15 Best Microsoft Edge Themes to Download

best microsoft edge themes

Since Microsoft Edge upgraded to the industry standard Chromium web engine, a lot of internet users have preferred the Windows 10 default browser over its competitors, Google Chrome and Firefox.  The upgrade makes it possible for Edge users to use Chrome’s features, including extensions and themes in the browser.

Also, there is a separate Edge store you can download themes and extensions from, but if you think the Edge store, it limits your choices. You can try out the options in Chrome’s web store, they’ll work perfectly fine.

If you are looking to customize your Microsoft Edge browser, here’s the list of our favorite themes that’ll get you rocking!

List of 15 Best Themes To Customize Microsoft Edge

① Edge Dark Theme

With the Edge Dark Theme, you don’t need to put sites on dark mode. The dark skin turns the entire browser into night mode and it works fine with every website including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. If you are the type that prefers working with your browser on dark mode, well you’d absolutely love this one.

Microsoft Edge theme

Apply Edge Dark Theme

② Chrimson Night

Looking for something plain and simple to enhance your browsing experience? This black and brown color gradient theme should be the best fit for you. The theme highlights the tab switcher in which you are currently visiting in a light-grey color. While other tabs will show in the dark-grey color. This means you can easily check which tab is open. It surely deserves a place in the list of best themes for Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Crimson Night

③ Microsoft Flight Simulator

If you are the gaming type, you can personalize your browser with this popular Microsoft game theme. It changes the way your browser looks and feels to create a beautiful visual experience inspired by the game. And it also works on new tabs, it allows you to apply different themes to each profile to help you easily separate home, school, or work life. The flight simulator theme is exclusive on the Edge store.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Microsoft Flight Simulator

④ The Lantern Corps Standard

For the love of superheroes, we’ll have to add this one. Everyone loves superheroes, we are all guilty when it comes to that. There’s a host of superhero themes available on the Chrome store you can choose from, such as Iron Man, DC logo, Deadpool, Black Panther, Lantern Corp, and more. The Lantern Corps Standard is the best out of these themes. Its minimal design is brilliant. It is indeed an option to try.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply The Lantern Corps Standard

⑤ Colors

The Colors Microsoft Edge theme displays beautifully mixed colors splashed at the top of the screen. If you like to give an artistic look to your Microsoft Edge browser, then you can try the Colors theme. The appearance on settings and other pages remains the same, but it looks good with transparent tabs where you can see the splashes in the background. 

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Colors

⑥ Universe Theme

Personalize your browser with the Universe theme while aiming for the stars. Universe is a space-based theme, it gives an amazing view of the galaxy like you can reach it from your computer. The theme has many positive reviews from users. And it totally deserves all the praise as it delivers an attractive home tab. It also makes tab switcher transparent, which is a feature that users really like.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Universe Theme

⑦ Coral Reef

Nature’s soothing view can be very relaxing, do you believe so too? That’s what the coral reef theme brings to the table. If you are a nature freak just like me, you won’t regret this option. You can get the Coral Reef on the Chromes web store.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Coral Reef

⑧ Satin Stacks

Give a visual makeover to your browser with this Microsoft 365 inspired dusky-looking Satin Stacks theme. You won’t change to another soon, try it and thank me later.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Satin Stack

⑨ The Forest

Customize and enhance your browsing experience with this Ori and the Will of the Wisps theme only for Microsoft Edge. I like this one as it offers a dark theme and a forest-inspired green color that goes perfectly with my default wallpaper on my computer.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply The Forest

⑩ Black Cat Dark Theme

The Black Cat Dark Theme gives you the dark mode in an extensive list of websites, including new tabs. I like what the developers did with it. It’s an option you should try.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Black Cat Dark Theme

⑪ Github Dark Theme

They designed this theme only for GitHub users. It focuses only on the GitHub website. When activated, all the pages on GitHub go dark.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply GitHub Dark Theme

⑫ Halo

Based on the popular Spartan Super Soldier game, it’s a beautiful dark theme best fit for the late-night internet surfers. Halo is indeed an option to try.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Halo

⑬ Oceanic Theme

The oceanic theme is available in the Chrome web store. As the name implies, this one changes the browser to an oceanic view. The tabs and the new home page turn into a theme that delivers oceanic vibes. It’s a cool theme to try.

Apply Oceanic

⑭ A Spark

A Spark is another Microsoft Edge theme that is available in the Chrome web store. Designed by a third-party developer, Spark delivers an amazing Microsoft Edge browser wallpaper that goes perfectly fine with the rest Blue theme. It gives a beautiful sight if you have a matching desktop wallpaper to go with it.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply A Spark

⑮ Cosmopolise

If you prefer a beautiful city night view on your browser, this is the theme for you. It gives your browser a city view on blue shades with a waterfront, which is a very pleasant sight to see.

Microsoft Edge themes

Apply Cosmopolise


All the themes mentioned above are great, you can personalize your new Microsoft Edge browser with any of these for a wonderful browsing experience, whether at night or day. Test them out to find out which one suits you best.