Best Offline Password Managers

best offline password manager

Passwords are one of the most important things in this digital world. Everyone wants their passwords to be saved in a secure place. The place where only they can have access to and no one else. Most people have difficulty remembering complex passwords, so they use passwords that are easy to remember. Easy and short passwords mean you are welcoming hackers to get into your accounts easily. Your accounts will be vulnerable, and all your data can be hacked easily. Using weak passwords is not good for your accounts, especially if you have sensitive data. If you are one of them who uses passwords like ‘abc123’ or ‘qwerty’, then we recommend you read this article till the end.

As it is difficult to remember hard passwords, some applications can be used for saving your passwords. Also, you can generate secure passwords through those applications. We have listed down some offline password managers. You can select the best offline password manager according to your needs.

Best Free Offline Password Managers in 2021

1. Bitwarden

offline password manager

If you are looking for the best offline password manager which works for free, then Bitwarden is the right choice for you. Bitwarden is providing the best features for free. This is one of the reasons that it secures the first position on our list. Most free plans of applications do not have many features. However, Bitwarden did something amazing. You can sync your other devices and lets you manage unlimited passwords, for free. It also gives you a place where you can store your credit cards and protected notes.

If you are thinking about whether this application is safe to use, then the answer is yes. How it is safe? Because Bitwarden has two-factor authentication so that no other person can have access to your sensitive data. Another thing is that it stores passwords offline, so you can easily access them in offline mode.

Download Bitwarden Open Source Password Manager

2. Enpass

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Enpass password manager is for those people who are willing to pay some amount to use its premium features. Enpass can also be used for free, with limited features. The free version of Enpass allows you to have 25 passwords only. However, for full control of the application, they have different paid plans that you can avail of. If you want limitless coverage on all your devices, then you can purchase the application by paying $79.99. It is a one-time purchase, and you can have coverage on every device for a lifetime. Else, there are also monthly and yearly packages.

You can use this application on both mobile and desktop. You can sync your devices through different platforms like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. This password manager app also lets you save your data offline.

Download Enpass: Password Manager

3. KeePass

offline password manager

Not willing to pay for an offline password manager? Don’t worry, we got your back. KeePass is a free open-source application that you can have on your desktop and mobile also. It is available for every operating system that includes Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

This offline password manager lets you activate both biometric login and two-factor authentication. You can put all your data offline, there are no remote servers. If you want to sync a device, it can be done via OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. In addition, KeePass has an option for sharing files on your local network.

Download KeePass Password Safe

4. Password Safe

offline password manager for windows

Password Safe is an application providing its user a place where they can save their credentials with peace of mind. The reason is, Password Safe will save your data in encrypted form. To access your saved data, you have to remember the app password, which is the master password.

The best thing is that you do not need an internet connection, as this application works offline. However, you cannot sync your data with multiple devices as it does not use the internet. To take your backups on drives, you have to do it manually by using the import/export feature. In addition, this application provides indications of whether your password is strong or not. And you can easily generate random passwords also.

Download Password Safe

5. One Key: Offline Password Manager

offline password manager for android

One Key offline password manager makes your life easy, as you do not have to remember your passwords in your mind. This application will nicely do that job and securely save your passwords. You can save your passwords in encrypted form and can use them by entering the master password. Also, you don’t need an internet connection to use this application. You will not face ads, it is completely ad-free. If you accidentally delete data, it will store in recycle bin and can be restored. One Key save your time by auto-filling your passwords, and you can also add your customized fields and categories. The user interface of this application is good, you can also switch to dark theme mode.

Download One Key: Offline Password Manager