7 Best Car Racing Games for iOS (Free & Paid)

best racing games for ios

Are you bored at home? Are you thirsty for speed and looking for a racing game that you will love? If so, you are on the right page! Here we will show you the best free and paid car racing games on iOS devices. Each one of them will give you the best moments of fun where speed will always be present. So don’t wait any longer and look for the game that will make your adrenaline rise.

List of Best Realistic Racing Games for iOS

With the App Store’s huge catalog of car games, choosing the best racing games can be quite a task. So, if you’re looking for the best racing games to play on your iPhone or iPad, here is our list of the 7 best racing games for iOS you can play.

1. GRID™ Autosport

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In Grid Autosport, enjoy exciting and competitive car races with a unique graphic quality for mobile devices as only Codemasters can offer. The game offers us more than 100 tracks and cars to choose from and compete, where you can use a controller or enjoy the controls that bring, by default, this racing game.

You will enjoy your races at high speed, thanks to the realistic graphics and the quality of the textures with cars and scenarios. In addition, you will feel an authentic spirit of driving when you participate in any competition within the game.

Download: GRID™ Autosport | Paid $9.99

2. Rush Rally 3

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In Rush Rally 3, you can find the most realistic simulation of the current rally car competition. You can access different game modes in various tracks and materials, where you can test the cars’ dynamics as you advance in each circuit of the races. This game allows you to use the career mode and advance in competition with the best in the world, where you will fight side by side for the first place. Do not let anyone get ahead of you. You have to win!

Rush Rally 3 has different competition modes where you can interact with your friends and fight for the first place. Or if you wish, play in solitaire mode, lead the ranking table and be the best in the world.

You can modify and alter your vehicles at will in the game, thanks to the garage section. There you will assign the improvements of its benefits to adjust to the demanding tracks of the circuit. Do not miss the updates that constantly appear on it.

Download: Rush Rally 3 | Paid $4.99

3. Warp Drive – Teleport Racing!

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Warp Drive is a futuristic racing game where you must get first place. But winning is not as simple as you think! You will have to use different devices that will make each race something unique and unexpected. The most important thing is to be the fastest and the most agile. So dodge shots, drive upside down or backward, and teleport to create shortcuts and win the race.

The game also allows you to modify your vehicle at will. For example, you can upgrade it between each race to make it more competitive by adding new capabilities and making each race fun and unique.

Download: Warp Drive – Teleport Racing! | Free

4. Asphalt 9: Legends

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Experts currently consider the game in the field as one of the best car racing games for iOS. You will have access to cars with a dash of incredible realism and with great designs like the famous manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, among many others. And you have access to a significant customization inventory of each car you can get within the game. Everything is adjustable, from the color of the wheels to the complete edition of the vehicle’s body.

You will travel through locations where you will face natural phenomena that will turn each race into a unique and unrepeatable experience. In Asphalt 9: Legends, there are more than 80 locations around the world.

You can choose between two competitive modes. Thanks to the career mode, you can increase your collection of fast cars while completing more than 900 challenges or challenge players from anywhere in the world with the multiplayer option.

Download: Asphalt 9: Legends | Free

5. GT Racing 2

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From the hand of Gameloft comes GT Racing 2, a game that transports us to realism in car racing, driving the most prestigious models currently in the world at daring speeds. You will have at your fingertips more than 70 models of cars from famous manufacturers such as Ferrari, Audi, Nissan, Ford, and more. In addition, GT Racing 2 has more than 10 tracks!

It has solo and multiplayer modes where you will have to complete more than 1000 events, including duels, classic races, elimination races, and much more. In addition, every week, new challenges are included that will allow you to obtain a new vehicle while improving your driving modes.

GT Racing 2 also has a 4-camera vision and a high realism noticeable in each track’s weather conditions. Finally, thanks to the physics model, you can get a sense of exceptional reality when driving a vehicle in this game.

Download: GT Racing 2 | Free

6. Need for Speed No Limits

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Need for Speed No Limits have an ideal design specifically for mobile devices, making it a special edition with a lot to offer. That’s why it’s one of the best car racing games for iOS.

With the game, you have customization at your fingertips. Fill your garage with the most desired cars from around the world. Ferrari, McLaren, and Hennessey are some of the exclusive manufacturers you can find in Need for Speed No Limits. It has an excessive amount of more than 2 million customization combinations. So you will customize and improves your favorite vehicle and unleashes the speed in this new game that brings us ea sports. In addition, it offers you more than 1000 different racing styles where you will test all your driving skills at extreme speeds, facing the unexpected.

Download: Need for Speed No Limits | Free

7. Battle Racing Stars

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Battle Racing Stars is a whole new racing experience where you can compete against your friends while having fun with the coolness of this game. Choose your favorite character and compete in different game modes, such as friendly matches where you will play against your friends in customized tournaments. For example, escape from a UFO while racing and facing other players for the victory. Or drive at full speed while choosing the route with fewer obstacles while defending yourself from the attacks of your enemies.

Here, you can compete in multiplayer mode and participate in weekly events to get rewards and modify your characters to improve them and reach the top of the leaderboard.

Download: Battle Racing Stars | Free


Now that you know the best free iOS racing games, you no longer have excuses to get bored with your iPhone or iPad. Instead, you will enjoy the best hours of your life with your friends in the different multiplayer modes or by yourself playing the rest of the game modes. So let the speed take over!