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7 Best Free Notepad Apps for Android

best notepad for android

For most of us, taking down notes has been our way to live up to so many schedules, activities, and errands. To remember every little detail, we need our trustworthy notepads and planners to save the day. Now, that we are in the digitization era, we no longer need to carry physical notepads and the like. There are now notepad apps that can be installed on our Android devices.

Whether you need a straightforward note-taking tool to take the place of your sticky notes or a sophisticated solution with the only organization for meeting information, voice recordings, and a fascinating web article, we got you here with our list of the best free notepad apps for Android.

List of the Best Free Notepad Apps for Android

1️⃣ Simplenote

notepad for android

Simplenote is a simple note-taking tool and is the ideal option if you’re searching for a straightforward application devoid of gimmicky features. The only extra features are a checklist, pinning significant notes, and browsing. Additionally, tags help you organize your thoughts, but you can also use other Android apps or add an email address as a tag to communicate with others. You may check the number of words and characters in your message by looking at its history.

There are themes available to improve user experience, such as light, dim, or night/dark modes. When notes are deleted, they are placed in the trash, although you can retrieve them or empty the trash to permanently remove them. To keep your thoughts close at hand, Simplenote gives you access to your notes via the web and other devices.

Download: Simplenote

2️⃣ ColorNote

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One of the most well-known notepad apps is ColorNote. It enables the creation of text notes, lists, and more. It contains a function that lets you alter the background color of notes to aid with organization. That is a feature that this note-taking app and several others have adapted. Support for calendars, internal and online storage support for backup, and more are additional features. The list of to-do features is also present in ColorNote. The best thing is that it is completely free.

It is simple to use ColorNote. You can easily make lists and notes in any setting and write whatever you need, from little notes to longer documents, in one location.

Download: ColorNote Notepad Notes

3️⃣ FairNote

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One of the more recent notepad apps is FairNote. It has a straightforward user interface, a visual design, and an intuitive tag system. The app is making an effort to focus more on stability. Notes are optionally encrypted using AES-256 encryption. Pro users can also program their fingerprints to encrypt and decode notes when necessary. It contains all the major features of an ideal notepad. Most functions are included in the free edition. With the premium edition, everything is unlocked for a boosted experience.

Download: FairNote – Encrypted Notes

4️⃣ My Notes

notepad app for android

This application can work as a notebook or a diary. Your notes are kept in the app’s Journal, Finance, Health, Personal, Shopping, and Work categories. A fingerprint, a PIN, or a password can be used to encrypt your records.

Notes can be arranged by date, title, or folder, and searching for them within the program is simple. You can include a reminder for each of your notes. Google Drive and notes can be synchronized. To further aid in navigation, My Notes can identify phone numbers, email addresses, and site connections automatically. Widgets for your home screen can be put up for quick access.

My Notes are simple and quick to navigate. It can function even without an internet connection. All the notes kept in this app can be synced and backed up to Google Drive. All in all, this note-taking tool is one of the best free notepad Apps for Android.

Download: My Notes – Notepad

5️⃣ Evernote

notepad app for android

A well-known and effective productivity app is Evernote. It is an organizing and planning tool that enables you to capture both typed and handwritten notes, make to-do lists, scan documents with your camera, and work together on content.

Evernote’s utilization of a variety of media is one of its strongest features. You can take notes verbally, visually, and audibly, in the form of audio, video, PDFs, or online clippings, for instance.

You may create, distribute, and review content with your coworkers using Evernote. Although the app is available for free, a premium plan with a wider range of features is available for monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Download: Evernote – Note Organizer

6️⃣ WeNote

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WeNote can maintain the best possible performance as one of the best notepad apps for Android. You can quickly make lists, calendars, and colored notes using it. You can use it to store anything, including shopping lists, to-do lists, diaries, journals, phone numbers, messages, addresses, and cooking recipes. Use tabs to organize information and quickly find what you’re looking for; add notes and to-do lists to the calendar that comes with the program to keep tabs on the status of your projects.

You may edit your notes on WeNote by adding photos, buttons, images, doodles, handwriting, and more. To protect sensitive information, you can lock lists and notes using a PIN, template, password, or fingerprint scanning.

Download: WeNote: Notes Notebook Notepad

7️⃣ FiiNote

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One of the most practical note-taking apps for Android is FiiNote. It has a special hybrid model design that can handle keyboard and handwriting input. This program can take notes in text, audio, photo, paint, and video formats. Additionally, it has a calendar, alarms, and to-do lists for organizing tasks.

Along with all the essential and primary capabilities, it also offers wonderful features like text boxes, DIY templates, actual pen styles, infinite canvas, and many more. Additionally, Fiinote supports numerous cloud service providers, quick incremental backup and restore, and limitless restore points.

Download: FiiNote – note everything


Notepads are ideal tools when it comes to saving and safeguarding thoughts and activities. With Android, you can have the best notepads to accompany you in your daily life activities and goals. Apps for taking notes are the ideal way to save and safeguard your thoughts. They are always available to you and are simple to get to.

Many Android apps are appealing to use because of how stylish and rich the user interface is. With our list of the best free notepad apps for Android, you can never go wrong.


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