RTS (Real Time Strategy) Games for PC

best rts games on pc

The gaming industry has a lot of different genres. However, not all categories are good enough to entertain you. Every gamer has their recommendation. Some like to play shooting games while others want to play sports games and so on. However, if you are looking to play fast-paced games that require mind involvement, then you must play RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games. Real-time strategy games are the best and have great in-depth complexity. There are a lot of real-time strategy games available for PC. If you are confused about which free RTS game is best, then this article is for you. Here we have gathered the best RTS games, both free and paid.

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Best RTS Games on PC in 2021

1. Swarm The City

Swarm The City: Prologue is a real-time strategy game that includes zombies. It is free to play and available on Steam. You will be playing a zombie character named Karr the Great. The Karr is the leader of your zombie army. Your task is to make such a strategy that will destroy cities. To do that, you must know the weak points of cities; only then can you beat them. You can increase your zombie army so that it makes it easier for you to infiltrate into cities.

If you want some support, you can take help from zombie generals that have extra abilities. Each general possesses a unique power. By using them, human armies will get stronger. There are different levels and modes in this game that will get difficult as you proceed to further levels. The graphics and sound effects of this game are excellent and interactive.

Download: Swarm The City: Prologue

2. Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings is another best real-time strategy game that has a fantastic storyline. Crusader Kings II was developed by Paradox Development Studio. The release year of this game is 2012, and it is the follow-up of Crusader Kings. Crusader Kings II is free to play and can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You will be playing a famous character from middle age and ruling the different kingdoms. The gaming era is from 1066 to 1452. So you can start playing this game by selecting the year from 1066 to 1452. The game requires a great strategy to destroy strong kingdoms. There are also paid expansion packs that expand the game, add more nations, empires, and different periods of history.

Crusader Kings II is not an easy game; your goal is not only based on defending and attacking. You must keep an eye on politics among your dynasty, train your armies, expand your spies, and ask for support from your fellow dynasties.

Download: Crusader Kings II

3. Company of Heroes 2

If you are looking for a game related to arm forces, then Company of Heroes is your right choice. It is based on the American armed forces. The storyline is taken from World War II – the great battle of America, also known as ‘The Battle of the Bulge.’

You will be playing as a single-player taking charge of the US army. Your war strategy matters a lot, as army success depends on you. War ground is a place where every action is important. Only the right moves can save your troops. You must fight without fear and gain a victory in the Ardennes region.

You have to cover all the crucial points of the Battle of Bulge and defeat the German forces to divert the war in your favor. There are eleven missions in the game, and all are taken from the great battle of Bulge. There are three officers in the game, and each has its own companies that include Airborne unit, Mechanized infantry, and Support unit. You have to select the right company for each mission.

Download: Company of Heroes 2 – Ardennes Assault

4. Blitzkrieg 3

Blitzkrieg 3 is an online real-time strategy game that is the sequel of Blitzkrieg 2. This is a multiplayer game that is available on Steam. The game takes you to the battleground of World War II. The game is entirely based on your real-time strategies. So, if you want to win then, you must keep your mind active. You can defeat your friends on the battleground by playing in multiplayer mode. If you are unwilling to play in multiplayer mode, you have competitive matches where AI-based enemies are available to fight. There are hundreds of army units available to combat. Also, it includes seventy missions with twenty commanders. Every commando has its unique style of battle tactics. You can also train your army by using different weapons and vehicles.

Download: Blitzkrieg 3

5. AirMech Strike

AirMech Strike is one of the fast-paced real-time strategy games. It was developed by Carbon Games and released in 2018. AirMech is an online and free-to-play game available on Steam. In AirMech Strike, you have to keep practicing so that you become victorious. Victories give you opportunities to unlock different units. There is a new update in AirMech Strike where they have introduced a 3D lobby, enhanced matchmaking, and changed the ranking system. The robots used in AirMech Strike have extraordinary abilities and features. You can select your AirMech and units to gain victory. There are also unique and interactive skins available that can be unlocked. AirMech skins will differentiate you from others.

Download: AirMech Strike


RTS games are amazing as they are fast-paced games that end in a short period. The complexities and difficulties make this category more fabulous. We have tried to give you the best RTS games for PC. Download them and show other gamers that you can plan a better strategy. Make sure that your mind stays active while playing these games; only then can you win a battle.