10 Best RDP Software for Windows 10

It’s been said so many times, but the current pandemic has made various online solutions quite popular. Among those solutions is working from home through the remote desktop protocol, aka RDP. The ability to control your office desktop from anywhere has never been more essential today than it was years ago. And because Windows is the dominant platform for offices, we’ll focus on the best RDP software for Windows 10.

RDP software allows office workers to use their familiar desktops in their offices from the comfort of their home or wherever they may be. With a strong internet connection, they’ll be able to access their files, office resources such as shared folders as well as printers. They can work almost as if they were in their cubicles. And because RDP is an indispensable tool for office workers on the go, many vendors recognize it as a viable product and put in their own twists and features to make their product stand out. In this article, we will be discussing the Top 10 RDP Software for Windows 10.

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➀ Microsoft Remote Desktop

free remote desktop software for windows 10

Let’s begin with what’s built into Windows itself. The Remote Desktop Connection client. Why does it belong in the top ten RDP software for Windows 10? Because it’s free. It’s also fairly straightforward, and its security is bound by whatever security subsystem Microsoft has put in place. To be able to work outside the office using Remote Desktop, the company has to be subscribed to a VPN service that will enable remote users to have a direct connection to the office network. A VPN is unnecessary if the worker is directly connected to the company’s LAN or WAN, say another department in the same building.

There’s also Microsoft Remote Desktop (also free), an enhanced version from Microsoft available on the Windows Store. Microsoft Remote Desktop can save previous remote desktop sessions, resulting in a list of desktops the user can come back to without remembering or typing in addresses. RDC Clients are saved as separate files, while Microsoft Remote Desktop can display them in one window, much like the other RDP software listed here.

➁ TeamViewer

remote desktop software for windows 10

TeamViewer is also a powerful remote desktop client that’s available in free and commercial versions. With over 2.5 billion installs and over 300 million active devices annually, it’s one of the most popular remote desktop solutions available. The amount of installs and active devices is thanks to its cross-platform nature. Teamviewer is not just for Windows 10 as it’s also available for macOS, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Chrome, iOS, and Android.

Teamviewer’s massive user base for Windows makes it one of the best RDP software for Windows 10. Not to mention it’s quite secure, utilizing end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption and other high-grade security features. Its interface is also intuitive and easy to use. Teamviewer is reliable and has plenty of features, which, however, come at a steep price when used professionally. Teamviewer’s client is available for download at the Microsoft Store or the company’s official website.

➂ AnyDesk

remote desktop for windows 10

AnyDesk also makes it onto this list because, like Teamviewer, it’s also very easy to use and is quite responsive even on slow connections. And like Teamviewer, Anydesk also comes in free and paid versions. Anydesk is also very easy to use and quick to download and install. So, it should be no problem for those who work as online support to have their customers download and install the client software. The customer needs to provide the resulting client number, and support can begin immediately.

We’ve mentioned that AnyDesk is a good performer, provided there’s a strong connection and a good CPU. The AnyDesk client tends to monopolize the CPU to deliver its good performance, so working on other apps while connected might be an issue. Then again, it does run well on a 4GB RAM computer. The Anydesk client can be downloaded from its official website.

➃ RemotePC

remote computer access software for windows 10

RemotePC is another popular RDP Software for Windows 10. Like the previous entry, it has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Plus, as licensing goes, it’s much cheaper than Teamviewer, as the following entries would have to be in order to compete in the surprisingly large remote desktop software landscape.

Aside from being inexpensive and easy to use, RemotePC is also quite secure, featuring trusted devices and two-factor authentication options. Like Teamviewer, RemotePC also features AES 256-bit encryption for secure communications. Sessions can be initiated via a web browser or the RemotePC app. Session recording, remote audio, remote printing, file transfer, drag and drop, and many other features are supported on the app.

➄ Zoho Assist

remote desktop app for windows 10

Zoho Assist is also well-known in the remote desktop space. It makes it to this list because it’s affordable for individuals and small business users. And because its free tier is quite limited and registration is a must for free users unlike Teamviewer or Anydesk, Zoho Assist is more aimed at businesses, small ones in fact, as its unattended plans support only up to 25 devices for unattended access. Larger companies would have to subscribe to several.

The interface itself is simple and easy to use. The Assist app features file transfer, instant voice, video and text chat, allows multi-monitor navigation, session scheduling, screen swapping, and clipboard sharing. Zoho Assist also features multiple security levels, including SSL, 256-bit encryption, and two-factor authentication. Setup is easy for both support specialists and customers, and remote desktop performance is okay. The Zoho Assist remote software is available for a limited trial.

➅ Splashtop

rdp software for windows 10

Splashtop makes it onto this list of Top 10 RDP Software for Windows 10, thanks to its over 30 million worldwide subscribers and having powered over 800 million sessions. This makes the software pretty mainstream. It’s also used by major companies such as UPS, Toyota, GE, and Harvard University. The interface is quite attractive and user-friendly. Accessing remote computers, especially when used for tech support, does not require installing client software.

Splashtop allows for both attended and unattended access, file transfer, session recording, remote printing, audio support, USB sharing, real-time chat, and mobile access capability. Like most other entries, Splashtop is also multi-platform and supports Windows, Linux, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android.

Unfortunately, like Zoho Assist, Splashtop has no free version. Just a 7-day trial to which the company is pretty confident. Their inexpensive Solo Plan ($99), which sounds unfortunately steep when paid annually, does allow access for up to two computers. The Splashtop Business Access remote software is also available for a free 7-day trial.

➆ Chrome Remote Desktop

remote access software for windows 10

Chrome Remote Desktop makes it to this list because, like Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client, it’s completely free, and unlike the Remote Desktop Client, it’s cross-platform. Plus, there are users out there that have no love for Microsoft. Those with no love for Google would only begrudge its use. Speaking of usage, the lack of file transfer, remote printing, and chat makes this aimed more at individuals and small businesses. Remote chats are often made on Notepad before full-featured remote software came along.

But because it’s Chrome, Chrome Remote Desktop is multi-platform, so it can be used for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, and support can be given from any platform to another. The interface is simple enough to use, and performance would depend on the devices and internet connection. Chrome Remote Desktop is lightweight as it exists as a Chrome extension, available at the Chrome Web Store, meaning that devices would have to have the Chrome browser, and users would need a Google account.

➇ Remote Utilities

remote desktop for windows 10

Remote Utilities makes it to our list of Best RDP Software for Windows 10 because of its affordability and the absence of the obligatory ongoing subscription, not to mention that it’s dedicated to Windows as it, unfortunately, cannot connect to other platforms. Despite that, PC World and TechRadar continuously give positive reviews about it.

The interface looks very straightforward and pretty much like File Explorer, so it would be familiar. The software supports drag and drop, file-sharing, audio sharing, session recording, shared clipboard, and view only and record only modes, which would be helpful for observations and creepy technicians. Of course, performance would depend on the device and internet connection.

Remote Utilities for Windows has a free tier, but the commercial options for multiple computers are relatively inexpensive, and users are not obligated to subscribe. The prices are one-time payments with one-year support and update.

➈ Parallels Access

remote desktop app for windows 10

Parallels Access is a more unique entry in this list of remote desktop software because it is a more mobile-centric option for technicians and support personnel on the go. While it’s completely possible to control a Windows desktop remotely on an iOS or Android device. Normally, it wouldn’t be an elegant solution; but Parallels Access has a unique technology that adapts the interface and video feed to support the smaller screen. Parallels Access works on both Macs and Windows as the company specializes in their interoperability.

The supported computers would require an agent to be installed, and the mobile devices would require their respective apps. Parallels Access requires a subscription which is quite affordable at only $20 annually for connection up to 5 computers and installation on unlimited mobile devices. A one-year business plan costs only $50 can also connect up to 5 computers but has an unlimited number of users plus an account administrator. Their model, however, is not suited for remote network administration for businesses.

➉ LogMeInPro

rdp software for windows 10

And lastly, there’s LogMeInPro from LogMeIn. This remote software is best suited for the corporate landscape due to its powerful features, but individuals and small businesses can take advantage of those as well. The interface looks easy enough to follow and has the necessary features of a remote desktop solution. Its unique file manager, though, has the ability to see the host computer’s file system and allows in-app file transfer between client and host. Performance is quite responsive.

Features include Wake On LAN, whiteboard drawing during sessions, and multi-monitor support. And because LogMeInPro is aimed at businesses, it has to be secure, so connections employ SSL/TLS banking-level security. Aside from being a remote access solution, LogMeInPro allows IT staff and managers to keep tabs on user PCs and alert them of multiple failed login attempts.

LogMeInPro has no free option. The individual plan with a 14-day trial can be accessed here. It looks steep at $30, but it includes unlimited users, remote printing, multi-monitor capability, and 1TB of online storage. Those unlimited users, though, can only connect to two computers.