8 Best Apps for Random Video Chat with Strangers

best video chat app with strangers

Being able to speak with individuals thousands of kilometers away is one of the biggest benefits modern technological innovation has to offer. We are able to communicate with one another in real time using video calling, just like we would in person. Aside from talking with loved ones and family, we are able to talk with different strangers. It’s a great thing to begin friendships with different kinds of people from different parts of the world.

There are apps that allow us to do video chat with strangers from across the globe. In this article, we will talk about these apps as we round up the best 8 apps for random video chat with strangers.

 List of Best Apps for Random Video Chat with Strangers

1. Badoo

If you need an app that can help you find a lover from different parts of the world, then the Badoo app is the one for you. Badoo is a social media platform that focuses on dating. It has a wide scope, catering to over 190 countries and 47 languages. It is a site where people, particularly teenagers and young adults, can connect virtually, get to know one another, and possibly go on dates.

Badoo initially only offered a chat feature, but it has since developed and now offers a video call feature. The most interesting aspect of Badoo is its ability to group and sort channels so that users can easily find the most suitable random video chat groups to join. It also features a People Nearby function where you can see and communicate with people living near you and also with people you have already bumped into. Additionally, users can view other users of the app who are located in a particular city or country.

Badoo is free to use and is one of the best apps for random video chat with strangers.

Download: Badoo – Dating. Chat. Friends | Android | iOS

2. JusTalk

Justalk is a chat and video calling app that is great for different people to connect with each other. It is an amazing place to make new acquaintances and friends. This app allows one-to-one calls and group calls that can cater to up to 50 members. It features high-quality video calling that works well with Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G connections.

Justalk is a free random video chat app that provides safe, simple, and exceptionally fun video calling and chatting opportunities for people from all walks of life and from anywhere else in the world.

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Download: JusTalk – Video Chat & Calls | Android | iOS

3. Chatous

There is a time in our lives when we deeply need to talk to someone to express our innermost thoughts and share our deepest burdens to ease our feelings. You can do that with the Chatous app. It is a social network that connects people in order for them to share deeper levels of friendship.It is not about finding someone to date, but about finding someone with whom you can share your dreams and everything that is important to you.The app works as a place where you find comfort from strangers willing to listen to you.

Here, you can meet some individuals who share your hobbies and connect with them to discuss these topics in-depth over images, videos, and other mediums. However, you need to be careful about sharing private and personal information, as you are still dealing with strangers you do not know anything about.

Chatous is a free app that is both available on Android and iOS for random video chat with strangers.

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Download: Chatous – Chat with new people | Android | iOS

4. Holla

Holla is one of those popular swiping-type dating apps that’s been making the rounds on the Internet. It works similarly to other dating apps where you swipe through profiles until you find your match. However , Holla is video call-based. When you find your ideal match, you can directly call them and do the rest.

With its video calling features, users are safe from catfish. They will not get in trouble for liking someone who they thought was but ended up liking someone totally different from what they’ve conveyed. This app will tell you first-hand how they look, how they sound, and how they deliver by video-calling them directly.

Holla mostly caters to teens and young adults. Maybe this isn’t the best place for you if you’re older than that. This is an amazing random video chat application that works as a website and as an app for Android.


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Download: HOLLA – Hay live video chat  | Android

5. Qeep

Qeep is another social network that allows users to chat with random strangers. It has a full array of features beneficial for finding people and making friends with them online. It features a short messaging service that is exclusive to the QEEPA network.

Qeep’s photoblog attributes, which are linked in their profiles, allow mobile phones with built-in cameras to take photos and store them within the app.With a photoblog, users can organize their photos just like in a gallery. Qeep also provides users with mini games that they can play alone or with other Qeep users.

All in all, Qeep is a great app for random video chat with strangers that’s ideal for matchmaking.

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Download: Qeep: Chat, Meet, Love | Android | iOS

6. Twoo

Twoo is another social discovery platform for strangers to discover each other, make friends with one another, and maybe begin a connection. It features the same outstanding attributes as the other popular dating apps. It is a fun place for both teens and mature people from different parts of the world to communicate safely.

With the help of this software, you can narrow down the list of users to those who are near you, so that you may start a chat online and arrange to meet up in person if you find that you are match.

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Download: Twoo – Meet New People  | Android | iOS

7. Azar

Azar is another social networking app that allows users to meet and talk with strangers from across the globe. It offers so many features that users can have full control of the people they want to meet. Some of these features are available for free, while others require in-app purchases.

Azar is unique in that it can translate chats in real-time and its goal is to remove linguistic barriers. Azar is a great place to practice a foreign language as well. Numerous users will be pleased to assist you, and the translation option is always useful if you and your other users are having trouble understanding one another.

Azar is focused on the mature generation, so it is not generally safe for kids. However, it is a good app for random video chat with strangers.

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Download: Azar – Video Chat | Android | iOS

8. Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a live streaming platform that is great for linking people whose aim is to get entertainment and creativity from fellow users around the world. With Bigo Live, users can do live streaming featuring content such as daily life moments, talent exposure , popular games, and so many more. Users can receive virtual gifts from supporters and followers. Those that have the same interest can even create a group which they call “families” on this app. You can invite someone for a one-on-one chat or create group calls in guest rooms that allow up to 9 members. There is also a matchup function where users can start off messaging with random people.

Bigo Live is a safe, fun, and creative way to connect with people. It is one of the best apps for random video chat with strangers.

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Download: BIGO LIVE – Live Stream, Go Live | Android | iOS


With the Internet, nothing is impossible. We are now allowed to talk with strangers from even the farthest places in the world. Creating friendships and matchmaking is made easy with social networks. These apps for random video chat with strangers are the best if you need to meet and talk to people.