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Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone 12

best live wallpaper apps for iphone 12

If you recently purchased an iPhone 12, you will want it to look its best. You are probably thinking about using live wallpaper on your new smartphone. This will give a dynamic and eye-catching touch to your device. We present the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, and 12 Pro Max. Therefore, you can change the look of your screen using the options you like the most. To get the best wallpapers, you must choose the most appropriate apps. That is why we have made this varied selection to ease your way.

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, and 12 Pro Max

1. Live Wallpaper Maker – Live4K

With this application, you can bring your screen to life with great live themes and keyboards. However, it does not only work for wallpapers. It comes with packs of beautiful icons and excellent widgets. What else does this application offer?

  • An extensive catalog of wallpapers
  • Live wallpaper creator
  • ASMR live wallpapers
  • Lock screen designs
  • Trendy patterns and cool designs
  • Wallpapers with quotes and sayings
  • One-touch downloads

Collection of wallpapers for download:

  • Ultra HD
  • Hot
  • Sports
  • Cars
  • Animation
  • Space
  • Abstract
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Urban
  • Vacation Mood
  • Abstract and Patterns
  • Quotes and sayings
  • Shelves and many more

You will be able to make a total change to your home and lock screen and customize it the way you want. In addition, you can easily save wallpapers in photos.

2. Black Lite- Live Wallpapers

These live wallpapers are exclusive to the iPhone. Their animations are impressive, and their deep colors make your lock screen look beautiful. What defines ‘Black Lite – Live Wallpapers’ are all-black wallpapers with an animated gem in the center. This wallpaper is ideal for iPhone 12 models. These smartphones have a screen with individually illuminated pixels that blend perfectly with these black wallpapers. Moreover, they help you to save battery life.

To activate the live wallpapers, you must be sure that you are not using the “low power mode.” Besides, you have to apply more pressure on the lock screen to turn on the animation.

3. Live Wallpapers Now: 4K Themes

With Live Wallpapers Now: 4K Themes, you will have everything you need for your lock screen! Add some magic to your iPhone with this app’s live wallpapers. Your eyes will be delighted with its stunning high-quality images. Make your lock screen come alive and immerse yourself in these fantastic worlds.

This app has a unique collection of interactive backgrounds with amazing designs. Create unique wallpapers using your videos with ‘Live Photo Maker’ and explore all the new features incorporated in this app. Your friends will be impressed with the unique look of your iPhone. That is not all. In addition, this app comes with awesome widgets that you can add to your home screen to add more color to your phone.

Main Benefits of this App;

  • Color Search
    You can match your device’s wallpaper to your outfit or accessories, even your mood. If you photograph any object, the app will choose the primary colors and provide live themes with those tones.
  • Wallpapers for all Tastes
    Cities, Nature, Animals, Flowers, Underwater, Quotes, Calendars, Abstracts, etc.
  • Siri Shortcuts
    With a single tap or using your voice, you can reach any category and choose a new theme. You also get faster access to your favorite tools.
  • Collections of content for each holiday and month calendars
  • Daily updates and new weekly animations. Wallpapers change every day!
  • Top-quality animations and 4K content
  • Free iMessage stickers
  • You can download wallpapers in Camera Roll with a single tap
  • Automatic video preview in full-screen slideshow mode
  • You can share your favorite wallpapers with your friends
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Cache cleaning

4. Live Wallpapers for Me

If you want to go a step further in customizing your device, this is your best option. With Live Wallpapers for Me, you can animate your screen with spectacular time-lapse landscapes, cute mascots, or hypnotic dynamic patterns. If you prefer something more impressive, you can enjoy a powerful cosmic explosion on your screen. However, new animations and dynamic themes are added weekly. Therefore, you will always have something new for your iPhone.

With the Live Wallpaper Maker tool, you can convert your videos into live wallpapers. It is an original way to enjoy your good memories. Create your personal collection of wallpapers in one tap. You can save them in the “Favorites” category and keep them at hand to use whenever you want.

5. Dynamic Wallpapers & Themes

With Dynamic Wallpapers & Themes, you can choose from over 100 wallpapers for your iPhone. They are beautifully designed moving images. When you download this app, you will have a range of options for your screen. There are designs for all preferences. You can get everything from geometric patterns to vivid landscapes. There are also Christmas trees, fireplaces, or candle lights. Marine life lovers can enjoy beautiful beaches, aquariums, or coral reefs with sharks.

You can save the wallpapers you like the most in your Camera Roll. Then, follow the same procedure as you do, using your normal photos as your lock screen or wallpaper.

How to set the live wallpaper?

  • First, swipe and review all the live wallpapers
  • Tap the image to play the whole animation
  • Then press the save button to save it to the camera roll
  • Once you choose the live wallpaper you want, press the action button and set the live wallpaper
  • You must reduce the image to get the best quality as it is slightly enlarged by default
  • Finally, tap the lock screen to play the selected live wallpaper


If you want your iPhone 12 screen to come alive when locked, these are the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, and 12 Pro Max. I hope this selection will be helpful to you and that the experience with your phone will be more innovative and pleasurable.