MMORPG Games Where You Can Get Married

best mmorpg games with marriage system

Marriage in massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) can be a challenging topic to navigate. Even in a virtual sense, some people may not want to tie the knot with someone else unless it is with their actual real-life spouse. A small number of couples have even had their virtual wedding ceremony substitute for their actual wedding ceremony. On the other hand, others may decide to marry to take advantage of the numerous benefits that an MMO can provide to a married couple. No matter how you look at it, some MMOs stand out in specific as being excellent choices for anyone looking to hold a virtual ceremony. Furthermore, suppose you are a frequent player of any of these games. In that case, you will undoubtedly appreciate the plethora of bonuses that you can earn by collaborating with your in-game partner. In this article, I will tell you about the best MMORPG games where you can get married.

Best MMORPG Games with Marriage System

1. The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG

Not only will Skyrim fans be pleased to learn that ESO has marriage, but they will also be pleased to know that it has one of the finest marriage benefit systems available in any MMO. If both you and your partner are online and wearing your wedding rings, you will each receive a 10% experiential bonus on everything you do. In addition to making leveling much easier, it can also speed up the process for almost everything in the game. On the other hand, the ceremony is pretty straightforward, focusing more on consciousness than legally marrying someone.

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The free-to-play version of World of Warcraft does not have a formal marriage system, whereas the paid version does. The wedding ceremony is one of the many cosmetic differences between Rift and the massively popular World of Warcraft. Although almost all of the benefits are purely cosmetic, marriage provides notable accomplishments and equipment that unions can only obtain. The wedding is surprising to find out that it is optional, though it is highly recommended if you are into weddings. Marriages in video games are distinguished by a tribal-like ritual with a solid connection to nature that is not always seen in real-life weddings. In this game, there are no restrictions on marriages based on race or gender.


3. Final Fantasy XI MMORPG

The Final Fantasy XI MMO is often underestimated because it is the older version of the Final Fantasy series. FFXI is a little out of date for most things, and MMO marriages are one of them. It is one of the only MMOs that will remain static in its lack of marriage benefits for the foreseeable future, as there will be no further updates. People who enjoy the graphics of relatively older PC games and those who enjoy traditional Final Fantasy games will find the wedding ceremony enjoyable.

In contrast to most MMO weddings, the vows can be chosen from a limited number of options, allowing for some role-playing during the ceremony. However, in terms of benefits outside of the wedding, getting married isn’t particularly advantageous, and characters are only allowed to marry people of the opposite gender. Assuming Final Fantasy XI will be released on mobile devices in the next few years, it is reasonable to anticipate that the marriage system will also be overhauled.

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4. Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG

Final Fantasy’s Eternal Bonding Ceremony has to be one of the most ostentatious in-game weddings in the gaming industry. Players can choose between three different wedding ceremonies, each with its own set of rewards and benefits, and there are no restrictions on gender-based.

There are numerous rewards available through the marriage system in Final Fantasy XIV, including the ability to teleport to your partner for free. A special two-seater mount is among the primarily cosmetic bonuses. However, the glamorous and customizable wedding is the most appealing aspect of getting married in Final Fantasy XIV, as it is comparable in quality and grace to many real-life weddings.

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5. Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG

When it comes to marriage in MMOs, most of them allow you to marry another player, but Star Wars: The Old Republic requires you to marry an NPC instead. Throughout the game, you will have the opportunity to romance various NPC companions who will accompany you on either side. Originally restricted to only certain classes and genders, you can now choose from a wide range of companions for your romantic journey.

The story elements of this marriage are the most crucial part, but getting married to a character can also help the character gain specific abilities and rewards. Being married to someone you find helpful can also be a strategic decision in some cases. Also noteworthy is that this is one of the few MMO marriages not depicted on the screen.

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6. MapleStory MMORPG

The elaborate wedding is the main draw for most MMOs, with a few minor side benefits thrown in for good measure. MapleStory takes a different approach by having a straightforward wedding with some reasonably generous marriage benefits. The fact that they have a dedicated marital chat that is separate from the other chat types makes it simpler to have a unique conversation with your partner without constantly typing in their name for whispering. Furthermore, there are special quests explicitly designed for married couples that provide distinct and significant benefits to each union member. Several people in MapleStory get married solely for this reason, and some choose to marry their alternate characters specifically for this reason.

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7. Age of Wushu MMORPG

This MMO includes a wedding that is very conventional in Chinese culture. Given that it is based in feudal China, it is understandable that it has maintained the era’s traditions. Marriages can only occur between a female and a male’s character, which is not ideal for some. The male must first propose to the female before the marriage can take place. Players can even consult with a matchmaker who will help them plan their weddings.

The elaborate wedding is the main benefit of marrying in the Age of Wushu. Weddings can be some of the most prestigious scenes in the game, based on how much money you want to spend. The ability to teleport to your partner and some exclusive titles are the primary advantages of marriage.

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