Free Android News Widgets for Home Screen

Best News Widgets for Android

Living in this world makes it important to be aware of what’s going around. Nowadays, everyone is keen on acknowledging breaking news and top trending topics. Mobile apps have made it very easy to access the news and raise awareness of global events. These apps have highly advanced features that take the news reading experience to a whole new level. These apps also allow you to customize the news feed. Users can access news regarding any topic of interest and also explore other subjects.

News widgets have provided further convenience for Android users. The widgets display a single title along with a clear headline on your home screen. The headline can directly lead to the article that contains well-detailed analysis, opinions, reasoning, and explanation. Overall, news widgets have made it easier to be aware of matters that could go unnoticed…

What are Widgets in Android?

Android phones come with the option of adding widgets to the home screen. A widget is a gadget or extension that gives a direct shortcut to the app from the home screen. The widget helps display the information or specific content of the app on the home screen. That way, it is not necessary to open the app continuously for particular pieces of information. Many apps have widget options in Android phones like the weather app, calendar app, notes, music, gallery, clock, etc. Using those widgets, you can easily see upcoming events, song playlists, current temperature, or recent selfies you took. Widgets come in different shapes and sizes that the user can customize or change according to preference on their Android home screen.

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6 Best Free News Widgets for Android

News widgets are added to the home page of Android devices to keep up with ongoing events. They make it easier to access headlines and top trending news. Following are some of the best Android news widgets that display reliable news headlines on the Android home screen and are customizable for the user’s facility.

1. Google News

android news widget

Google has remained the most used search engine for years, and so does its mobile apps. An application of this highly consumed platform is Google News. This personalized news app is one place to gather information regarding current affairs and has a highly organized feed. Google News is known for grouping the articles accordingly. It is a well-trusted app that delivers news taken via reliable sources. The Google News widget is available for Android devices. It will notify you of breaking news on the main screen where the widget is displayed and will help you consume the hot topics without opening the app continuously.

2. The New York Times

news widget android

The New York Times Android app is a free news application that has a wide coverage of global news. The app notifies the users about all the current affairs that are happening worldwide. Users have access to expert analysis on recent happenings and can foresee the analyzed opinions on their news feed. The New York Times app is a very well-organized and handy application. It helps with starting the day right by showing the perfect guides and news for the users. New York Times app also has the best games, articles, and entertainment resources in the For You section, making it more than just a typical news application. Android users can add the New York Times widget on the main screen and customize the display for headlines or pictures. The widget can be personalized according to the user’s preference and adopt a more minimalistic look for presentation.

3. Feedly

news widget

Feedly is another well-known news app for Android users. The news is displayed concisely for the user and covers all the mainstream events necessary for the user’s acknowledgment. Feedly is also good for browsing the trending events that one cannot miss as the app displays the hottest topics right in front of you. There is no need to visit multiple resources to keep up with the news as Feedly is one source for everything. Feedly also offers the dark mode option that is high in demand for devices today. The Feedly Android widget offers a fully customizing option for the users before you add it to the device’s main screen. The app widget allows you to select the features for the widget to display, making it a highly convenient and must-have Android news widget.

4. Microsoft Start

news widget for android

Microsoft Start is an excellent app for news and lifestyle, tech, sports, and entertainment sources. The app has well researched, both local and international news, that is reliable and truthful. Microsoft allows users to customize their feed by specifically following the topics that interest them. The feed consistently displays breakings news regarding the issues you follow on the app. Along with news reporting, the app is an excellent source for weather forecasts. Current weather and climate reports are also notified to the users for their awareness.

Microsoft Start has an amazing in-app feature for the users and offers a classic widget for Android users. The design of the widget is quite impressive for the user as it is not complex and minimal. Microsoft avoids the cluster on your Android device’s home screen by displaying a well-designed news widget.

5. Smart News

android news widget

Smart News app is an application for users who use news apps strictly for headline purposes. Other news apps listed display articles, researched analysis, games, lifestyle, and entertainment options. However, the Smart News app limits the facility to headlines only and cuts off the detailed and analyzed reasonings of the news. Smart News app covers all the top trends for the users and extracts the information from highly reliable resources. Depending on the preference, you can customize the displayed headlines to entertainment, politics, business, sports, US news, or worldwide headlines.

Smart News can be browsed offline, making it a convenient resource for catching up with news anytime. It delivers notifications to the users with the addition of fresh breaking news. The widget of the Smart News app is an excellent facility to display top trending breaking news on your Android home page. Cut the fuss of excessive information and continuous notifications by displaying a precise direct news widget for your Android device.

6. Bundle Breaking News

news widget android

Bundle Breaking news displays a bundle of all the globally ongoing events and trending news. The app instantly notifies the user of the current affairs so that no important event goes unnoticed. Bundle Breaking News app has a highly efficient search engine. Users can search for articles, blogs, news, and any information on the Bundle Breaking News and easily access it. The news app has both offline mode and reader mode for the user. You can switch focus to preferred content and access to news offline without the internet, which makes the app extremely accessible. Breaking Bundle News widget is a bundle of all the top trending headlines to access from the home page. This makes it easy to be aware of current affairs customized according to the user’s preference.


Widgets have become a must-have for smart devices nowadays. Whether for weather, gallery, music, or news, they are very facilitating and make it easier to access content without opening the app consistently. Android users should consider the addition of the news apps listed above on their devices. These apps are reliable and display well-researched news, and they also offer concise and minimal widgets for the home page that is a smart move for directly accessing headlines. Learning about important issues has become very easier through the news widgets for Android smartphones.