7 Best Online Payment Gateways for Small Business

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As an e-commerce business owner, you know the value of having a good user interface and accessibility on your website or app, but if the payment experience isn’t good, then? Eventually, customers will stop trusting you, and revenue and customer interaction will fall. The payment gateways play a key role in the customer’s buying experience, and the good payment gateway should be smooth, fast, secure, and reliable.

The best payment gateway guarantees the customer’s security and confidentiality, leaving a strong impression and reliability on the e-commerce website or app. A functional payment gateway should allow traders to securely accept multiple transaction facilities (debit cards, credit cards, wallets, etc.) on the website and a mobile app.

In this post, I have narrowed down the best payment methods for a simple and safe checkout process for those of you who are ready to take your e-commerce platform to the next level. These are the best choices you need to consider.

1. Paypal Payment Gateway

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PayPal is the world’s most commonly used payment network, with more than 220 million active accounts. Developed as a Cofinity in 1998, this allows you to make payments worldwide and to accept payments.

PayPal offers e-commerce vendors, auction sites, and other businesses globally with payment treatment services, which allow you to accept credit cards like Amex and Visa. It also provides simple cart integration, various customizing options, online billing, and credit card payments through the phone.

PayPal usually has an eBay online market, but by 2020 it will no longer be the principal choice for eBay payment (as the company moves to Adyen-PayPal, will still be given as an alternative payment service).

With card processing being paid at 2.9% per transaction, prices are affordable, with no monthly fees, making them suitable for low-volume traders.

2. Stripe Payment Gateway

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Stripe is a cloud payment gateway app that helps accept and manage online transactions anywhere in the world. It provides complete solutions for managing online payments and also offers great features such as a tailored UI toolkit, embedded checkout, consolidated reports, etc.

Stripe is a powerful payment gateway that guarantees a seamless time for money in your business when connecting to the application interface that helps you to avoid high-security fraud, control revenue, and boost sales globally. It also provides an open API that lets you interact with your business ecosystem.

3. Square Payment Gateway

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Square is generally associated with its in-person payment POS systems. But there are also e-commerce options for your website. This is an excellent option for those who have physical retail locations and are planning to start selling online, particularly if you already have a Square POS system. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking to open retail locations in addition to your e-commerce store.

Square is competitively priced relative to the other methods on our list. There is no recurring charge to connect the Square Payment Portal to your website. You are paid 2.9 percent + $0.30 per transaction, just like Stripe and PayPal.

4. Amazon Pay

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Amazon Pay is a payment gateway designed for Amazon traders and buyers. It is a simple, quick, and stable payment solution that helps people in 8 countries. Amazon’s payments come with two separate packages — log in and pay for buyers and Amazon’s pay for vendors.

This payment gateway is designed to provide both online merchants and retailers with a seamless shopping experience. Amazon’s payroll is filled with great features and resources that attract and inspire consumers to buy more, streamline their shopping process, and boost customer interaction and loyalty through saved payment information for faster checkouts.

5. 2CheckOut Payment Gateway

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More than 50,000 traders trust this global payment platform for its easy-to-use interface and extensive features. It accepts online and mobile payments. Also, it locates transactions by promoting different currencies and languages to simplify payment processing for buyers and sellers alike.

In addition, 2CheckOut processes a wide variety of debit and credit cards to help you expand the payment methods you can support. It can also incorporate online shopping carts and billing systems to streamline payment processing.

Meanwhile, this platform sets itself apart from its competitors by offering options to develop subscription plans. What’s more, it helps users to set up recurring billing and have various checkout options.

2CheckOut comes with a Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Protection Standard to top it all off. This way, you will make sure that all your purchases are protected from cyber-attacks.

6. WePay Payment Gateway

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WePay is an integrated payment gateway developed primarily to support distinctive omnichannel, POS, and web-based app platform requirements. Designed to facilitate fast, seamless, and safe on-board and processing, this payment solution provides software companies with the flexibility they need to optimize their operations based on their objectives. For example, it allows businesses to customize their online platform using your brand and pricing structure to enable native processing and promote your business model.

WePay’s direct referral functionality gives your clients the ability to get paid through Chase merchant accounts without any difficulty. It also gives users full power over the facilitation of payment. It has extensive support for various payment systems, including ACH, debit, and credit payments, allowing your clients to select between monthly, weekly, or regular payments.

7. SecurePay.com

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The payment gateway started its operations in August 1997. SecurePay.com provides online shopping carts, electronic check services (called SecurePay), mobile payments, and many more. To process credit card payments, you will first need to register as a user on SecurePay.com. It charges “.25 %-1 %” plus “$0.25” for each transaction. You will also have to pay $400 for your service termination before the expiry of the SecurePay.com payment gateway service agreement.