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5 Best Study Planner & Productivity Apps for Medical Students

best apps for medical students

Are you  looking for a study planner and productivity app that could assist you as a medical student in your studies? Then you have come to the right place. We know how complex it is for medical students to tackle so many tasks at the same time. They have to meet deadlines, go to practice duties and study so many notes. These activities take up a lot of time and energy and might be too daunting for most.

The solution to these complicated activities is to have a planner and productivity applications. That will help medical students become organized. In this article, we take up the best study planner and productivity apps for medical students. We rounded up 5 applications that can completely assist students in the medical field.

List of Best Study Planner and Productivity Apps for Medical Students

1. Todoist

study planner app for medical students

Todoist is a simple but powerful to-do-list application. It works best in helping students and professionals alike in organizing their studies and career. These productivity apps will help users achieve a more productive life with their fantastic features.

Todoist contains features like a quick add button, recurring due dates, priority levels, and reminders. It also features sections and subtasks. This app can also function as a shared app so users can put up shared projects and delegate tasks to members. The app can be customized to your liking. It contains features like boards, labels, themes, and filters that can help you personalize the whole application.

Overall, Todoist is a great productivity app that can help medical students and everyone else stay at the top of their game even amid numerous daily tasks and challenges.

Todoist is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS users.

2. Ayoa

study planner app for medical students

Ayoa is an amazing productivity and study planner perfect for medical students. It will not only assist users in their productivity but also in their creativity as well.

Since Ayoa is powered by AI, the app will help students manage their workload and meet deadlines easily. It functions as a mind mapping great for students with so many collaborative tasks and activities to do.

If you have work saved from other devices, Ayoa will sync them together so you can access them quickly and easily. That’s perfect for busy medical students as well as other professionals.

Ayoa is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS users.

3. Forest

productivity app for medical students

Forest is another best study planner and productivity apps for medical students. The app is very unique because it works mainly on providing users focus to free their minds from distractions, especially with mobile phones. So if you find yourself distracted from your priorities, just open the app and plant a virtual tree. While you progress with your more important tasks, the tree will also grow. If you get distracted and want to use your phone again for some lousy entertainment, the tree will die as you close the app halfway from your goal.

Users will get rewarded for every tree they get to grow in full size. Some even create forests for all the time they stayed focused on their priorities. It is the best app to stay focused on the most relevant things in life. Most especially for medical students so they could reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

The Forest app is available for iOS and Android users.

4. Epocrates

app for medical students

If there’s only one app that medical students should have then it’s Epocrates. It is a top-ranked medical reference app. It provides students with information on drugs, orientations on diseases, diagnosis, and patient management.

Epocrates contains all the necessary and latest medical information that students need in their studies and practice. The app has amazing features. It include bugs plus drugs that deal with bacteria types and resistance patterns. The app also has Drug Info for prescribing and safety information on medicines. It also features interaction check for harmful drug reactions, a Pill ID for identifying unidentified pills and Covid-19 Bulletin for the latest resources and news.

Epocrates with all its valuable content and fantastic tools is, without a doubt, the best study planner and productivity app for medical students.

Epocrates is a great reference for pharmacology and good prescription practice. This app is available to download for free on iOS and Android.

5. Quizlet

app for medical students

Quizlet is a comprehensive learning tool that contains all educational information from everything under the sun including medical studies. It features digital flashcards, practice tests, exercises, and other excellent learning solutions.

Quizlet works best with medical students especially when it comes to difficult subjects and cases. It will assist students at every step of their learning journey, from memorizing, homework, and taking up quizzes.

It works for both Android and iOS operating systems. Quizlet is nonetheless a great study planner and productivity app for medical students.

Quizlet app is available for free on iOS and Android users.



There are a lot of challenges when taking up medical school. The tasks, activities, deadlines, and pressure are way too challenging. Good thing, in this technology era, some of these trials can be lifted. The best study planner and productivity apps for medical students is an amazing development that will help them in their journey to achieving their goals.