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Free Offline Music Apps for iPhone

best offline music apps for iphone

Music is something that accompanies you and travels with you wherever you go. At present, music apps are in high demand because people from all over the world have adapted music as their hobby to relax their minds. For this reason, a large number of online music apps are available that allow you to listen to your desired tracks only when you have a stable internet connection. But, it is practically not possible for everyone to have a stable internet connection all the time. That is why the interest of people has shifted towards free offline music apps. Keeping in view the demand for offline music streaming, many companies have launched their free offline music apps for iPhone users. Here we will try to short-list some top-notch music apps for iPhone users that they can easily access and download from the Apple Store.

Best Apps to Listen to Music Offline on iPhone

1. SoundCloud

free offline music app for iphone

SoundCloud is indeed the world’s largest music app that contains over 200 million songs. As an iPhone user, you can find songs of every category starting from classical, jazz, rock and roll to hip hop. SoundCloud gives you the opportunity to connect directly with your favorite artists and to customize your own playlist. It supports both online and offline audio streaming. To stay in the loop with the latest music, SoundCloud will help you to sync yourself with the top artists so that you get notified about the latest offerings from these artists. Like other music platforms, you can stream, upload, download, promote and share music using the SoundCloud music app. Mammoth music library, curated playlists, and the ability to connect to the artists are some of the key features of SoundCloud.

2. Spotify

app to listen to music offline free iphone

Whenever there is a discussion for the best offline music apps, Spotify is the name that strikes the mind of most iPhone users. Spotify is one of the most elegant music apps that possesses a massive music library of more than 70 million tracks. Its intuitive user interface will allow you to browse and listen to your favorite soundtracks offline without losing quality. Moreover, its podcast feature is something that makes it distinct from other free offline music apps. It is loaded with tons of podcasts that make it an ideal choice for podcast listeners. Besides this, a user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations are some of the key features that make Spotify a top candidate among the best offline music apps for iPhone users.

3. Amazon Music

offline music app for iphone

Like e-commerce, Amazon has revolted the music industry by launching its music app called Amazon Music. Amazon Music is well supported for listening to both songs and podcasts offline. Its music library contains more than 60 million songs and it allows you to download your desired songs for offline listening. At present, it ranks among the best offline music apps for iPhone users. This app is completely ad-free, which means that you do not have to wait for unnecessary breaks while listening to your music. Apart from this, high-quality audio, infinite skips, handy listening, and real-time podcast streaming are some of the key features that make it distinct from other music apps.

4. YouTube Music

free music offline iphone

YouTube Music is another great app that you can use for listening to your desired songs as per your taste and mood. Its interface is designed in such a way that you can explore your desired tracks with ease through recommended albums. Moreover, you can also use its advanced search option for finding the latest soundtracks, playlists, and mixtapes from its ever-growing music library. One of the key advantages of using the YouTube Music app is that it also allows you to access official videos and live performances which otherwise are not possible with other music apps. Apart from this, an extensive song collection, easy tracking of trending songs, and fully personalized recommendations are some of the pros associated with the YouTube music app.

5. Pandora

music app for iphone offline

Pandora is an all-in-one music app that allows its users to access songs, podcasts, and radio transmission all at the same time from a single platform. It is a fully customized app that provides users a more personalized music experience. Like other music apps, it also has a massive collection of songs and podcasts. You can easily download music for offline listening using the Pandora music app and can create stations and playlists of your favorite songs. The ability to access radio, solid collection of songs and podcasts, offline access to music, and personalized music experience are some of the key features of Pandora that make it a worthy candidate among other offline music apps for iPhone.

6. Apple Music

offline music player for iphone

Apple Music is another free offline music app that does not require any data or Wi-Fi access. It has a huge music library that contains around 75 million songs of almost all the famous artists of the music industry. Another distinct feature of Apple Music is that it allows you to listen to your desired radio stations whenever and wherever you want. Along with this, it is very easy to use and it gives you the full freedom to build as many playlists as you want for different occasions. You can easily download this amazing app from your Apple Store.

7. Deezer

listen to music offline iphone

Deezer is well-known music streaming app designed by French developers. This app is well compatible with iPhone and is categorized among the best iPhone-supported offline music apps. Like other music apps, it also has a huge music library that contains around 73 million tracks. A unique feature of Deezer is that it comes with several playlists of different genres that you can later modify. Besides music tracks, an extensive collection of podcasts is also available at Deezer that can also be accessed offline without any internet connection. It is very easy to access and can be downloaded directly from the Apple Store. Its user-friendly interface further makes it easy to use.