15 Best Microsoft Edge Themes to Download

best microsoft edge themes


The Microsoft Edge cross-platform web browser is gaining a margin over its competitors. This is because it upgraded to a Chromium browser. With the upgrade, users of Microsoft Edge can now experience the best quality browsing.

Among the amazing features brought by the upgrade, Microsoft Edge now offers a separate store where themes and extensions can be downloaded. Themes make the browsing experience more fun and personal.


List of 15 Best Themes To Customize Microsoft Edge

In this article, we will share with you 15 of the best Microsoft Edge Themes to customize your needs. Come, check them out.

① Edge Dark Theme

Dark Mode is a thing for most users. But with the Edge Dark Theme, you no longer need to manually adjust sites to go dark mode. The whole browser automatically turns into night mode. This works with every website including popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like.

Microsoft Edge theme

Apply Edge Dark Theme

② Chrimson Night

If you opt for a simple black-to-brown mix, the Crimson Night Edge Theme is the perfect one for you. This theme highlights the tab switcher into a color gradient of light grey. This is while the other tabs turn into a darker grey color. This mix of colors makes it easy to know which tab is open.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Crimson Night

③ Microsoft Flight Simulator

This Microsoft game theme is ideal for personalizing gamers’ Edge browsers. It changes the entire browser to match the game and create attractive illustrations. The changes also work on the tabs.You can apply a separate theme to each profile like school, home, and work. This theme is exclusive to the Edge store.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Microsoft Flight Simulator

④ The Lantern Corps Standard

This theme is perfect for superhero fanatics. A variety of superhero-themed themes are available for download. Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, Spiderman, and the whole justice league are there. With its minimal and sleek design, users would surely love it.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply The Lantern Corps Standard

⑤ Colors

The Colors Microsoft Edge Theme is a variety of themes with a vividly beautiful blend of colors. It displays a splash of brilliant colors at the top of the screen. This is very suitable for users with an artistic side. Although the colors do not affect the tabs and other settings, it looks good with transparent tabs because of the splashes in the background.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Colors

⑥ Universe Theme

This theme is enticingly attractive because it displays the astonishing view of the galaxy. It is one of the most downloaded themes because of its eye-catching home tab. The Universe theme features a transparent tab switcher that suits many users. It is such a good theme to get when you want a simple but beautiful theme that will remind you to reach for the stars.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Universe Theme

⑦ Coral Reef

The Coral Reef theme is a perfect theme for ocean lovers. The gorgeous but calm display of the ocean bed with colorful corals gives a relaxing feel. This theme can be downloaded from the Chrome store.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Coral Reef

⑧ Satin Stacks

The Satin Stacks theme is a visual pleaser. It offers a minimalist but sleek presentation. If you are a simple but mindful kind of user, this Microsoft Edge theme is the best one for you.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Satin Stack

⑨ The Forest

This forest-inspired theme of Ori and the Will of the Wisps is calmingly beautiful. It offers a lush green forest vibe that goes well with desktops and laptops. It also leans on the darker side so users who like ominous things will love this theme.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply The Forest

⑩ Black Cat Dark Theme

Another dark mode theme that is popular among users is the Black Cat Dark Theme. It turns a numerous list of websites into night mode, offering a more eye-friendly environment. This one is a more updated theme that you should check out.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Black Cat Dark Theme

⑪ Github Dark Theme

GitHub Users now have their own Github Microsoft Edge theme. However, it works only on the GitHub website. During activation, the whole GitHub page goes into dark mode.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply GitHub Dark Theme

⑫ Halo

With the popularity of the Spartan Super Soldier game, comes this good-looking dark theme. This theme perfectly fits graveyard users. This is a Microsoft Edge Theme that even non-fans of the Spartan soldier game should try.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Halo

⑬ Oceanic Theme

Everyone loves ocean-based themes. This particular theme changes the entire browser into a captivating oceanic view. And even new home pages and tabs will display marine sights. This one is cool and worth a try on Chrome stores.

Apply Oceanic

⑭ A Spark

Another Microsoft Edge theme software that is worthy of downloading is A Spark. This theme perfectly blends with the whole blue visuals of the Edge browser. It gives out a polished cool ambiance, especially when paired with another beautiful blue-themed wallpaper.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply A Spark

⑮ Cosmopolise

If you are an urban kind of user, this theme best fits you. The Cosmopolis Microsoft Edge theme is a display of beautiful scenic city views in dark hues. It gives a deeply relaxing atmosphere great for students and professionals alike.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Cosmopolise


The Microsoft Edge browser is a powerful browser that can satisfy any user’s needs. But it can offer a different but better capability when applied with a Microsoft Edge theme. There are hundreds of themes available for download both in Chrome and Edge stores. Look for the best one that fits your mood and personality. Better yet, check the list above for a worthy experience.