What Are the Best MUD Clients?

best mud client

Choosing a MUD client solely depends on your personal needs and your systems requirements. There are lots of great MUD clients out there, picking which offers the best experience is the tricky part. So, to narrow your search, we’ve put together a list of the best. The good news is, most of them are free while the premium ones have free trials that deliver an amazing experience.

What is a MUD Client?

Before we deep delve into the details, let’s know what a mud client is. A mud client is an application that facilitates gaming on a MUD. It is made of features that offer a number of benefits to MUD players and other role-playing systems. Some of the most important features in a MUD client include; Aliases, sound support, and triggers.

Aliases are more like a macro in a word processor program. For instance, you may decide to create an alias for a particular action in the game, so that when it’s time to perform that action, you only need to type the alias. Let’s say you want to perform an action like cast ‘magic missile’, you might just need to type ‘cmm’ and it’s done.

Triggers, sometimes called ‘event’ in most clients, are aliases that are automatically touched off when a line of text is received from the MUD. Say, for instance, you set a trigger for eating so that when a line like ‘you are hungry’ pops up on the screen, the application sends ‘eat bread’ automatically to the game.

You can hear the effect of spells and other activities going onscreen. But this will only be possible if your client supports MSP.

List of Best MUD Clients

1. Mushclient

Topping our list is Mushclient, one of the most customizable MUD clients out there. Mushclient is a highly feature-packed free software. Its features include aliases, triggers, and timers. The software’s long search buffer enables you to keep track of past games. Mushclient is highly compatible with all Windows Operating Systems from Windows 95 or Windows Vista.

2. zMUD

With over 50,000 registered users, zMUD is indeed one of the most popular MUD clients out there. It is recognized as the fastest and the most versatile MUD client amongst most users. Its features include multiplayer, aliases, triggers, spell checking, equipment database, and a lot more. zMUD is customizable and highly compatible with clients like TinTin++. It supports Windows 98, 95, 2000, ME, and XP.


CMUD is a paid version of mud client, presently starting at $29.9. It offers a 30-day free trial for anyone who wants to subscribe. Designed basically for scripting, it offers the best user experience if you plan to do lots of scripting. I recommend you go for a free version of MUD client if you are not doing much with it, but if you need one that allows scriptwriting, CMUD is the best fit for you. This software works in both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

4. Atlantis

One of the many MUD clients out there for the older version of Mac OS. Mac users say a lot of good things about Atlantis. However, I don’t recommend this if you are new to this, as Atlantist, just like other MUD clients for old Mac, is not user-friendly. But you can still play around with it, and see how it goes.

5. VMoo

This is one of the most advanced MUD clients out there. VMoo offers a lot of cool features. It is highly programmable and extendable from almost any programming language.

6. KMuddy

KMuddy is one of the best MUD clients for Linux machines. Unlike other MUD clients in this category that is difficult to use, KMuddy is quite easier. Its features include speed walking, aliases, triggers, and a lot more.

7. TinTin++

This is MUD client is free. It works in Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, and iOS. It uses an advanced auto-mapper, VT100 interface, and scripting language.

Though it primarily works as a MUD client, it can also act as a Unix shell command language, multiplexer and demultiplexer, and Automator.

You can launch console programs like bash within this client, allowing you to do things like creating highlights, substitution, diverting text, combining multiple streams into one, triggers, timers, and a lot more. You can also change the appearance and behavior of most console apps.

As a console client, it works with screen readers, its accessible non-graphical command interface makes it possible to be used by virtually impaired people.

8. Mudlet

Mudlet is a lightweight MUD client. It is very customizable, and it works in every operating system including macOS, Windows, Linux, and even Chromebook and Raspberry Pi. You can modify its user interface however you want. It also has a feature that lets you share the profile you created via dropbox.