Alternatives to Pocket App

best alternatives to pocket

We are consistently inundated with information these days. It’s simply excessive. There are so many new articles, blog posts, and other forms of reading material that we wish we could have more than 24 hours in a day to read them all. Online bookmarking tools such as Pocket may come in handy in such situations. Pocket is a web-based bookmarking service that allows users to manage videos, weblinks, articles, and web pages. The bookmarking service is extremely helpful because it enables users to save their favorite internet content. On the other hand, Pocket’s free version has few limitations, and the premium version is pricey. Therefore, if you’re looking for a free bookmarking app, Pocket might let you down. It has high premium prices and it also does not support tags. So, in this article, I am going to tell you about the best Pocket app alternatives. I am sure it will be helpful for you when you read them one by one.

List of 10 Best Pocket App Alternatives You Must Try Out - alternative to pocket is a capable alternative to Pocket in terms of versatility and intuitive reading experience. In other words, you should consider it a feature-rich bookmark manager. So, if Pocket does not provide you with a variety of tools to manage the massive number of bookmarks that you frequently store, then this should be a more convenient substitute. It can help you get your work done efficiently whether you want to save exciting videos, clip articles, or create a large collection of photos that you frequently come across while browsing the web. You can organize your bookmarks into different collections and tag them for easy access, depending on your preferences. You can also add a custom icon to make your collections look more personalized if you want to bring some cool customization into the mix. allows for more streamlined cooperation, so if you love working on one-of-a-kind collections with coworkers or friends, it’s a great investment. Although it is free, you will have to pay $2.99 per month if you want to use all of the bonuses without restrictions. It’s reasonably priced in comparison and worth serious consideration if you’re looking for an all-in-one bookmark manager.


Wallabag - open source pocket alternative

Wallabag looks to be a strong contender for those looking for a free open-sourcePocket alternative that includes most of the essential tools for managing bookmarks. It doesn’t have a particularly appealing interface or a plethora of appealing features. However, it has a high score for simplicity and easy-to-use parameters, making it convenient. The app creates a comfortable view by extracting the article’s content, that can invite your eyes and take them on a long reading spree. Tags allow you to categorize your articles in the most efficient way possible, ensuring that they are not misplaced.

You will be able to save your articles quickly using the Chrome and Firefox addons. It can also import data from a variety of well-known services, such as Pinboard, Instapaper, and Pocket.


PaperSpan - pocket read it later alternative

If you’re looking for a feature-packed read-it-later app to help you improve your reading habits, PaperSpan might be an ideal solution to your problem because it includes a number of notable features that will make reading a pleasurable experience. It is this feature that distinguishes PaperSpan as a worthy replacement for Pocket. In my opinion, the best feature of this app is the ability to easily assign classifications to your articles, saving you not only time but also it helps you to maintain your library properly integrated. Furthermore, the app displays your articles in a clear and clutter-free manner, allowing you to read stories with complete confidence.

PaperSpan isn’t far behind Pocket in terms of providing the best offline functionality. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can read all of your saved articles and manage them in a way that suits you. To help you improve your reading habits, the app keeps track of your reading and provides much better insight, allowing you to easily identify areas where you’ll have to work a little harder. It has a dark theme to support your nighttime reading while also protecting your eyes from burning.

Article Reader Offline

Article Reader Offline - pocket alternative offline

Article Reader Offline is another Android-only read-it-later app that can compete with Pocket. When it comes to providing a high-quality personalized reading experience the app appears to be spot on. For example, you can select from a variety of font sizes, select a preferred text style, and toggle between day and night themes to ensure that your eyes are never straining just after a long reading session. Furthermore, it also works brilliantly in exporting any article to PDF.

⑤ Instapaper

Instapaper - similar app like pocket

In most ways, Instapaper and Pocket are very similar. It has a fairly simple interface and allows for extensive customization, making for a pleasurable reading process. This elegant read-it-later app allows you to save your beloved articles or anything else that gets in your way. When you want to read without distractions, you can remove all the distractions to ensure the whole article looks clean and pleasing to the eye. You can perfectly adjust a number of key aspects of this application according to your taste. For example, you can customize your experience by selecting from a variety of themes, fonts, and even colors. Furthermore, you can sort your articles by popularity, date, length, and other criteria.

Instapaper has a fantastic offline feature, you can read your articles at your own speed. The text-to-speech feature comes in handy when you want to rest your eyes or read long articles more comfortably. In terms of cost, Instapaper is significantly less expensive than its competitor. In short, it is one of the best pocket alternatives available right now.

⑥ Linkaive

Linkaive - pocket alternative offline

If you are looking for a lightweight app for easy reading and bookmark management, Linkaive might be the best option for you. When it comes to storing web URLs of articles, videos, websites, and other media, the app works magnificently allowing you to build your own personal reference library. One of the best features of Linkaive is that it works just as well offline as it does online. So, whether your system is connected to the internet or not, you can read the articles you’ve saved without any interruption. Linkaive has looked up to the task in terms of organizing tools. The cloud backup ensures that all of your items are secure. It is completely free and does not contain any advertisements.


Booky - another app like pocket

Booky isn’t exactly comparable to Pocket, but it’s one of the finest bookmarking services for keeping your links well established. It changes the appearance of your new tab page and works with all web browsers. The best part is that it enables users to create custom Dashboards based on their preferences. For example, you can create a dashboard called ‘’Work’’ to store links to relevant work-related resources. Additionally, you might save video links by creating a dashboard called ‘’Video’’.


EmailThis - pocket alternative

If you’ve used Pocket before, you’re probably aware that the service optimizes web pages for reading. EmailThis performs the same function. As it’s a service designed to keep your inbox clean, it doesn’t save any links or web pages. Simply sign up for EmailThis and use it to send any article directly to your inbox. It will instantly delete all unnecessary elements such as advertisements, sharing buttons, comments, etc, and will mail them to your inbox.

⑨ Diigo

Diigo - app like pocket

Diigo is another excellent app like Pocket, that you can use today. Diigo’s free account allows you to save 500 bookmarks and 100 highlights with advertisements. If you require more, you can buy a $40 per year plan that allows you to save limitless online content. Diigo facilitates you to save anything from the internet, including images, web pages, PDFs, and so on.


Flipboard - application like pocket news

Flipboard is a unique platform. Flipboard redirects you back to the original web page rather than saving the content on its site. It’s a save-it-for-later app that’s available for iOS and Windows, and it focuses on giving you a simple reading experience. As you save an article to Flipboard, it becomes part of a Magazine. It also enables you to track the interests of others.