6 Best Multiplayer LAN Games for PC

best lan games for pc

If you are a PC user and you like games, you will probably miss the time when you met with a few friends to play games on PC. Times have changed, but the magic of LAN games is a cause for nostalgia for many. If you are one of the people who occasionally misses the LAN times, this article is for you because you know what? We miss it too! And that is why we give you the very best multiplayer LAN games for PC.

1. Planetside 2

lan game for pc

To this day, it’s a favorite at LAN parties, and you’ll see why. Here you can plan large-scale attacks with other players. Prepare your ambush and attack your enemy if he passes near your territory. In this game, you have many attack possibilities. You will be in an interplanetary warfighting side by side with thousands of players.

You can’t miss playing Planetside 2. It is an ideal game to start planning your own LAN party with an amazing multiplayer game on your PC. It’s addictive, exciting, and revolutionized the world of shooter gamers.

2. The Lord of the Rings

lan game for pc

Yes! You can play it in LAN mode, and it is super easy. The Lord of Rings is one of the best RPG games ever. Here you immerse yourself in the fantasy world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. If you are a fan of movies or books, you will be a fan of this game. In this game, you can explore an incredible world and meet iconic characters. Complete missions, participate in battles, and save the world! It is one of the best free multiplayer games available for PC.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is the first game set in the Lord of the Rings. The gameplay is immersive, and you can create a guild with your friends. So play it and be part of the most important community of the ring in the world. Create your character, enjoy the visual quality and start your adventure!

3. Dota 2

lan game for pc

Dota 2 is one of the most famous multiplayer games in the world. But did you know that you can play it in LAN mode? Gamers and fans of DOTA are fascinated by this. If you are nostalgic about PC LAN games but are also into modern games with real-time strategies, this one is right for you. It is a well-appreciated game, especially for the diversity of characters. You can play with your friends in teams of 5 players to destroy your enemy. Each player plays a valuable role, and you can obtain a large number of items.

This game has been compared several times with the acclaimed game League of Legends. However, with Dota 2, you can enjoy all its characters already unlocked from the beginning. Also, Dota 2 does not require you to have a super PC to enjoy its graphics. Its artistic style maintains its quality even in low-mid-range PCs. This is an addictive and challenging game. Join the community and have fun!

4. Left 4 dead 2

lan game for pc

This is one of the favorite multiplayer games to share a good time with friends. It can be played on LAN or with Hamachi. You only need a key and a Steam account for each PC. The cooperative campaign is quite challenging, and you will have a lot of fun. Each playtime will be different since the zombies appear randomly. And its gameplay is quite simple.

But the real fun is when played the versus mode in LAN connection. Up to 8 people can connect, then half of them control de zombies, and the other half play as humans. If you like zombies, this will probably become one of your favorite games.

It is a game that combines the best of survival, horror, and action genres. This game will not disappoint you. It was awarded as one of the best cooperative games. Its horror theme is very well done, and the ability to play it in LAN mode only makes it more interesting. There is nothing better than killing zombies in the company of friends!

5. Killing Floor

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If you like to play PC LAN videogames, Killing Floor should be among your favorites list. This is a very entertaining shooting game. When chosen the cooperative game mode, it can be up to 6 players in a single game. In this game, players find themselves in continental Europe, which is infested by frightful clones. It also has a 12-player slaughter mode against the clones.

The game is solid, easy to play, and fun is guaranteed. It is indicated only for adults due to its bloody content – highly recommended if you are into shooting games. It is an excellent classic game. Don’t be fooled by its age.

6. Borderlands

lan game for pc

Finally, we cannot talk about the best LAN games for pc without mentioning Borderlands 1. This game is specifically designed to have fun with friends and spend hours playing. The game is made up of 56 missions! Basically, it is a shooting game where you are a mercenary who kills everything he sets his mind to! The abilities of the characters are unique for each of them.

If you like first-person combat games, this is your game. Now, the best thing is that you have the direct option to play it in LAN mode with your friends – exactly, just like the old days. Its sequels, Borderline 2 and Borderline 3, also have this option.

The number of weapons and styles available in the game will surprise you. While playing it, you’ll encounter a lot of curious enemies and a lot of scenarios. It also has a bit of humor that makes the game even more entertaining. It is definitely the best LAN game that we can recommend to you.