8 Best Apps for Random Video Chat with Strangers

best video chat app with strangers

Somehow the line between the real and virtual world is becoming thinner and thinner. A conversation we have on a live chat or through a video call doesn’t feel any less real than one we have in the real life. So, just like we meet random people on the street, at school, or at work, and we may start talking to them and find new friends, dates, and relationships. why can’t we do the same in the virtual world?

Today, there are a lot of platforms that allow you to talk to random people that are using the same app. You can use these applications for many reasons: to meet a new girl or boy, find new friends, improve your second language, and so on…

List of Best Apps for Random Video Chat with Strangers

In this article, we are going through the 8 best apps for random video chat. They are suitable for a wide range of purposes and you’ll certainly find the one that is most suitable for you!

1. Badoo

If you are searching for an app that can make it easier for you to meet new people, boys, and girls, and maybe then go on a date with them, then Badoo is the perfect app for you.

Badoo was born as a social media where people, especially teens and young adults, could meet each other in the virtual world, get to know each other, and maybe go on a date. Romance is the main aim of this app, so if you’re just searching for someone to talk to because, for example, you want to improve your English, this is not the app for you: you’ll end up with more “ask outs” than you wished for! For anyone in search of their soul mate instead, Badoo is ideal because everyone else in this app is searching for the same thing.

Years ago, Badoo only allowed you to chat with strangers, but today there is a new video call feature! It counts over 500 million users spread in more than 200 countries.

The most interesting Badoo’s feature is that it allows sorting and group channels so that users can quickly find the most appropriate random video chat groups to enter. Subscribing to Baddo is completely free!

Download: Badoo – Dating. Chat. Friends | Android | iOS

2. JusTalk

JusTalk is an app specifically built to connect people and groups of people via chat and video chat. For this reason, if you are searching for virtual places where you can video chat with random people, JusTalk is among your first choices.

You can use JusTalk for free and, through the app, you can enter group meetings where you can start talking with random people. JusTalk allows 50 people to enjoy the same chat group in HD audio and video. Users can share multimedia content like images, videos, and others.

Being born as an app specifically made for fun video calls, if you prefer video calling people over chatting with them, this is the best option for you!

random video chat app

Download: JusTalk – Video Chat & Calls | Android | iOS

3. Chatous

We’ve mentioned that any video chat app is usually aimed at some specific purpose. If you are searching for someone to talk to, really talk to and share your fears, dreams, worries, or have any serious conversation, then you should opt for the Chatous platform.

Chatous is a place built to connect people at a deeper level: users on Chatous don’t look for easy sex, they want to talk to someone. True friendship can be born on Chatous! The Chatous app is free for both iOS and Android users and it can be used anonymously.

On Chatous, however, you need to be careful, because you may end up here when you are feeling particularly vulnerable. You need to pay attention and avoid sharing private information with a stranger (do not share any confidential details!).

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Download: Chatous – Chat with new people | Android | iOS

4. Holla

Holla isn’t the first swiping application, however, it is the first that is video chat-based. Holla works at first just like many other date apps: it allows you to see pictures of other random users and you can swipe left or right if you like them or not. When there is a match, you can make a video call and meet them in person even if it is through a screen.

This simple characteristic allows you to avoid catfishes. We all heard at least once of someone who fell in love with someone on the Internet, just to find out later that that person looked completely different, or wasn’t real at all.

With Holla, this can happen: people meet in person every time. Of course, this doesn’t save you from heartbreaks. Always pay attention when you meet random people on the Internet! But, at least with Holla, you are sure that the person has a certain look, speaks a certain language, and has other details that you can spot through a video call!

Holla is however specifically aimed at very young people, teens, and young adults. If you are older than that, maybe this isn’t the most proper place for you!

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Download: HOLLA – Hay live video chat  | Android

5. Qeep

Qeep has been around for a while but is becoming popular more recently. Qeep has many features that can allow you to talk to random strangers and meet interesting people.

You can create your profile and also add a photo gallery so that you can share who you are and you can also get an idea about other users by browsing their photo galleries.

You can video chat with more than one person at the same time, with no limitation. Qeep also provides tons of online games that may help you trigger a conversation with strangers.

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Download: Qeep: Chat, Meet, Love | Android | iOS

6. Twoo

If you like to start the conversation online, but then you always feel the need to meet the other person, in person, then you may need an app that has a geo-location feature so that you can video chat with random people that are located close enough to you.

Twoo is the perfect app for this purpose. If you want, you can filter the random users to the ones that are close to you so that you can start the conversation online and meet in person as soon as you find out that you have a feeling!

video chat app with strangers

Download: Twoo – Meet New People  | Android | iOS

7. Azar

Azar is one of its kind: its purpose is to overcome language barriers and it can translate chats in real-time. Azar is also ideal when you want to practice a foreign language. You can find tons of users happy to help you with it, and if you have difficulties comprehending each other, you can always exploit the translation feature.

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Download: Azar – Video Chat | Android | iOS

8. Bigo Live

Bigo Live is the ideal app if you like to video chat with many people at the same time. Being born with this specific aim, with this app you won’t experience lags or any issues even when the group chats count many users.

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Download: BIGO LIVE – Live Stream, Go Live | Android | iOS


Looking for people to talk to? This article is the most useful resource you needed! You just need to pick the most suitable app for you and start meeting new friends!