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5 Best Free PDF Voice Reader Apps for Android & iPhone

5 Best Free PDF Voice Reader Apps for Android & iPhone

best pdf voice reader apps

More and more individuals are reading novels, newspapers, or just plain text files using their mobile smartphones. But not everyone finds it appealing. For a variety of reasons, some people prefer listening to reading. You’ll need a good application or someone to read for you to do this.

On Android and iOS devices, a variety of apps are available that make it simple to listen to the text contained in PDF text files. Older folks might also benefit from these apps because as they age, their eyesight weakens. They can just listen to the text by using these apps.

If you are among these people, preferring to listen than read, then you have stumbled on the right page as we give you details on 5 of the best PDF Voice Reader Text to Speech Apps on the internet ready. Check them below:

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List of Best PDF Voice Reader Apps

1. Narrator’s Voice

pdf audio reader app

An excellent and well-liked text-to-speech software that can read and listen to pdf is a program called Narrator’s Speech. It is used to transform the text into voice so you can quickly finish your written composition. Also, it can be used with a variety of file kinds, including images. Also, it has additional functions in addition to just turning your text into audio.

You don’t need to be concerned about languages because it can read your writing in a variety of languages. You can even record the voice if you wish to. The voice can be captured for subsequent listening or even for sharing.

The speech technology utilized in Narrator’s Voice is comparable to a person’s genuine voice. It is difficult to tell if the text is being read by a human or a robot. You have the option to use this program in dark mode if you prefer it. If you do not have an internet connection, it can be used offline; however, you must first download the document.

The Narrator’s voice application, however, brings in a lot of adverts for its free version. You need to buy the premium version to get rid of these ads. All in all, this app is one of the best PDF voice readers that is available for both Android and iOS.

Get Narrator’s Voice | Android | iOS

2. ClaroPDF

pdf voice reader app

ClaroPDF is a program designed exclusively to read PDF files. The user interface for ClaroPDF was well-designed and simple to use. To use this application, you do not need to study the user manuals. All you need to do to use the application is download it.

You may add text to your PDF files and edit them using ClaroPDF. It also contains a tool for highlighting text, which you can use to quickly draw attention to a section of text that stands out to you. If the text is difficult to read, you can use the zoom feature to make it more readable. In addition, a full-screen mode is an option.

For iPhone users, it offers a data sync capability that allows them to keep their historical data on iCloud. The application’s ability to convert your audio recording back to a PDF file is one of its best features. Although the application is free, you must pay for certain advanced features if you’re interested in them. The application is about 87 MB in size, which is rather enormous.

Get ClaroPDF – Image to PDF Reade‪r | Android | iOS

3. Speech Central

pdf voice reader

One of the most well-liked and user-friendly free text-to-speech software is Speech Central. English, Spanish, German, and French are just a few of the 27 languages that the app can support. You can bookmark your favorite web pages so you can read or listen to them later. You can still listen to your messages even if it’s not online. The technology of the software efficiently transforms audio from pictures, Docx files, or PDF files.

You can also listen to the audio files you’ve created for your photos. To accomplish it, take a smartphone photo and add it to the app’s gallery. Then click “listen” to hear a soft voice read anything to you. An audio file that you have made can be downloaded to your device.

Get Voice Reader Speech Central | Android | iOS

4. Aloud! Text to Speech Reade‪r‬

free pdf voice reader for iphone

Aloud is another fantastic PDF Voice Reader App suitable for iOS users. It can read text files in PDF, HTML, or RTF formats. This application can read any language, including English, French, Japanese, and others.

You can control the text file’s listening pace in a variety of ways to suit your preferences. You can close the application and resume listening from where you left off if you want to pause the audio. It records your listening so that you may pick up where you left off later. From the internet, you can download news, blogs, and various things to listen to later.

This application is free of bugs and other issues. You can use this optimized software at any time. Because it is a free app, it includes advertisements. They do, however, provide a premium edition that you may purchase for a fee. Additionally, it contains extra features that you can use after purchasing them.

Aloud is currently available on Apple Store only. Maybe sometimes they release the Android version also.

5. Voice Aloud Reader

pdf voice reader for android

While Aloud is only available for iOS, Voice Aloud Reader is for Android users only. The Google Play Store offers the text-to-speech application Voice Aloud Reader. It is a straightforward application with an intuitive user interface.

You can read text from file formats like doc, pdf, txt, and HTML. You can use this application to listen to content that has been saved from websites. The best feature of this software is that it will automatically ignore irrelevant text. You can read eBooks to yourself or your kids with this application. Optical Character Recognition is the name of the feature in this application that reads the text (OCR). When the audio file has been downloaded, it can be shared.

It can remember where you left off when you were listening and let you pick up where you left off. Additionally, it supports various languages, making it accessible to all users. You can set the timer function to end the reading after a particular amount of time. Additionally, the reading speed is adjustable.

You can use the audio feature of the app while simultaneously using another app thanks to its app-overlay mode.

Get Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)

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What is a PDF?

A PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of software, hardware, and operating systems. It can contain text, images, and even interactive elements.

What is a PDF reader?

A PDF reader is a software application that allows you to open, view, navigate, and print PDF files. It provides the necessary tools to interact with the content of the PDF document. A PDF reader is a software or application that allows users to open and view PDF files on their devices. It also has features like text to audio conversion, allowing users to have the PDF text read out loud to them.

Some popular PDF readers, like the PDF Voice Reader for Windows, can be downloaded from app stores. They convert the PDF files into audio files, enabling users to convert text to audio and listen to the content of the PDF through a text to speech reader.

How can I convert text to speech in a PDF?

You can convert text to speech in a PDF by using a text-to-speech reader or software. This technology converts the text within a PDF into spoken words, allowing you to listen to the content being read aloud.

What are some of the best PDF readers available?

Some popular PDF readers include Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Voice Readers, Voice Dream Reader, and Natural Reader. These readers offer various features and functionalities to enhance your PDF reading experience.

Is there a PDF reader app available for Android devices?

Yes, there are several PDF reader apps available for Android devices. Some popular options include Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Best PDF Reader, and Free PDF.

Can I listen to my PDF files being read aloud?

Yes, you can listen to your PDF files being read aloud by using a PDF voice reader. These applications utilize text-to-speech technology to convert the written content into spoken words.

How can I convert a PDF to another file format?

To convert a PDF to another file format, you can use PDF converters such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF to Speech Converter, or free online conversion tools. These tools allow you to convert PDF files into formats such as Word, Excel, or HTML.

Which PDF reader application is popular and highly recommended?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most popular and highly recommended PDF reader applications. It offers a wide range of features, including text-to-speech capabilities, annotation tools, and seamless integration with other Adobe products.

Are there any apps available to help me read PDF documents?

Yes, there are several apps available to help you read PDF documents, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Voice Aloud Reader, and Best PDF Reader. These apps offer various features to enhance your reading experience, including text-to-speech functionality.


Now, there you have it. If for some reason, you would love to find yourself immersed in listening than reading, you can find the best PDF Voice Reader App for Android and iOS handy.

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