8 Best Parking Lot Apps for iPhone

best parking apps for iphone

App developers have been unstoppable in recent years and they have provided apps for almost everything you can think about. Today, you can rent an electric scooter with your smartphone, purchase bus tickets, and you can also find, book, and pay for a parking lot!

Parking lot apps can solve a huge problem for people in many cities all around the world: how frustrating is it to drive back and forth around the same block just to find a spot to park your car?

With parking lot apps you can find where to leave your car with a couple of taps on your smartphone. In this article, we’re going to provide you with a list of the 8 best parking lot apps for iPhone.

Advantages of Parking Lot Apps for iPhone

Parking lot apps provide advantages to people who live in crowded big cities but also to travelers. They are also beneficial for the city itself! Here are their advantages:

1. They help you find a parking lot

It goes without saying that the main goal of parking apps is letting every driver find a parking lot without stress. Instead of searching for a parking spot, drivers can go straight to where the app leads them.

2. They let you book your parking lot

With parking apps, drivers can also book a parking spot and this can make things even easier. If you need to pay for the parking lot, you can process the payment directly from the app, access the parking lot with a code on your smartphone, and leave when you want with no stress.

3. Excellent for travel planning

When you travel by car and you know you’ll end up in a crowded city, you can book your parking even before you set off for your trip! You can book the parking just like you’ve booked your hotel! Again, this makes things easier and it’s a stress relief when you need to plan your trip!

4. They prevent on-street parking

When drivers can’t find a spot to park their car they may become creative. This is usually why, especially in big cities, we find a lot of cars left on the sides of the street, sometimes jamming the traffic and even becoming a risk factor for pedestrians or bikers. Parking apps allow any driver to park their vehicle properly (no excuses) and the city traffic is improved as a consequence.

5. They are stress-relieving

As we’ve mentioned many times already, one of the main benefits of using a parking lot app is that it removes a lot of stress from your everyday life or travel planning. We all know how frustrating it is to drive downtown half an hour earlier because we already know that we’ll struggle to find a parking spot, or how stressful it is to go on vacation without knowing where you can park your car once you’re there. With parking lot apps, all these stress sources are removed and you can 100% enjoy your day or trip!

List of 8 Best Parking Lot Apps for iPhone

Now that you know how helpful a parking lot app can be for you in your town or on vacation, it’s time to go through the 8 best parking lot apps for iPhone.

1. Parkmobile

When you first access Parkmobile, you are asked to provide some data about you and your car. Once you’ve completed this passage, you are able to book a parking lot with a couple of taps, without having to provide your data at any time. You can save tons of time with this app, and you can go through your day without stress.

When you change your car, if you’re driving a friend’s or a relative’s car for one day, you can change your car data easily and keep on using Parkmobile.

Do you need to pay for your parking spot? You can process the payment directly from the app. Again, you’ll need to provide your payment data only once, and then it all becomes automatic! Downloading and using the app is free, no subscription is required. The only thing you’ll need to pay is for your parking lot when needed!

parking app for iphone

Download: ParkMobile – Find Parking

2. ParkWhiz

ParkWhiz is a parking app with a double purpose. Other than simplifying the process of finding or booking a parking spot, it also provides discounts and lets you save money whenever possible.

This is how it works: when you are driving, you can launch the app and a map with the available parking lots will be shown. On the map, if there is any discounted parking lot nearby it’ll be highlighted so that you have the chance to save money. If you use this app every day, you can save a lot at the end of the week!

parking app

Download: ParkWhiz – Parking App

3. SpotHero

SpotHero is active in all major cities, where finding a parking location is particularly complicated: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, and more.

Through the app, you can find an available spot, or you can reserve one so that you can play your trip and movements downtown. SpotHero is also compatible with the AppleWatch and this adds more convenience to its users.

parking lot app for iPhone

Download: SpotHero – Parking App

4. BestParking

BestParking helps you find low-cost parking locations in 105 cities in the US. This app is particularly suitable for anyone who needs to find where to leave their car near an airport because it shows 115 airport parking lots across North America. If you need to plan any travel this is a huge help!

app to find cheap parking

Download: BestParking – Get Parking Deals

5. Way

With Way, not only you can find, reserve, and pay for parking spots but you can also manage your car insurance. If you like having anything in one place, this is the parking app for you!

way parking app

Download: Way – Auto super app

6. Parkopedia

Parkopedia is one of the parking apps that can provide the highest number of options. It is also the most suitable for traveling because it is active in many cities all over North America.

Once you’ve picked the parking spot from the app, Parkopedia will also navigate you to it without needing to change the app to, for example, Google Maps.

app for parking

Download: Parkopedia Parking

7. Find Your Car with AR

Find Your Car with AR features some augmented reality features that can help you find a spot, but they also help you find your car in the parking lot when you are ready to leave.

find my car parking

Download: Find Your Car with AR

8. Appyparking

Living or traveling to the UK? Appyparking is one of the best parking apps there because it is active in many cities and can provide tons of different options. It can also help you find free on-street parking if they are available!

parking lot app

Download: AppyParking Harrogate & Dundee


With parking apps, your life will certainly be improved. And the good thing is, you can use multiple apps! You can use more than one, depending on the city you are in, or when you need to travel!