, and allows you to design and record live music. You can import files in MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, WMA, and FLAC formats. Its enormous library with over 2,000 sounds deserves special mention. It also features unique tools like micro pitch and sophisticated layered editing in addition to linear and non-linear workflows.

This Linux DAW is everything you need to express all your musical creativity with the best quality and professional sound. Bitwig is above all things innovative. That is why it is the indicated option for those who like to experiment, improvise, innovate in the production and creation of music. With this Linux DAW, your creativity will have no barriers!

Download: Bitwig Studio