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8 Best Free Apps to Play Music from SD Card on Android

android music player sd card

The influence of music can bring so many benefits. Music is very effective in reducing stress and calming the mind. Nowadays, we are lucky that we get to listen to music anytime with our smartphones.

There are music apps that enable us to listen to all kinds of music. Moreover, there are great apps that allow us to play our favorite music from our SD Cards.

We listed the best apps to play music from SD card for Android users. Take your pick and let’s start grooving in.

8 Best Android Apps to Play Music from SD Card


1. VLC for Android

android play music from sd card

VLC is among the popular music player for Android that is free to use. The app can play numerous range of audio, video and images. It can support several file formats such as MP4, MP3, Mpg, Mkv, Wav and Midi.

The VLC app has functions that allows user to playback music from SD Card and other shared networks like cloud. It features a library option that enables user to create and save playlists. With these, you can go back and play your favorite music anytime you want. This music app also has outstanding support for subtitles.

It can stream videos directly from trusted websites like Netflix, Disney and Gaia. And the best thing is, it does not display ads.

Download: VLC for Android

2. Equalizer music player booster

Free App to Play Music from SD Card

The Equalizer music player is one of the best all-in-one music app for Android. It features an amazing sound amplifier and music equalizer. These features are completely customizable resulting to good quality music.

The Equalizer music app allows user to manage settings, edit tracks and create new mixes. It also has several presets varying from acoustic to pop modes giving users the power to enjoy music at its best.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and can easily play music files from SD Card.

Download: Equalizer music player booster

3. Rocket Music Player

sd card music player android

Another outstanding app that can play music from SD card, is the Rocket Music Player. This simple but full-bodied music player has multiple features for an excellent music experience.

Its fantastic features include equalizer bands with a variety of great presets and free tag editor for smooth listening navigation.

The Rocket Music Player also offers themes that lets you customize your player and match it to your mood. In addition, you can have the cloud backup offer when you subscribe.

Download: Rocket Music Player

4. Poweramp Music Player

play music from sd card android

Poweram Music Player is one of the most used app today because of its fantastic features. This music app has a simple but modern interface. It features an amazing navigation system and a high-tech audio engine for a better playback experience.

With its several equalizer settings, you can play music from SD card app for Android in a much better quality. It can easily import music files from SD Card and bring them into playlists.

Download: Poweramp Music Player

5. Music Player

android music player sd card

Music Player is a powerful and stylish android app to play music from SD Card. It has a powerful equalizer with countless presets that gives a resounding quality listening experience.

Music Player does not only allow users to listen to saved music files but also to stream free songs in the web.

Download: Music Player

6. BlackPlayer Free Music Player

android app to play music from sd card

The BlackPlayer Music Player is a free app that can play local files from SD Card. Its interface is very sleek and aesthetic. It offers numerous customization options for a better sound quality. This includes 5-band equalizer, bass and treble amplifiers and great sound enhancements.

This free app to play music from SD Card has a play now functions that works by automatically playing songs that have been played recently.

It also contains themes, fonts, animations and colors that can be customized to your choice.

Download: BlackPlayer Free Music Player

7. Music Player – MP3 Player

android music on sd card

One of the simplest but popular Apps to play Music from SD Card on Android is the Music Player – MP3 Player. It features an outstanding integrated equalizer that gives out amazing sound quality.

This music app has a modern but smooth interface that is very easy to navigate. Listening to music form SD Card is easy and quick with this music app.

It is the best option when it comes to keeping music files in order and creating playlists.

Download: Music Player – MP3 Player

8. Pi Music Player

play music from sd card

Another music app that is most downloaded by Android users is Pi Music Player. It contains a powerful pack of features that works excellently in providing high-quality sound.

This app has a friendly user interface and music directories are easy to navigate. It can download and set music files as ringtones whenever you like.

With its fantastic features, Pi Music Player has been one of the go-to apps to play music from SD Card on Android.

Download: Pi Music Player


Music Players have been one of the most essential apps for smartphones. These apps help people get in touch with music anywhere and anytime they want. With these, it is ideal to have the best Android Apps to Play Music from SD Card that can cater to the need of good quality sound and wonderful listening experience.