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best pdf voice reader apps

Most of us like to read newspapers, books, or other documents on our smartphones. However, for some people, it becomes difficult to read the whole document. So, they prefer to listen to the text as compared to reading. There are different applications available on Android and iOS devices through which you can easily listen to the text written in PDF files. These apps are also helpful for old people, as their eyesight becomes week due to the age factor. By using these apps, they can simply listen to the text. However, how you can find the best PDF voice reader app? To resolve your problem, we have listed down the authentic pdf voice reader apps for Android and iOS.

List of Best PDF Voice Reader Apps

1. Narrator’s Voice

pdf voice reader app

Narrator’s Voice is a great and popular app that is used for converting text into voice so that you can easily complete your text document. It can be worked with different file types, even with images. It does not only convert your text into voice, but it also includes other features.

The voice system which is used in Narrator’s Voice is close to the natural voice of a human. You can hardly identify if the text is reading by a robot or a human. If you are a dark mode lover, then you can switch to the dark mode of this application also. Another best feature is that it can be run offline if you do not have an internet connection, but you have to download the document before.

You do not have to worry about the languages, it has different languages in which it can read your text. If you want to record the voice, you can also do that. You can record the voice and listen later or even share it with others.

Now, let’s talk about some cons of this app. The first problem is that it shows a lot of ads. To remove them you have to buy the premium version. Also, if we talk about the total size of the application, it is around 58 MB.
However, the overall rating of the application is good. You can also check their ratings on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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2. ClaroPDF

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ClaroPDF is an application that is specifically built to read PDF documents. It has some amazing features; we will tell you one by one about that.

In any app, a good and attractive user interface matters. ClaroPDF designers did a good job and designed a good and easy-to-use user interface. You do not have to learn from the instructions guides to use this application. You just have to download the application and start using it.

ClaroPDF lets you edit your pdf files and make an addition to the text. It also has a highlighting feature, with the help of that you can easily highlight the text area which seems important for you. If the text is unreadable, you can use its zoom function so that the text becomes more clear to you. Also, you can use full-screen mode.

It has a data sync feature for iPhone users so that they can have their previous data on iCloud. Another best feature about the application is that it can convert your audio file back to pdf file. The application is free, however, if you are interested in some advanced features, you have to pay for them. The size of the application is quite large, it is around 87 MB.

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3. Speech Central

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Today no one has time to read large documents and everyone is looking for an easy way to read the text files. That is why people keep searching for different text-to-speech converter applications. Speech Central is also among them. Having Speech Central reduces your problem of reading text files.

You may be thinking about whether it supports your native language or not. Then we have good news for you. Speech Central has up to 27 languages in its database. It can read the text in almost every language. It can read your text available in PDF, Doc, or image format. You can download the documents from the internet and listen to them without any problem. As we discussed that it can also read the text from images, you just need to save the image in your gallery by capturing it and see the magic.

The text you are listening to can be downloaded in audio format and can be shared with anyone. You can use this application for free, however, it will show you some ads. If you do not like ads you can buy its premium version.

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4. Aloud! – Text to Speech Reade‪r‬

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If you are bored of reading the text files and just wanted to hear them, you can download the Aloud app to help you. It can read out text files available in PDF, HTML, or RTF. If you speak English, French, Japanese, or any other language, it can be read by this application.

There are different speed modes for listening to the text file, and you can manage it according to your comfort. If you want to pause the listening, you can close the application and continue to listen from the same spot where you left. It keeps the record of your listening so that you can resume your listening later. You can download news, blogs, and different articles from the internet and listen to them.

You will not find any bugs or other problems in this app. It is a fine-tuned app, which you can use anytime. It is a free application that is why it contains ads. However, they have the premium version, you can buy it by paying some amount. It also has extra features which can be used once you buy them.

Aloud is currently available on Apple Store only. Maybe sometimes they release the Android version also.

5. Voice Aloud Reader

PDF Voice Reader Android free

As the last application was only available for iOS users, now it is time to bring an application for Android users. Voice Aloud Reader is text to speech converter application available on Google Play Store. It is a simple and easy-to-use application with a user-friendly interface. So, let’s discuss some of its cool and amazing features.

You can read the text from doc, pdf, txt, Html, and more file format. When you need to listen to the content which is saved from web pages you can use this application. The best thing about this app is that it will ignore the unimportant text by itself. You can also use this application to read eBooks for your children or yourself. The functionality which reads the text in this application is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The audio file can be shared after downloading it.

It has the functionality to keep the track of your last listening and resume it from the same place. Also, it has different languages so that it will be useful for everyone. It has a timer function which you can set to stop the reading after a specific time. Also, you can set the speed of the reading.
The application also has an app-overlay mode, which means that you can listen to the audio while using another app on your phone.

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