SD Card Music Players for Android

android music player sd card

One of the most common ways to relax is to listen to good music. We know it’s hard to get a good player that can bring out the full potential of your playlist. But don’t worry! We have the solution to that. Here we bring you the best free apps to play music from SD card on Android.

8 Best Android Apps to Play Music from SD Card

Almost every Android device comes with a pre-installed music player that you can use to listen to music from your SD card. However, it may not be as powerful as desired and lacks a convenient user interface. Therefore, in order to listen to music when you are not online, we have chosen the best apps to play music from an SD card. Check out these 8 best Android apps for listening to music from your smartphone SD card.

1. VLC for Android

android play music from sd card

It is one of the most famous music player app available for Android today. The app plays many files such as Mp3, Ogg, Wav, Midi, Mp4, Mpg, Avi, Mkv, among many others.

VLC app has playback capability from SD cards and playback from files shared from the network or in the cloud. It also contains a library option where you can create or save playlists by files. You can even browse and play the file of your choice. In addition, the app has excellent support for subtitles. And if you prefer dubbing, you can also change it if the language is available. VLC also allows you to control video aspects such as image rotation, size, and aspect ratio, and adjust brightness levels, contrast, and more.

Download: VLC for Android

2. Equalizer music player booster

Free App to Play Music from SD Card

The Equalizer is an SD card music player app that contains a sound amplifier and music equalizer that is fully customizable, resulting in impeccable and crisp good quality. It is a free app with a user-friendly interface and excellent quality that allows users a unique experience when playing their favorite music.

The app allows you to manage and edit your favorite tracks, creating new and exciting mixes. With it, you have the power of editing in the palm of your hand. In addition, it lets you interact with and try out up to 10 sound presets ranging from pop to acoustic mode. You can also create and manage your settings, tailoring the sound to your liking.

From this play music from SD card app, you can access your local folders and those on the SD card. Moreover, it allows you to create playlists and organize them by categories such as artist, song, and genre.

Download: Equalizer music player booster

3. Rocket Music Player

sd card music player android

It is a great music player with multiple features that allow you to interact with your sound files and enjoy excellent playback quality. In addition, this SD card music player app can manipulate a large number of audio files such as Mp3, Ogg, Wav, Midi, Mp4, among many others.

Rocket Music Player has exciting features such as its equalizer, playlist, input of tags and lyrics if the file has them, and interface editing when changing tracks. In addition, it has a cloud backup offer if you access the subscription every month.

Download: Rocket Music Player

4. Poweramp Music Player

play music from sd card android

It is a powerful audio player with incredible features that make it one of today’s most-used players. This play music from SD card app for Android has a modern and user-friendly interface, a navigation system, and a new audio engine. Those qualities considerably improve the playback of your favorite track.

The app has many equalization options with sound effects such as reverb and stereo output and presets that you can edit to provide better sound quality. It can play many formats and can search through local folders or your SD memory card for the audio files and add them to a playlist. In addition, this fantastic app has dialog boxes, pop-up windows, different menus that make it a very complete and versatile player.

Download: Poweramp Music Player

5. Music Player

android music player sd card

This player allows you to search your audio files by different categories and direct playback from your SD card. It has an equalizer with various presets that would enable better control of the sound quality. You can customize your settings and save the configuration that you like the most. You can create playlists and organize your music in the best possible way. It has an option to use an audio file and set it as your phone’s ringtone.

Download: Music Player

6. BlackPlayer Free Music Player

android app to play music from sd card

It is a free music player app with a friendly and stylish interface with many customization options regarding sound quality. With this SD card music player Android app, you can use the play now function. As a result, you will have a playlist with the songs you have listened to most recently. Thanks to its intuitive capabilities! The player supports many audio files and has a 5-band equalizer, surrounding sound enhancements, and bass and treble amplifier.

It allows you to read lyrics embedded in the audio files and edit track information, author, track number, song name, and more. Also, the app has the option to play files from your local folder or SD card and create customizable playlists.

Download: BlackPlayer Free Music Player

7. Music Player – MP3 Player

android music on sd card

It is a simple music player with a great design and an excellent integrated equalizer that allows you to modify its sound quality. With this SD card music player for Android, you can listen to your music files, organize them through playlists, and edit from the song name to the genre or even the artist’s name.

It has a friendly and modern interface that you can change between the multiple themes that the application has. You can organize your songs by any of the categories shown there and even use a song as your phone’s ringtone. With Music Player, you can access your files locally or through your SD memory card with excellent support for different audio file formats and a timer to stop or turn on by itself.

Download: Music Player – MP3 Player

8. Pi Music Player

play music from sd card

Pi Music Player is one of the most downloaded Android apps to play music from SD card. Thanks to all the fantastic features that make this player one of the most complete among all music players, it has a very high rating in the Google Play Store.

With Pi Music Player, you can not only play local music from your favorite artists, but it has the option to create ringtones from your audio files and allows you to edit and create new mixes between your files.

Download: Pi Music Player


Any of these free Android music players will help you get the most out of the music playlist you have on your micro SD card! You will be able to edit, play, and mix the songs you want. You will never get bored with any of these apps.