8 Best Freestyle Rap Apps for Android & iOS

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Being a professional singer is a job that takes years of practice and perseverance. It is about repeatedly trying every verse so that each note comes out perfect. An excellent way to keep your singing and rapping skills sharp is through mobile apps that will help you do it. That’s why we bring you the list of the best rapping apps for Android and iOS.

Nowadays, rap is one of the musical genres that has the most substantial impact on the new generations. So if rhyming is your thing, then you can’t miss this opportunity. So, start working on your music career!

List of Best Rap Apps for Android & iOS

1. Rapchat

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Suppose you are an amateur in the rap world. In that case, it is the best rapping app for you. If you want to start your career from somewhere or if you’re going to have fun and have a good time with your friends, Rapchat has it all and much more. It’s the easiest way to record your songs. With this app, you will record your voice and add fantastic sound effects. Thanks to the AI that can self-manage your sequence. You’ll get a professional studio-quality recording in just a few simple steps.

Download: Rapchat: Auto Tune Music Maker | Android | iOS

2. Rap Wars Free

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The developers created this app to expand and spread even more to the fans and emerging rappers’ community. Here you can show your talent and make yourself known, battle each other, and fight for the title of the king of rap.

Here you can record your rap songs, punctuate other rappers and their creations, and organize battles between fans of the genre or your friends. All this to help any rapper or fan to share their music with the whole world.

Nowadays, making your way into the music world takes time and money, but you have it all with this free rapping app for iOS. It allows you to excel based on your talent and effort.

Download: Rap Wars Free | iOS


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Do you want to be part of the most active hip-hop community in the world? Well, more than 1,000,000 artists consider KEAKR the best rapping app of the moment. Beats creators, rappers, and hip hop fans gather here to get to know more about the fantastic world of rap. Here is an excellent opportunity to create your music style and brand that can help you become a music star. Whether you are a rapper, producer, or someone who wants to be part of the music scene, with KEAKR, you will be able to build your portfolio where you will create your image. Show your skills and design your unique and particular style.

Download: KEAKR – The Music Network | Android | iOS

4. Self Rap

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It is one of the best rapping apps where you can control your recordings with just a click. Tap into the hip-hop communities of the moment and showcase your talent, so the world can get to know you. Create new and unique songs using freestyle and show what you are made of. You will rank yourself with other artists and gain popularity and recognition in the hip-hop community. Share your music and style through the most popular social networks and make your talent known all over the internet.

Download: Self Rap – Record hip hop beat | Android | iOS

5. Rap to Beats

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This application will allow you to record your songs with the quality of a music studio, where you can add many rhythms available in the massive library of this app. Use and mix different types of beats, slowing down or speeding up the tempo to suit your style and get noticed on the music scene. Rap To Beats offers you all this and more.

Its free version has advertising and some limitations, but this does not prevent you from using the application with all the benefits it has. For example, the developers have included new rhythms, and you can save your recordings in mp3 format.

Download: Rap To Beats | Android

6. Rap Fame

rap recording app for android

Are you a beatmaker? Or do you love rap and battle with other rappers to give more power and style to your music? Well, if your answer is a yes, then you should try one of the best rap apps for Android, Rap Fame. It has a vast library of beats and styles so you can practice and improve every day. You can find a large number of vocal effects from a music studio here. You’ll discover new music and singers who, like you, are making their way through the world of hip hop and freestyle.

This app has it all: lyric search engine, beat library, ranking lists, live news, collaborations with other rappers or artists, hip hop community, social media sharing access, contests, and much more.

Download: Rap Fame – Rap Music Studio | Android

7. Music Maker Jam

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It is a free app for music content creators. DJs, producers, singers, or beatmakers all meet in this app and give free rein to their imagination. You will find a wide variety of music genres that you can work and rehearse with, ranging from hip hop to trap, including many others. You can create original content by producing your music recordings, using your creativity to remix tracks or instruments, giving a new twist to your music.

Download: Music Maker JAM – Beatmaker app | Android | iOS

8. AutoRap by Smule

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It is a rapping app for iOS and Android, simple and easy to use. So put, if you can talk, you can rap. You can talk while the app does the rest; adapt your words, and give it a rap style that you can modify as you please. It will let you use ant of the thousands of beats available, ranging from Nicky Minaj to Kanye West and many others. Just open the app, talk, and let the app do the rest. You’ll improve your style or get something new by boosting your innate musical talent even more.

Download: AutoRap by Smule: Rap to Beats | Android | iOS


With the best rapping apps for Android and iOS, you can achieve your dreams of becoming a famous rapper. Improve and polish your rapping skills with these fantastic apps. Make the world know you and listen to your music. Only then you will achieve the fame you desire.