Polaroid Frame Apps for Android and iOS

Best Polaroid Frame Apps

In the present fast-tracked universe of blasting innovation, social media has become a pivotal piece of our life. Speaking of social media, applications like Instagram come to our minds. Whenever you log in to your Instagram account, you’ll likely notice that all the top-followed Instagram influencers share some eye-catching 90’s style, grainy, vintage Polaroid photos. There’s something special about Polaroid Instagram pictures. Now, you can preserve memories by capturing Insta worthy cool Polaroid pictures with less effort. You don’t require breaking the bank for an expensive Polaroid camera. In contrast with the past, it is not necessary to learn proficient photographic skills for capturing incredible retro images. Best Polaroid frame apps for Instagram will do their job wonderfully. These Polaroid apps for iOS and Android allows you to capture, edit, and share moments within minutes.

Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Instagram

Of course, you don’t need to spend time experimenting with each Polaroid app. We have made a list of the best Polaroid frame apps for Instagram.

1. VNTG – Vintage Photo Cameras

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Are you looking for an all-in-one Polaroid app? VNTG is for you. This exceptional app permits you to snap, share, and print photos with some clicks. This photo editing app is enjoying many positive reviews and ratings from its regular users. Not only the interface but the features of the app are just wow! You will undoubtedly experience the nostalgia.

Install this app and take bright or dark, grainy aesthetic polaroid photos. The app has more than a thousand frames and photo adjustment tools to make your photo stand out. Import your favorite picture from the phone gallery, play with filters, add vintage and colorful textures, and print out with high quality. On the whole, this is beginner-friendly and is available for free on Android and iOS.

2. Nichi – College & Stories Maker

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Get the best polaroid frame pictures with Nichi and feel the wonders of life. It is such an exceptionally polaroid Instagram collage and story editing application introduced by the Japanese market. This app allows users to customize Instagram stories using intricate layouts, templates, frames, text, and exciting stickers. If you are a true Polaroid addict, then you would adore its prevailing pastel tones.

In the Japanese language, Nichi means daily life. So its purpose is to let the user record the beautiful moments of your everyday life and cherish the emotion and details. Moreover, people will love to enhance their pictures using polaroid, film, and eye-catching retro-style filters. On top of that, you can add background colors of your choice to complement your photos.

3. Instant Pic Frames

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Make your beautiful wedding photos even more artistic using the Instant Pic Frames app. It permits you to decorate your aesthetic images with the best picture frames. Now without an expensive Huji camera, you can still bless your Insta feed with retro-style pictures using this exclusive photo editing app. You can add a 90’s effect to your photo using vintage, summer, bright, and other grainy filters.

The app allows you to make a collage of multiple pictures right in the app. Additionally, this Android app features free frames for girls, baby birthdays, side borders, flower photo frames, and whatnot. This easy-to-use app will make you feel like a pro photographer.

Capture or import a photo, and do whatever you like to do with the picture to make it adorable. Move, crop, resize, zoom in, zoom out, enhance resolution, apply filters, and share on social media platforms.

4. PolyCam – Vintage Filters Cam

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Feel the nostalgia with PolyCam -Vintage Filters Cam. Now you don’t need to spend hundred dollars on a retro lens camera. PolyCam has a lot to offer. This app has come up with 25 exceptional vintage filters. Not only that, you will get unique aesthetic leak effects and photo editing tools to help you make your photo dreamy.

A high-resolution retro lens camera is waiting for you. Resize, add ready-made 80s effects, highlights, contrast, shadows, and change your photograph. Over and above that, don’t forget to use extraordinary Polaroid frames.

5. Retro Cam – Vintage Camera Filters

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Indeed, the Retro Cam app is most popular among both Android and iOS users. The reason behind its tremendous success is its over 80 filters, including vintage, retro, black & white, portrait, cinematic, mood, landscape, and so much more. Retro Cam is all about capturing current moments with the 80s-90s touch and grainy vintage feel.

Furthermore, this photo capturing and editing app allows you to imitate analog images from the 80s and 90s, using its 60+ light leaks effects. Equally important, VHS glitch filters, trippy effects, neon effects, and special Lo-Fi will instantly brighten up your picture. All in all, if you are a bona fide retro enthusiast, then this app is a complete package for you.

6. Polaroid Originals

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Polaroid Originals is a free Polaroid picture capturing and editing app. The shadows and attractive Polaroid images take you in a world of inspiration and creativity. Unlike other Polaroid apps on our list, this app features a portrait mode for professional-level pictures.

In addition to collage, this fantastic app has an AR feature that permits users to watch their memories. Furthermore, the self-time mode makes it easy for you to photograph yourself without asking someone else. You can save high-quality edited images right in the app by using its built-in scanner.

7. StoryLab

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Are you looking for an Instagram story editor and design lab with over 500 unique templates? Then, look no further than StoryLab. Using this Polaroid app, you can effortlessly create cool Instagram collage layouts and stories. Countless customizable story templates and different frames like Polaroid, Japanese Nichi, film, etc. make this app more useful.

If you are an Instagram blogger, then this app is for you. Unique filters, over 100 fonts, stickers, high-quality background, and marble and the stary texture will help you create the perfect story for your followers. Download this app now and share aesthetic stories on your social networks.

8. MolyCam – Retro Effects Camera

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As the name suggests, the app has a camera with several retro effects. You can capture the most memorable moments of your life with one click using this app. Its user-friendly interface will make you feel like a proficient photo editor. MolyCam lets you create the best polaroid photos.

Besides that, you can add filters to your image from 25+ retro filters, 30+ light leaks, and grainy effects. Also, make your ordinary image more impressive by adding highlights, cute stickers, and aesthetic filters.