8 Best Reminder Apps for Windows 10 PC

reminder app for windows 10

We all have many tasks in our lives that can often become difficult to keep up with them. The day of a common person is packed with tens and hundreds of tasks that it is quite impossible to remember them all. You need to do personal things; clean your room, purchase new toiletries, pick up groceries on your way from work, renew subscriptions, pay bills, etc. At work, there are jobs, assignments, and deadlines that you have to deal with. It can be pretty hard to remember and keep track of all this stuff at the same time. If you and your crazy tight schedule are like this, then it’s high time that you have a buddy that helps you remember and prioritize your tasks. I’m introducing some of the best reminder apps for your Windows 10 PC here, which are also free to download. They help to simplify, organize, and prioritize your everyday tasks.

Best Reminder Apps for Windows 10


reminder app windows 10, 2day reminder

2Day is personal organizer software that provides customization and cloud synchronization choices. It is compatible with both Windows Phone and PC. It arranges the activities simply and sequentially. You’ll find ‘What’s due today’ followed by What’s due this week’ all the way through ‘Completed Tasks’ and ‘No Date Tasks.’ You can add reminders to each task so that you don’t miss them, and you can sync them through your devices.

2Day is not free reminder software, but the one-time purchase price of $3.99 is affordable. It’s also a universal app and comes with synchronization functionality that you won’t find with any other reminder apps. It can integrate with Office 365, Share, Outlook, ToodleDo, and 2Day clouds. Other attractive features include live tile and a voice feature that lets you use your voice to build tasks and reminders.

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windows 10 calendar reminder, rainlendar calendar

Rainlendar can be your preferred choice to set a reminder in Windows 10 for doing tasks at the right time and on the right date. In fact, this is one of the best free reminder apps and to-do software for Windows 10. It has a friendly user interface. Rainlandar’s biggest benefit is that it is extremely customizable. You will get a free copy of the new version of Rainlendar. It also has a trendy look.


reminder app for windows 10, remindme for windows

RemindMe has been since the start of the Microsoft Revolution to speed up the competition between Android and iOS. The app has a landscape interface that shows more information, such as reminder details, and allows you to customize the notification fully. I like that the reminders you set in this app can be put on the windows start menu.


to do list with alarm for pc, Todoist for Windows 10

Todoist is an efficient, well-looking, cross-platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web) app. It’s a hybrid to-do list/reminders juggernaut. The company’s premium offer allows reminders on its website, making it a perfect combination of to-do listing and reminder application. It can create different lists for individuals, work, and family – all with their reminders.

The user interface is intuitive and needs no user experience. Adding regional language support makes it much easier and faster to add reminders. Todoist also excels with its Gmail and Outlook plugins, as well as Chrome and Firefox extensions.


free reminder apps for windows 10, onenote reminders

OneNote is a popular app created and run by Microsoft. Although OneNote is not precisely a dedicated reminder app, you can use it to manage your tasks and activities.

With OneNote, you can easily create to-doses, lists, tasks, and projects by writing, drawing, or clipping them from the site. You can share and monitor your productivity with colleagues, employers, relatives, etc. Similar to the other apps on this list, OneNote syncs all of your to-doses to your OneDrive account so that you can access them on other devices. When installed on your Windows 10 PC, you can set a reminder easily by clicking the Note button in the Action Center.

OneNote for Windows 10 is free and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Wunderlistreminder app for pc, wunderlist reminders

Wunderlist is a helpful app that keeps your personal and professional life in balance by managing your activities, listing tasks, and setting reminders for unfinished projects and upcoming events. It helps you schedule, organize, and share your events, work, movies, and even household lists.

Whether your to-do lists are for fun or job related, the Wunderlist notification app ensures that you don’t forget anything. Wunderlist makes collaboration quicker and simpler, too. You can share your lists and work with colleagues, friends, or families. And you will never miss a notification because it operates smoothly across a variety of devices, including smartphones. All you need to do is set the due dates, and Wunderlist will take it from there.

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task reminder app for windows

ToDo™ can be downloaded free of cost from the Microsoft Store. It’s pretty simple to use, and the interface uses tiles and colors – similar to the Windows 10 start screen layout. The app is simple, straight forward. When it’s up and running, it’s going to show you the list of tasks you need to complete. It will also show you what you need to do and organize according to their categories, such as shopping, mailing, and to-dos.

Desktop Reminder

desktop reminder app windows 10

Desktop Reminder is a powerful Windows task organizer that you can use to control your task simply. Define each task in the order of priority with the associated alarm when the task/event will occur. Its reminder system is very convenient – it can remind you of an important task a month earlier.

Desktop Reminder comes with a 12-month calendar with a well-marked calendar week and a date app that sets the dates for current tasks. When the reminder is set, you will receive an alarm message at the set time. There is also a time-repeating feature that lets you set up weekly, monthly, or annual activities.

Set Reminder in Windows 10

It’s all about an app at the end of the day that fits perfectly with your everyday routine. Picking out a few, and trying them out separately would be a good idea. This provides you with a reminder app trial experience, and it will show you how they can help you keep track of the important activities and events in your life.