Best Replacements for Google Picasa

best replacements for picasa

Google Picasa has long been one of the best photo editing software developed by the Google team. Picasa was designed in 2002. But, unfortunately, in 2016, Google discontinued this tool. And since Google Photos superseded it, users have been searching for what to use instead of Picasa. In this article, we present the best Picasa replacements that you can find on the web.

1. Adobe Lightroom

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With this program, you can raise the level of your photography. The program offers you tools with which you can adjust even the smallest detail. You can try it for free on your PC or your mobile device. Cloud storage of 20GB, 1TB, or more ensures your library access anywhere. Includes preset to edit any of your photos automatically.

You can apply different styles with just one touch. Enhance details with ease, as Lightroom lets you expand the image up to four times its size. And when it comes to organization, with Lightroom, you can organize your photos by theme. It also has facial recognition technology. This makes searching so much easier.

What makes Lightroom so distinctive is that it is the most comprehensive RAW development program. It maintains all the functionalities that have been created so far. This program is recommended more to people who are photography professionals or with advanced knowledge about it.

2. Darktable

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Darktable is an open-source photography developer program for professional and amateur photographers. The main characteristic of this program is that it receives the photograph in Raw image format. Therefore, if you want to install it, you will see that there are multiple installation options. It is a free software similar to Lightroom, with an easy-to-use interface. The best thing about this program is that it allows you to keep the original file.

Its development module, called Darkroom, lets you edit photos, including cropping, making adjustments, and applying presets. You can edit your photos with basic settings such as exposure, white balance, contrast, brightness, saturation, crop and rotate, etc. You can apply them either to the entire photograph or just an area of ​​it.

The very first thing you will notice is the reel when importing the photographs. This reel consists of a strip of photos that you can organize to your liking. This program allows images to be captured directly in Darktable. You just have to connect a camera to the computer through a USB cable. You can do this in a section called Capture.

This program includes curious effects and other tools that modify the photograph with precision. Its Monochrome tool is excellent for black and white or grayscale without desaturating the image. And speaking of saturation, you can also saturate colors with just one tap on the Velvia tool. There are many tools for correcting and modifying color. You can also remove smudges, noise and improve focus. If you are interested in adding a watermark, this program can do it.

It has a rating system with stars and colored labels. This is especially useful when exporting the images. You can even export an image directly to your favorite social network or send it to an email. Being a completely free program, it has some flaws in terms of processing speed, but the editing and development quality is optimal.

3. Zoner Photo Studio

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It is a photo editor known for being compatible with more than sixty different formats, including RAW. It also works as a file manager and image viewer. It includes options to create panoramas or 3D images, print contact sheets or calendars, upload photos to social networks or send them by mail.

It is one of the most versatile photo editors since you can edit your photos by layers, clone, and also edit videos. You can organize everything by date, location, keywords, or folders. In the program, you can rename, classify, and tag photos. From its editing tools, we can highlight the functions to improve the face, correcting imperfections. The special effects are also striking.

One of the best features of this program is that it is constantly improving. Its developers update it several times a year with improvements and news. So if you are still thinking about what to use instead of Picasa, this program is one of the best options. Overall, it is a high-quality program and an excellent replacement for Google’s Picasa.

4. ACDSee Photo Studio

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Now, if you are a photography lover, ACDSee Photo Studio is the best photo editing software for you. It is one of the best replacements for Picasa for several reasons. With ACDSee, you can easily manage and edit your photos. You can work directly with RAW images, and it is compatible with the GoPro!

It has built-in all the tools you need. For example, you can add a watermark to your photos. It has face recognition technology to save you searching time. You can edit all your photographic work in layers and add very complex special effects. Also, this program allows you to adjust the focus, has an HDRM option and a text tool.

When developing the photo, the program does not damage the original file. It has predefined settings and allows you to clone settings. It also has a built-in eraser tool to remove imperfections and improve the appearance of the skin. Other tools that it includes worth highlighting are the color correction and the Reveal mode brush.


Now you know the best photo editing software like Picasa, which you can use to work better with your photos. Which one caught your attention the most? Which one would you like to use? Tell us in the comments below.