8 Best Noise-canceling Apps for Android

noise canceling apps android

Video calling is one of the most used ways of communicating with one another. Whether it is for personal or professional matters, video calling is required. It is an amazing way to reach out to people brought about by technological innovations.

There are factors needed to secure good-quality video calling. They are the connection’s speed, hardware devices like the camera and microphone, and, most importantly, programs that can reduce background noise. Read along as we give you information about how to remove background noise in a video call. We will also provide the best noise-canceling apps for Android.

How to Remove Background Noise in a Video Call

It is rather easy to remove any background noise. First, you should put yourself in a space where you can shut the doors and windows. Next, to ensure that your voice is more isolated and isn’t overheard by the audio of the video, use headphones (or earbuds) with a built-in microphone. And finally, use an app for noise cancellation.

What are Noise-canceling Apps and How Do They Work?

Noise-canceling apps are light applications that can be downloaded and installed on smartphones. They take full advantage of the fundamental physics principle of noise cancellation. Which states that waveforms of equal amplitude and opposite phase cancels out. It indicates that two sound waves with similar amplitudes but opposing phases colliding will cancel each other out.

How do noise-canceling applications use this idea? Apps for noise cancellation use the microphone on your smartphone to pick up ambient noise. They then create noises that are identical to those that were recorded but have opposite phases. In this manner, the conversation is free from background noise.

List of Best Noise-Canceling Apps for Android

1. Neutralizer

One of the best-known and most sophisticated noise-canceling apps is Neutralizer. This app is ideal for professional use more than for amateur personal use.

In addition to being an equalizer, this software modifies music and audio quality based on the user’s hearing skills. When you turn it on for the first time, it will do tests across all of the major frequency ranges and adjust the settings as necessary.

Additionally, Neutralizer can anticipate and reduce the sounds that are most likely to annoy and disturb the listener. As you might have guessed, this is the most practical and efficient approach to do so, as it also enhances the quality of calls as well as music or other listening experiences on your smartphone.

background noise removal app

2. Safe Headphones

As the name implies, Safe Headphones are primarily concerned with safety. Safe headphones are designed to block out background noise while allowing you to hear important sounds like high voices or automobile horns. It is useful for everyday use, especially when dealing with multi-tasking activities. This is why it is considered to be one of the best noise-canceling apps for Android.

Another fantastic feature of this app is that it does not require posh noise-canceling headphones. It can function with any regular headphones converting any of them into noise-canceling ones.

noise cancelling earbuds app

3. Noise Generator

Noise Generator is an app that produces noise. Although we are talking about noise-canceling apps, we include Noise Generator because this app generates noise to improve the efficiency of calls while detaching users from noisy backgrounds.

Of course, Noise Generator also features a noise-canceling function that aids in taking down background noise and producing efficiency-boosting white noise. This app is among the best noise-canceling apps.

noise cancelling app

4. myNoise

Another application that does not mainly function as a noise-canceling but provides the same capability in detaching users from raucous backgrounds is myNoise. It functions as an app that generates white noises while manipulating noise to cancel. The app works great for users who want peace and silence amidst a busy environment.

This app is widely preferred by students and professionals alike and is one of the best noise-canceling apps for Androids

noise canceling app android

5. White Noise Sleep Sounds

Working similarly with myNoise, White Noise Sleep Sounds is also an app that only functions as a noise-canceling app secondarily. It principally provides white noise so that users can get relaxation, concentration, and good sleep. Furthermore, this noise-canceling app is best for those kinds of activities.

background noise removal app for android

6. Noise Wall

Another option for the best noise-canceling apps for Android is Noise Wall. It works best in canceling background noise but also features other extraordinary functions. The noise Wall will adjust the volume to suit the background noise. It works by decreasing a loud noise while increasing the user’s voice to get that quality audio and video call. It is an amazing app because it can efficiently improve the quality of calls resulting in to boost in production.

active noise cancellation app

7. Active Noise Cancellation

Another fantastic noise-cancelling program is Active Noise Cancellation. It does not only takes background noise out of audio and video chats but also out of any recorded audio files. It is simple and easy to use and functions effectively.

noise canceling app

8. Noise Fighter

Another of the best Android noise-cancelling apps is Noise Fighter. It operates by directly adjusting the phone’s volume to fit the surroundings. Even if the headphones you’re wearing are not noise-canceling models, it still works well.

noise removal app for android


Noise-canceling apps are not only meant for video and audio calls. It can be used with whatever listening activities you do with your mobile phone. It cannot only remove the messy background noise but also provides users with an alternative clean noise so they can detach their selves from real-world distractions.