5 Best PHP Editors for Mac in 2023

best PHP editors for Mac

Among the popular programming languages that programmers prefer to use is PHP. PHP is a free open-source programming language with a simple syntax. The command functions are relatively uncomplicated. It can outdo other programming languages when it comes to web development performance.

PHP can penetrate even macOS operating systems. Many programmers prefer using PHP on their Macs. There are many PHP editors compatible with macOS and we’ve put them in this article.

What Are the Best PHP Editors for Mac?

#1 NetBeans

php editor mac

NetBeans is an open-source editor for the PHP programming language. It is an IDE software for JAVA. It is compatible with Mac and other operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Solaris.

NetBeans is a full-package editor that features fast, easy, and smart source code editing. It is a fantastic editor that can help developers build applications such as websites and others. It aids in controlling the configuration, storage, and user interface of any application.

NetBeans supports software development from its basic modular base up to its extensions. This PHP Editor for Mac is exceedingly value-effective and exceptionally easy to configure.


Download: Apache NetBeans for Mac

#2 Eclipse

php editor mac

Another open-source PHP editor that works well with macOS is Eclipse. It can support multiple platforms. Aside from working with database management systems and network applications, this editor can also support other word-processing languages.

It works through a common base workspace and an expansible plug-in system for customizing the development environment. This editor has an engaging and easy-to-handle rich-client platform for developing conventional-purpose applications. One of the relevant functions of Eclipse is its syntax highlighting for more viewable content.

Download: Eclipse for PHP Developers

#3 Sublime Text

php editor for mac

Sublime Text is an elegant PHP editor for Mac 2023 used for editing code, prose, and markup. It can support a variety of markup languages and programming languages like C#, C++, D, HTML, Javascript, LaText, Lua, Matlab, and others.

This PHP Editor app has outstanding performance when it comes to speed and efficiency although it is fairly simple and easy to navigate. It features a dark theme very suitable for developers working extensively wanting a good environment for the eyes.

Sublime Text can be accessed offline and is compatible with any operating system including macOS.

Download: Sublime Text for macOS


php editor for mac

ATOM is a comprehensive PHP editing tool but it is more complicated to use. However, it comes with a detailed tutorial and guide that can assist users in using the editor. It is a cross-platform software that works with different operating systems.

The ATOM text editor has a built-in package manager, file system browser, and multiple panes for easy editing and comparing of codes. It features a responsive auto-completion that allows users to write code more quicker.

This PHP editor for Mac comes in four intuitive user interfaces that include dark and light colors. It can be customized and styled to any design.

Download: ATOM PHP Editor

#5 Komodo

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KOMODO is another outstanding PHP editor for web development and programming. It has all-inclusive functions that include syntax and language solution checking and auto-completion.

KOMODO is a rather simple and powerful multi-language code editor with advanced functionalities such as code refactoring, code profiling, debugging, unit testing, and integrations with other technologies. It features an updated search engine that is very reliable to use.

All things taken into consideration, KOMODO is indeed one of the best PHP Editors for Mac in 2023.

Download: Komodo PHP Editor



High-efficiency PHP Coding needs high-powered PHP Editors. And they’re not rare to find. All these apps we mentioned above are sure-fire the best among the rest.

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