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3 Best Place to Buy Software Keys

3 Best Place to Buy Software KeysProduct keys are essentially unique codes that prove that an individual has the original copy of an OS software and that it was purchased legally. These keys can be quite difficult to access and even expensive on unreliable platforms. In this guide, we’ll be talking about the best place to buy software keys. Specifically Windows software keys, as well as their other features and products that will be useful in helping you set up your PCs. 

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Best Place to Buy Software Keys

Software keys are highly vital in properly using personal computers. They are needed in order to install different programs and applications. Additionally, it helps accomplish simple tasks like browsing the internet, adding files, videos, and photos onto your device, and even playing games. Usually, newly purchased laptops and computer units already have their required operating software installed. However, for older units that still work but need an upgrade, users need to purchase new product keys for them.

1. Keysoff

Keysoff is a product site that specializes in providing people products such as product keys for operating systems. This makes it one of the best place to buy software keys. They also have purchasable games that can be played on the PC, on Steam, and more. This website is known for selling original product keys at much lower prices compared to how much Windows and other official retail sites sell it for. 

The website often offers cyber deals on product keys, making it a good place to purchase them if you’re on a tight budget. It includes 32-bit and 64-bit operating system software, including Windows 10. Keysoff states that they will deliver products, including software keys, within 24 hours of sending in your payment.

However, you still need to be cautious of how legitimate the keys are, as with other unofficial software key-selling sites. Keysoff is definitely among the more reliable websites available to the public, but some users have reported having faulty keys.

2. Newegg

Newegg is another well-known site among people who are fond tech lovers. They sell different PC software and hardware, including software keys, graphic cards, computer processors, and entire desktop setups. This site is well suited for those who want to purchase upgrades to their current PC setups, including revamps to their operating softwares. 

Like Keysoff, the software keys are much cheaper compared to how much Microsoft or other licensed retailers such as Amazon or Walmart sell it for. Newegg also often offers promos and discount codes that can help in saving money. The website initially started selling products in the US, but since 2001, it has branched out to other countries. 

3. Microcenter

The final website on our list is Microcenter. This website is reliable, and various online users trust them for providing legitimate product keys. Like, Newegg, they also sell other products including computer hardware such as PC parts, fully built computers, and even other kinds of electronics. Microcenter has more of an extensive catalog of products to choose from compared to other similar websites. 

They are a legitimate selling website for all things tech. They also show great care in ensuring that their products, specifically software keys, won’t get replicated and resold to other users illegally. 

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Where can I buy program keys?

There are various places to purchase software keys. The most common, and the most reliable, method of buying keys is by directly purchasing them from the developer of the operating system. For Windows, users can purchase program keys for whatever Windows version they want on the official Microsoft website. Online stores such as Walmart and Amazon also sell software keys of newer operating systems.

However, if the original price is out of your budget, there are alternatives such as purchasing keys off of other websites selling them at cheaper prices. The three websites we’ve listed out are some of the best places where you can get them at lower prices. 

Are Cheap Microsoft Keys legit?

Cheap Microsoft Keys are not legit and reliable sources to purchase product keys. You may experience lagging when using the software, or get an error message when you use the key to purchase a software.

Which key is better OEM or retail?

OEM keys and retail keys are essentially the same things, so there is no significant relevance or difference in terms of quality. Both will allow you to access the full versions of the operating system you’ve purchased the key for, while also entitling you to updates for that version. 

The main difference between OEM and retail keys is that OEM keys are somewhat cheaper than retail keys because the former does not include support from Microsoft. 

Can I just buy a product key for Windows 10?

Yes, you can still buy product keys for Windows 10 without necessarily purchasing an entire computer unit. 

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