5 Best Study Planner & Productivity Apps for Medical Students

best apps for medical students

Being a medical student may seem difficult to deal with in prospect, and life also has its way of making it hard for students too, with never-ending distractions; social media, friends, events, etc. But as a medical student, your ultimate goal is figuring out how to do more with less. A medical student finds themselves having to prioritize numerous tasks at once, all with seemingly similar deadlines which leaves them with lots of anxiety. Staying productive and well organized is the key to being on the right track, achieving your academic goals, and preparing yourself for a rewarding career.

So as a medical student, how do you go from being routinely stuck to those who consistently conquer their day? Below are some apps to use as a medical student to help you manage your time, meet your assignment deadlines, balance your medical school and personal life.

List of Best Productivity Apps for Medical Students

1. Todoist

study planner app for medical students

Every medical student wants to increase their productivity in studying and map out dates to complete every assignment. Todoist is one of the best to-do list apps that has a neat easy interface. This allows you to manage, and accomplish activities set for each day to stay productive.

The app helps you to organize everything you need to remember, like upcoming assignments or quiz deadlines. You could also put all your assignments, reports, and other work stuff in one place.

Its daily planner feature allows you to plan your day and make your tasks more manageable, which allows you to prioritize urgent and more essential stuff.

Todoist is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS users.

2. Ayoa

study planner app for medical students

As a medical student, you need an app that would make your mind more focused and organized for a more efficient way of studying. The medical school has a lot of concepts that are hard to take in, Ayoa helps in making these things easier for you.

It helps you to work smarter to minimize your studying time and enable you to focus more on high-yield learning. Ayoa app also has a central workspace that enables its users to upload files, set reminders, and interact with fellow team members.

It helps you remember key information by reviewing and putting notes on a reference material according to your understanding.

As a medical student, using the Ayoa comes with many benefits, where you can arrange your revision plan in line with your subjects, create a timetable for revision, and also track your performance. You can also create your mnemonics through combinations of colors, symbols, images, and other structures that can boost your recall skills and helps you perform well in your exams.

Ayoa is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS users.

3. Forest

productivity app for medical students

Phones are very addictive and distracting. It is a great way to derail your study time as a medical student which is not good. The forest app is quite addictive but in a good way, to help you conquer phone addiction and overcome distraction, and stay focused.

Many students find it hard to stay focused due to many distractions (such as social media and other websites). With Forest, you can now block these distractions that keep you from focusing.

The Forest app blocks out these distractions and encourages you to stay focused by growing a virtual tree from a seedling to a full-sized tree, but it dies if you stop working and use another app. It rewards you for leaving your mobile phone alone, allowing you to be focused on more relevant tasks.

Forest is good for medical students as it tracks your focused moments and encourages you to study effectively without distractions.

The Forest app is available for iOS and Android users.

4. Epocrates

app for medical students

Epocrates is a key requirement for passing medical school. I highly recommend downloading Epocrates if you are looking for an ultimate reference app.

There are thousands of drugs in the market, and as a medical student, it is not easy for you to know them all, but that’s where Epocrates comes in.

It helps you ace your pharmacology subject, practice safe medicine, understand drug interactions, and would guide you well in creating an excellent treatment plan for your patient.

In this app, you may find comprehensive information about a drug and how they work, its indication, dosing, interactions, therapeutic and side effects, etc. there’s also a mystery pill identifier. With pill identifier, pills are organized by shape, color, and imprint code.

In the Epocrates app, you could also do quick calculations of a person’s Body Mass Index for your nutrition and dietary-related recommendations, there’s also a 600+ dosing calculator, medical equations, and other useful tools.

The free version of this app focuses on pharmacology and features a powerful drug interaction checker. Here, you can check for harmful drug interactions between up to 30 brands, generic, OTC, or alternative drugs at a time, while the paid version of Epocrates includes disease information, laboratory panels, infectious disease treatment, and support for alternative medicines.

Epocrates is a great reference for pharmacology and good prescription practice. This app is available to download for free on iOS and Android.

5. Quizlet

app for medical students

This is a very popular flashcard app with pre-created card decks on topics like medical terminology and conditions. This is one of the best study apps for medical students that allows them to learn complex medical concepts to secure impressive grades.

You can create your own flashcards or choose from a huge range of user-created flashcards in Quizlet’s marketplace.

If you want to improve your concepts of pharmacology, hematology, anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, or any other subject, Quizlet allows you to memorize and learn important material while getting ready for your exams.

Quizlet offers unique learning games that make studying and revision fun.

Quizlet app is available for free on iOS and Android users.