Online Platforms to Make Music Playlists

best websites to make music playlists online

Have you ever imagined how it would be living without music? I don´t know about you, but if one thing is for sure, it would be downright boring. Thankfully, this is not the case. And as time has gone by, the way we listen to music has become more compact and easy to carry with us at all times.

This takes us to the rise and popularization of online music streaming services, currently the main form of music consumption and commercialization. Online music platforms also allow users to listen to their favorite music anytime, anywhere, and on multiple devices. So it doesn´t matter where you go or what you´re doing. In this article, we have compiled for you a list of the best online platforms to make music playlists so that you can crank up your favorite tunes at all times. Note that our list does not mention most main streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music). Instead, it focuses on some other popular music streaming services.

Best Online Platforms to Make Music Playlists

1. SoundCloud

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On SoundCloud, artists can reach their audience simply by creating an account and uploading their tracks for listening. This is whether for free or in the form of pay-to-listen music content. When setting up your SoundCloud account, there is no need to identify yourself as either a fan or an artist since it does not differentiate one from the other. Also, whether you pay for a Premium account or not, SoundCloud allows you to set a custom music library or (in the case of artists) manage your own releases.

SoundCloud offers artists many audio mastering and monetization tools through their creator subscriptions program. And grants you access to Repost by SoundCloud, which is their own distribution service. On top of this (in compliance with the US copyright law), creators retain all rights inherent to any tracks uploaded to the SoundCloud platform. More so, in the event a user is reported for copyright infringement, SoundCloud policies state that the platform must start an investigation and, if it proceeds, remove the infringer´s upload.

2. Deezer

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Deezer is a music streaming service that specializes in offering its users a high-quality audio experience. Nevertheless, this is but one of the many options Deezer has in store for you. Although Deezer users can download high-fidelity tracks from its broad library of lossless audio files, it still allows them to set the streaming audio quality through user-friendly EQ settings.

Not being amongst the most used music streaming services does not deter Deezer from being a worthy contender in the music streaming services’ battle. Available in more than 160 countries, with over 16 million monthly active users, and with a music library nearing 73 million tracks, Deezer is amongst the best. Its streaming service is also perfectly supported by most Smart Home audio devices. However, you can check the Full list of compatible devices here).

Deezer offers free, Ad-supported service, but sadly, it limits users to mobile devices only. As for subscription fees, there are Deezer Premium, HiFi, and Family accounts (ranging from 9.99$ to 14.99$ a month). Also, they offer a Student Plan (4.99$ a month after confirmation).

3. Pandora

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At first, Pandora was conceived as an internet radio that offered stations based on the user´s personal music tastes. But all this changed after 2015. At this time, Pandora was relaunched as a Premium Music streaming platform. This is in hope to become a serious contender to the likes of Apple Music and Spotify.

Much like its competition, Pandora offers free music streaming services supported by Ads. Additionally, up to 6 subscription plans from which you can choose the one that suits you best. For a streaming service that´s only available in the US, its 55 million monthly active users speak volumes. Pandora´s high-quality music streaming service is not questionable, with over 6 million Premium subscribers.

4. Tidal

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Tidal is a platform that joins artists and fans by offering high-quality audio content. The platform also proclaims artist empowerment and fan´s benefit as the platform´s main goals. It´s no wonder that celebrities such as Beyoncé and Jay Z are shareholders.

One of its key features is the possibility of sharing music and video through the user´s Facebook and Instagram stories. But not only individual tracks, as you can even share entire playlists. Also, there is Tidal Rising, a section where users can discover excellent lesser-known or new international artists. This is a magnificent way to open your ears to new genres. It also gives Tidal HiFi members exclusive access to original video series and podcasts.

5. Idagio

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After Apple acquired its main competitor, Idagio now stands alone as the premier music streaming platform for classical music fans. Aside from live-streaming concerts, events, and interviews, Idagio´s main incentive relies on better financial support deals for classical music creators and performers. Although classical music may represent a small fraction of the entire music industry, it is well known how passionate classical listeners can be. So Idagio is the best choice for classical music streaming.

The platform offers free tier streaming services. That includes occasional Ads, but sadly, only plays recommended tracks based on your preferences. Premium subscription fees range from 9.99$ a month to 29.99$ a month for the Full Premium+Concerts account, which grants you access to all of Idagio´s Global Concert Hall exclusive content.


One final thing we haven´t talked about is that music streaming services have been integral in dealing with the issue of piracy. Through these platforms, artists get revenues based on the number of reproductions of their tracks, thus eliminating a lot of the bureaucracy traditionally present in the music industry. And these are our recommendations for the best online platforms to make music playlists, just so you know that there are many other good services aside from the Big Ones. So choose your favorite, sign up, and start streaming. Until next time!