6 Best Local Chat Apps for Android

best local chat apps

Today the whole world knows about the internet and almost everyone uses internet on their devices. The internet has changed the communication method of our world. With internet access, you can communicate with each other or people living nearby your house. You will find many local chatting apps that are providing the chatting feature so that you can communicate easily. However, all local chat apps are not the best ones to use. To remove your confusion, we have listed down the best local chatting apps for you. You can install them on your device and chat with people living in your area or make new friends from other cities or countries.

Best Free Local Chat Apps for Android

1. Nearby – Chat, Meet, Friend

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People living around you can help you in finding and exploring new places in your area. The Nearby application can help you in connecting new people living in your area. This is one of the most popular chatting applications that allows you to make new friends by filling out the form available in this app. After providing your required information, you have to open your GPS so that the application knows your location and finds people near you. You can chat with those people privately or in a group. You can see their interests by knowing the groups they have joined, and much more.

2. MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

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Finding people who have the same interest as you is difficult. However, some apps like MeetMe makes this easy. It connects you with those people who have the same interest as you. So you can hang out with them and enjoy your weekends. No one likes to stay at home on their weekends. To make your weekends interesting, MeetMe is the right application for you.

MeetMe has millions of users, you can connect with those people living in your locality or around the world. MeetMe has a feature that allows you to video chat with your new friends. Easily chat with people living anywhere in the world. You can also do live streaming, and find and connect with people having the same hobbies and interests.

3. Qeep® Dating App

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Another great app that can be used for connecting with strangers is Qeep. This application is one of the most popular apps in nearby chatting. You can find people that have a similar mindset as yours. You can share images with the people you are chatting with. You will not find fake users here. Qeep ensures that your photos and chats remain private. Also, if you are single and willing to find a perfect partner in your locality then go for Qeep. Surely you will find your life partner there. The best thing about this application is that it is free.

4. Near Chat

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If you are looking for some new friends in your area, those who are ready to chat with you then Near Chat is the right option for you. It has a feature that connects you with people having the same interests as you. You can easily chat with people, and tell them about your day.

You can search for people who live around you and browse their profiles, then start chatting with them. Through Near Chat you can share your location with your friends, similarly, you can access their location also. If you love to take photos and want to share them with your friends, then you can also do that in this application. It has a feature that allows you to block annoying users, so they can not communicate with you. If you accidentally send a message to someone you can delete that message.

5. Facebook

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Facebook is not an exact application for connecting with locals. However, in some ways, it can be useful. Almost everyone knows about Facebook, there are billions of people having their accounts on Facebook.

You have to make a detailed profile on Facebook and add friends from anywhere. You can add friends living in your area by asking them their usernames and chat with them. Also, Facebook has the feature called ‘Nearby’ which allows you to know the location of your friends, if they are near your area. You can reach their location and spend time with them. You can join groups that are from your area by searching the name of your area. There you will find new people who have been living around you and make them friends.

6. Random Chat (with Stranger)

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The last local chat app on our list is Random Chat. If you are bored while sitting at your home in this pandemic, then through this app you can make new friends. This application can search for people in close range and connect them with you. Random Chat is a convenient app for everyone, you can send text messages as well as voice notes. You can share images and videos with your new friends. If you have no friends and living a normal life, then you must install this application and enjoy your life with new people.


Now you have the complete list of best local chatting apps, install the right application according to your need and start making new friends. Life is short, spend time with people who share the same thoughts as yours. Add colors into your life by making strangers your friends and spend time with them.