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6 Best Movie Rating Apps for Android

6 Best Movie Rating Apps for Android

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Watching movies is such a good thing to do. It allows your physical body to rest while permitting your mental ability to learn. Movies are not only meant to feed the eyes with pleasant scenes, but it also feed the soul with emotion. Thus, watching movies is considered not only a hobby but as an art. However, when you stumble upon movies that are not good enough, the momentum fails. It would be such a waste of time and money to watch movies that are in bad taste.

Good thing, some apps provide movie ratings. Having to know movie ratings ahead of time, users are given the advantage of getting flicks that are worthy of watching.

We listed a few of the best apps for movie ratings and reviews for Android here so that the next time you plan to get a movie streaming service, you can check these apps and get a really good one.

List of Best Movie Ratings Apps for Android

1. IMDb

movie rating app

IMDb is a popular app that provides material about all released movies and shows. This app provides information like the title of the movie, cast, directors, genre, and synopsis. It also has a list of upcoming movies, their release dates, and where best to watch them.

IMDb maintains a list of movies categorized into Top 250, Most Popular, Top Box Office, and the like. It updates viewers with the latest reviews about the movies. Everything about movies can be found in this app even the latest news from Hollywood.

2. Letterboxd

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This app is the social platform for all movie fanatics. It contains all kinds of movies even old ones. Every movie is complemented with actual reviews. Movie ratings are given by users who have already watch the movies. This way, you are guaranteed the evaluations.

This movie rating app has an easy interface so finding a movie is not hard to do. You can also keep track of all the films you have watched through their diary function.

With Letterboxd, users are allowed to interact with other users and exchange reviews and ideas regarding a film. It is a good place to create healthy discussions with people across the world.

3. Flutter

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There are movie streaming apps that do not provide movie rating information. This small but clever app helps the user decide on the best movies to watch without so much hassle. It displays the film’s ratings on the screen together with the movie title. You do not need to search intensely on google.

Flutter is a simple movie review app for Android that is free to use and free from ads. It even features a text-to-speech support system that is convenient for users with disabilities.

4. Redbox

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This movie rating app is as fascinating as it is excellent. This rent-and-buy movie app provides movie ratings on the truest scale. It allows users to choose the best movies based on their top choices.

This app is handy to navigate. Users are given the function to swap movies left and right so they can categorize movies into “I want to watch”, “I don’t want to watch” and “I have not decided”. It lets the user rate movies most easily, using a scale of 1 to 10.

Redbox provides all the important information about the movie. It also has movie reviews given by experts.

5. JustWatch

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JustWatch is a great app that provides good movie or series recommendations based on ratings. It is a one-stop shop for all your movie inquiries. It does not only recommend which movie is better but also offers ideas on where to watch it. By searching for a particular movie, you will be given information about how good it is and where it is available.

It has a good list of movies by providing detailed and accurate categories including the year of release. It would be easy to look for movies when your mood prefers horror, thriller, action, or drama.

JustWatch can also provide information on newly released films and TV shows across all movie streaming apps. You do not need to check Netflix, Amazon Video, Youtube, or Viu separately to look for a desired movie.

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If you depend on major website sources such as Rotten Tomatoes app, TMDb, and Metacritic for a good load of movie reviews, then Movie Mate is the best one for you. It is one of the best apps to find the movie you would like to watch.

The app contains a library of many movies ranging from periods back to the present together with their ratings, reviews, and show times. It also provides other movie information such as upcoming series, celebrity news, and everything else. So if you want to get updated with the latest movies and sort movie showtimes in your Android and iPhone, explore this app to get the right movies.

Q: What is Letterboxd?

A: Letterboxd is a social network for film lovers where you can keep track of the movies you have watched, write reviews, create movie lists, and receive personalized recommendations based on your ratings.

Q: Can I use Letterboxd on iOS?

A: Yes, Letterboxd is available as a mobile app for iOS. You can download it from the App Store and enjoy all the features on your iPhone or iPad.

Q: Is IMDb integrated with Letterboxd?

A: Yes, Letterboxd uses IMDb for movie information and ratings. You can browse movies and TV shows, view their IMDb ratings, and discover new content to watch.

Q: What is Movie Mate?

A: Movie Mate is a mobile app available for both Android and iOS that allows you to browse movies and TV shows, check showtimes, read reviews and ratings, and discover new content to watch.

Q: Are there any other apps for Android and iOS similar to Letterboxd?

A: Yes, there are several apps available for both Android and iOS that cater to movie and TV show enthusiasts. Some popular ones include IMDb, Movie Mate, and TV Time.

Q: How can I write a movie review on Letterboxd?

A: To write a movie review on Letterboxd, simply search for the movie you want to review, click on its page, and scroll down to the review section. You can then type your review and submit it.

Q: Can I watch trailers on Letterboxd?

A: Yes, you can watch trailers for movies and TV shows on Letterboxd. Simply go to the movie or TV show page, and you will find the trailer section where you can view the official trailers.

Q: Can I use Letterboxd on both iOS and Android?

A: Yes, Letterboxd is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android. You can download it from the respective app stores and use it on your preferred device.

Q: How can I find the latest movies on Letterboxd?

A: To find the latest movies on Letterboxd, you can use the browse feature and select the “Latest” option. This will show you a list of the most recently released movies on the platform.

Q: Can I search for movies on Letterboxd?

A: Yes, you can search for movies on Letterboxd. Simply use the search bar at the top of the page and type in the title of the movie you want to find. Letterboxd will then display the results matching your search query.


Movie ratings are not simply accessories. They are essential to a movie experience. They can provide relevant information that can help viewers gear up for the movie experience. Parents can avoid movies with scenes not suitable for children to watch There are also sensitive scenes that can trigger anxiety and other mental issues. With movie rating apps for Android, these damaging events can be prevented.