7 Best Free Notepad Apps for Android

best notes app android

Sometimes we tend to forget even the most stupid little things. I saw people walking around a tiny notepad and jotting down anything they needed to recall. But the paper notes have restrictions. You can lose your notepad, and it doesn’t match Android apps that can even store images or audio recordings.

Android’s best note-taking apps make taking notes on your Android phone simple and convenient. This is particularly important as smartphones have become a popular device for both business and general customers, and note-taking is one of the easiest – but probably most critical – of the numerous business apps available.

There are several notepad apps available for Android. Some are dedicated to making simple notes, while others have comprehensive features that create powerful lists and reports. To help you find the right app for you, here’s a list of the best offline notepad apps available. I downloaded all of them to my Android system and checked it myself. If you’re hoping for a fast app or an all-inclusive tool, there’s something for everyone.

1️⃣ Simplenote

simple note app for android

Simplenote, as the name implies, is a basic note-taking app. If you’re looking for a simple, transparent tool with no fancy features, Simplenote is the perfect match for you. The only additional features you can find are browsing, pinning important notes, and a checklist. Also, tags help you organize your thoughts, but you can add an email address as a tag to exchange notes with people or do it with other Android apps. With your note’s history, you can check how many words and characters it counts when it was created.

Themes are available to enhance user experience—light, dim, or dark at night— to protect your eyes. If you delete notes, they’re going to trash, but you can restore them or clear the trash to get rid of them forever. Simplenote lets you access your notes on the web and other devices so that you can still keep your ideas close to you.

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2️⃣ ColorNote Notepad

best note taking app android

ColorNote is one of the most popular notepad apps. It allows text notes, lists, and more to be made. In order to help you keep organized, it has a feature that can change the background color of notes. That’s a function of several other note apps borrowed from this one. Other features include calendar support, both internal storage and cloud storage support for backup, and more. ColorNote also has the features of the list to-do. It is free of cost.

3️⃣ FairNote – Notes & Lists

best notepad apps for android

FairNote is one of the newer notepad apps. It features a simple interface, a material design, and an easy-to-organize tag system. The app is trying to concentrate a little more on stability. The encryption of notes is optional and uses AES-256 encryption. In addition, pro users may set up their fingerprints to encrypt and decrypt notes as required. Other than that, it has most of the features you’re going to need. The free version comes with most features. With the premium version, you can unlock everything.

4️⃣ My Notes – Notepad

best note app for android

It is possible to use this app as a notepad, or diary. The app stores your notes in folders categorized as Journal, Finance, Health, Personal, Shopping, and Work. Your records can be secured by a password, a PIN, or a fingerprint.

It’s easy to scan for notes inside the app, and notes can be sorted by date, title, or folder. For each of your notes, you can add a reminder. Notes can be synced to Google Drive. In addition, My Notes can automatically recognize phone numbers, email addresses, and web links to help you navigate through a single tap. You can set up home-screen widgets for easy access.

One limitation of this Android Notepad app is that it doesn’t have an intuitive interface to manage checklists.

5️⃣ Evernote – Notes Organizer

best note taking application for android

Evernote is a well-respected, powerful productivity app. It is defined as an organizing and planning app that lets you take both typed and handwritten notes, create to-do lists, scan documents using your camera, and collaborate on content with others.

The best thing about Evernote is that it makes use of a wide spectrum of media. For example, you can make notes in text form or as sketches, images, audio, video, PDFs, or web clippings.

With Evernote, you can also create, share, and review content with your colleagues. The app is currently free to download, but a premium plan that includes a broader variety of features is available for monthly or annual subscriptions.

6️⃣ WeNote – Color Notes, To-do

note taking apps for android

WeNote can keep the performance at the highest level. It lets you create color notes, makes lists, reminders, and calendar easily. You can use it to store anything from addresses, phone numbers, messages, cooking recipes, diaries, journals, shopping lists to to-do lists. Use tabs to categorize material and easily find what you’re looking for; add notes and to-do lists to the built-in calendar to track your tasks’ progress.

In WeNote, you can customize your notes by changing colors, inserting buttons, images, sketches and handwriting, and more. You can lock notes and make lists using a PIN, template, password, or fingerprint to protect sensitive information.

7️⃣ FiiNote – note everything

android notebook apps

FiiNote (and FiiWrite) are developers who have been active in taking care of the app genre before. FiiNote is a nice little note-taking part in an application that offers a more authentic experience. It comes with a grid backdrop and stylus/drawing support. This means that if you like, you can type notes, compose them or draw them. You can also add photos, videos, and voice messages to your notes. This makes it ideal for holding all sorts of notes, doodles, sketches, and other types of notes.

Note-taking apps are a perfect way to store and protect your ideas. You can always have them at your fingertips and easily access them.

It’s tempting to use many Android apps because they’re fancy and spicy with the user experience. It’s easy to get lost; however, select an app that suits your needs and organize your ideas effectively.