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7 Best Police Scanner App for Android

The best police scanner apps are essential to stay informed about recent neighborhood criminal activity, accidents, and fires. Although there are many excellent police scanner apps available, only some of them are created equal. While there are many police scanners, most are less efficient than others in serving their purpose.

We’ve compiled a list of the top police scanner applications for Android smartphones to simplify your life in looking for the most appropriate one. 

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7 Best Police Scanner Apps

  1. Broadcastify

The all-in-one app Broadcastify allows you to hear the nearby live radio scanners for the police, train, fire, EMS, and other services. Your position is determined by the program, which then shows a list of police scanners that are close by. There are many thousand listeners at any given moment, and it offers over 6000 feeds. The top 25 police radio stations are available on Broadcastify in your favorite area. 

The software is relatively easy to use. It offers a location-based search option and a search function to locate a scanner by name or location. When a serious occurrence happens in your state or city, Broadcastify doesn’t let you know.

Android smartphones it is among the most excellent police scanner apps. For subscribers to Broadcastify Premium, who also have access to the app’s ad-free version, the app offers complete access to up to six months’ worth of audio archives.

2. Police Scanner FREE

Another top-performing app is the Police Scanner FREE. It informs you of the police radio scanners accessible in your city or state. Selecting a nation, state, region, etc., will allow you to listen to the police scanner. Users touch the play button after choosing their location to hear the live stream.

 The search function and bookmark feature are included with the scanner free. The app can automatically detect which channels are closest to you Based on triangulation using your location and a cellular network. New tracks are found and made immediately accessible to all users.

You have access to 5K feeds from roughly ten different nations.

The only significant function that requires an in-app purchase is the capacity to listen in the background while using other apps.

3. Police Scanner X

Another competent police scanner is Police Scanner X. There are thousands of scanner stations for you to sort through. For quicker access, they are sorted into the top 50 feeds. Additionally, it offers a resume feature for more immediate access. 

The software is based on a specially created stream player designed from the initial concept to be as power-efficient as possible.

In contrast to other apps, The Police Scanner X provides the ten police radio codes you can use as a reference. You’ll find it simpler to follow the conversation on the police radio with the help of this manual. And we like that the so-called ten codes, employed by law enforcement to indicate typical phrases in voice communication, have a table of references.

This software is helpful for Android users because it takes less than 3 minutes to view signals. As a result, Police Scanner X is a fantastic option if you want quick information from a responsive device.

4. Scanner 911

Scanner 911 is yet another acclaimed police scanner. It ranks highly for consistently delivering on its promises. It starts promptly and effortlessly, presenting you with various feeds, recording options, well-liked channels, and other features you’d expect from the top police scanners.

The app’s primary focus is especially keen on enforcement agencies and emergency medical services. 

It provides police codes for a particular stream and displays how popular each radio source is in your county. Users can modify their skin to make it easier to read or appear more visually appealing.

This top scanner software stands out thanks to its cutting-edge user design, which follows Google’s Material Design guidelines.

The Scanner 911’s integration of maps is one of our favorite features. Your iPhone displays a map of the feed’s coverage region after you access a stream.

Scanner 911 does a fantastic job of streaming radio and has a welcoming user interface.

5. Scanner Radio

An application called Scanner Radio can provide you with information about how the local police force functions. You can use it to access nearby police and fire scanners. The audio in this program is of excellent quality. The victim’s and the police department’s or many officers’ conversations are audible. 

One feature distinguishing Scanner Radio from its rivals is the ability to make smartphone alerts to let you know when people are tuning in to a local feed. This signals scanner activity and can warn you if there are any cops in the area.

A notification that users have tuned in to a specific station is only one of the many functions that Scanner Radio provides. This software for Android users is functional and allows you to view nearby scanners.

Users of Scanner Radio are made aware of the 50 busiest police radio channels. Users of SR can listen to radios for the weather, the air, the sea, etc., and police radio feeds.

6. Police Scanner 5-0

 The 5 0 Radio Police Scanner is another excellent app that provides access to over 5,000 radio feeds from the police, fire, and other emergency services.

One of the cool features of this one is the ability to use network triangulation and GPS to locate channels close to your current location. You can bookmark your favorites, stream in the background, and immediately access fresh feeds as they appear online. Thanks to the geographic data provided below, you can locate the scanners nearby. Overall, the software is simple and has a beautiful user interface and bookmarking functionality.

7. Police StreamFree

PoliceStreamFree is also a good choice for a police scanner app. It can gain access to thousands of radio feeds. It has a straightforward user interface that is relatively easy to navigate,

Tap one of the names on the screen to begin using PSF. The program will then start playing the scanner once you have done that. PSF’s “Feeds” interface shows a list of nations. To browse police scanners by country, tap on the name of the government and then choose the county or state. You’ll see a countdown on the screen once the app starts broadcasting the scanner. The scanners’ position is highlighted on a Google Map in the application’s map interface.

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It was widely believed that downloading police scanners was prohibited, although this was untrue. If you have one, it could greatly assist you. To fully understand the best police scanner apps for Android, select from our trusted list above.

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