Local Co-Op Games on Xbox One

Best local co op games Xbox One Game Pass

Sometimes playing a video game alone is fun, but you could have twice as much more fun if you get someone involved in the action. It could be your brother, sister, or friend whoever you chose to game with, two players or more is often better than playing alone. Now I’m not talking about games you play on the internet, I’m talking about games you can play on your Xbox One sitting side by side on a couch: couch co-op games.

Thankfully, there are lots of co-op games out there, the Xbox One is one the best places to find these games including many first-party titles. It also lets over one player sign off. Below are some of the best we’ve rounded up.

Best Local Co Op & Multiplayer Games on Xbox One

So, there are plenty of local co-op Xbox One games available to get your hands-on and which are worth your time. So, without any further delay, let’s dive right into it.

1. Unravel Two

local co op game on xbox one

Unravel Two features two adorable creatures made of yarns, one red and one blue, teaming up with their special bond to solve puzzles and navigate through an adventurous world.

Unravel Two can be played single-player and also made for two, thanks to its plot and its puzzles, which lay emphasis on communication and team collaboration. You can play this game with pretty much anyone, whether it’s your kids, gaming buddy, or relatives.

Unravel Two is played locally only. your gaming partner will have to be in the same room with you if you’re going to be Yarnys in crime.

2. It Takes Two

local co op game Xbox One Game Pass

This is a fun adventure game that provides hours of non-stop entertainment for gamers and non-gamers alike. It Takes Two combines elements from different games and intertwines them into a rom-com like narrative. The game has something for everyone, including kids.

It Takes Two can only be played in co-op either online or local. It comes with a Friend’s Pass allowing you to invite a friend, even if they don’t own the full game.

3. Minecraft Dungeon

local co-op game for xbox one

Depending on which mode you are playing Minecraft on, it’s a game of survival, imagination, and creation. It has great visual style and effect, fun enough for diehard Diablo fans, and easy enough for newbies. Minecraft is completely satisfying.

In the first mission, you’ll learn how to attack, heal, and earn loot. After that, you’ll know the basics of building your character with the best gear using different enchantments, which are just some random buffs added to weapon drops.

Since Minecraft was launched, it has been consistently rolling out new content and quite impressive missions. The company has done very well in taking the visual style of its best-known game and making it work nearly flawlessly in another completely different genre. Minecraft Dungeon is one of the best couch co-op games you should try with friends and family.

4. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

local co op horror game xbox one

Man of Medan is more like a four-hour movie, it has a narrative that branches depending on what the player wants. It’s about a group of affluent young people, their local tour guide and boat captain, they’re kidnapped and brought aboard the Ourang Medan ghost ship. Noticing that things are clearly not right on the vessel, the players need to flee from both their captors and terrifying supernatural monsters.

One exceptional thing is its Shared Story mode; it allows two players to play cooperatively through a campaign from different points of view. An interesting setup that provides a twist on what we have in our traditional movie nights.

5. Gears 5

local co op shooter game xbox one

If you are a fan of blockbusters like Transformers and Pacific Rim, this is the game for you. With top-notch visuals, light on plot, Gears 5 is one of the best Xbox One co-op games with a split-screen. It has great scenes throughout the game. Whenever you get through a difficult part, you will be rewarded. Lacking a plot will not be your worry because you’d be too busy shooting aliens and blowing things up with your co-pilot. This is definitely a good one to try.

6. Don’t Starve Together

local co op survival game xbox one

Don’t Starve Together is about a group of people struggling to survive in a strange creepy world. You have to work with friends or strangers to survive in any way you can. The game can be played locally or online with multiple people, it’s up to you.

7. Diablo 3

4 player local co op game xbox one

This is a role-playing game that is very well action-packed. It allows players to choose from six distinct classes, which include the witch doctor, barbarian, the wizard, the monk, demon hunter, and crusader to embark on an adventure to defeat Diablo and Maltheal.

Aside from the main campaign, Diablo 3 has an adventure mode that allows players to roam through various regions in the game to collect loot. You can play Diablo III on Xbox One with friends both online and offline, whereas the PC version is online only.

8. Overcooked 2

good local co op game xbox one

Overcooked 2 is a co-op game, filled with new challenges, recipes, and characters. The game is about working with up to three other players who must defeat the Un-bread by preparing a variety of recipes, including sushi, pizza, and burgers while working in an extremely chaotic restaurant. To make it more fun, you must battle obstacles like random fires, collapsing floors, and interfering passers-by, all while getting your orders out on time.

As you work together to complete your recipe on time, relationships, friendships, and family bonds will be tested making this game a fun and challenging multiplayer game. A typical example that will make you truly understand that too many cooks spoil the meal.

9. Botherlands: The Handsome Collection

xbox one local couch co op game

If you are a first-person shooter fan who wants to play with friends or family, this is the game for you. Borderlands support four split-screen and offer co-op campaigns offline or online mode, unlike many shooters. It comes with Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel; two loot shooters that are action-packed filled with intense gunfights, the crazy amount of loots, and great humor to keep it lighthearted. You could also opt for Borderlands 3, but we picked the Handsome Collection because of the variety of content offered in the package.