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Apps to Watch Movies on iPad

best apps to watch movies on ipad

Today many people have iPads in their use. Because they are convenient to carry anywhere as compared to their laptop. Also, iPad has bigger screens that can be used to watch movies or TV series in your free time. If you are traveling by bus, train, or plane, you can carry them and watch movies till you reach your destination. There are different applications available on the Apple Store, on which you can watch movies on your iPad. However, we have listed down only the best movie apps for iPad so that you can kill your time by watching your favorite movies while traveling.

Best Movie Apps for iPad

1. Netflix

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We bet that everyone who watches movies and TV series has heard the name ‘Netflix’. Netflix is one of the most popular applications which streams movies and TV series. There are a large number of TV shows, documentaries, and movies that are originally featured by Netflix. You can also watch those movies which are not originally featured by Netflix.

There are different sections like Sci-Fi, Horror, Romantic, Action, Documentary, Anime, and many more. You can select any type and every movie that falls into that category will be displayed on your screen. Netflix has an algorithm that recommends movies and TV series according to your taste. As soon you start watching movies on Netflix, it will keep a record of your history. Then it will show movies that are similar to your watched history.

Netflix is paid, you have to buy a subscription. You can either buy a monthly subscription or yearly, it totally depends on you. As you are paying to watch your favorite movies and TV series, you will not find any ads on Netflix. Also, if you want to test Netflix, you can subscribe to a free trial for one month. You can cancel that subscription at any time.

2. Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies

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Some people still love to watch movies on their TV, they watch random movies on TV rather than selecting specific movies. Sling is the right application for those people, it is live television running on your iPad. There are different TV apps available on App Store, however, they charge some fees for the subscription. Whereas Sling provides you more than 200 channels for free. You can surely find your movie on any one of these channels.

Sling is a TV application that can save your monthly bill, which you are spending on your TV cable operator. Also, by using Sling, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on demand. Sling not only provides you entertainment but also keeps you up to date by providing different news channels that include CNN, FOX News, and Bloomberg. Your kids can also watch their favorite cartoons on Sling.

3. Amazon Prime Video

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If you love to buy things online without going outside, then you must have heard of Amazon. Now, you will be thinking that why this is on our list if it is an E-commerce business. Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. They have multiple services which are running across the globe. Amazon also has its own production house. They are now releasing movies and TV shows that are originally produced by Amazon. You can find and watch those movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video. This application can be easily found on App Store as well as on the Play store. However, you have to pay a small amount as subscription fees. Amazon’s subscription fees are less than Netflix’s. So, if you are looking for an application like Netflix, but less expensive, then Amazon Prime Video is the perfect choice for you.

4. Crackle – Movies & TV

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Today you will find that most of the movie streaming applications charge you, either monthly or yearly. However, there are still some apps that do not have any fees, where you can watch your favorite movies without paying a single penny – Crackle is the best among those applications.

In Crackle, you can find any movie or TV shows and watch them anywhere. And you can resume your watching history on any device. You can find movies from all genres like comedy, romance, drama, action, and many more. You can create a list that includes all the movies you are going to watch later. There is Spotlight Chanel feature, where the Crackle team recommends a movie to movie lovers. You can also pick movies from their recommendations. As this application is providing you free streaming, you will face some ads.

5. XUMO: TV & Movie Streaming

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Another great free movie streaming app is XUMO. If you have an iPad then you must install this application. You can stream any movies or TV shows and watch them with your family or friends. This application has 160+ channels that stream movies, news, TV shows, cartoons, and sports. XUMO is the application for all age groups, you will find entertaining channels as well as educational channels. You can watch movies and TV shows on-demand, also you can learn cooking techniques from professional chefs. XUMO movie library contains more than 1000 movies in every genre, which is amazing. If you love drama, action, thriller, or comedy, whatever your favorite genre is, you will find it on XUMO.

6. Show Box

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The last movie streaming application on our list is Show Box. The interface is pretty simple, so users can easily interact with the application. This application follows strict rules to categories the movies. You will always find the right movie in the right category section. Show Box gives you the feasibility to buy tickets from their application. You can watch movie trailers of upcoming movies. You will find the detailed description of the movie on Show Box so that you know whether to watch the movie or not.