7 Best Security Camera Apps for Android

best security camera app for android

If you live in an area with a high crime rate, it is normal to consider installing hidden security cameras in your home. There are now many ways to turn your old devices into fully functioning hidden spy cams by simply downloading a free or paid app with the advent of camera-enabled smartphones, tablets, and computers.

List of Best Security Camera Apps for Android Phone

Here are the 8 best security camera apps for Android of high quality for creating your inexpensive security camera in a matter of minutes. You just need an android device.

1. Manything

free security camera app for android

Manything is a free Android spy cam software allows you to transform any smartphone running Android 4.2 or higher into a security camera. On your main smartphone or tablet, video from the app can be streamed live and warnings are sent to you whenever motion is detected. The ability to speak through the device functioning as the camera is a useful feature.

● It’s easy to use and navigate due to its clean design.
● Clips are easy to download and share with other individuals.

● To save footage on the cloud, a $3.99 monthly subscription is required.
● To use more than one device as a hidden camera, you’ll also need to pay the monthly subscription fee.

2. Video Surveillance Ivideon

surveillance app for android

With its equipment and cameras proven to be effective, Ivideon is the best security camera app for Android. Ivideon’s capabilities include the ability to transmit audio back over the Internet. Live streaming from any device and location through the Internet is also possible.

And the easy way to connect this home security application to your Android phone with a camera. You can still save and restore your cloud storage with this top Android app for home security. If bad guys out there smash the surveillance tapes, this is still workable.

3. AtHome Camera

security camera app for android

AtHome Camera supports various platforms. It has Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows apps on it. Two different applications come with the service. The camera app transforms your smartphone into a security camera, while you are allowed to track the other app. Time-lapse capture, multi-view for up to four cameras, remote control, and even facial recognition are some features. This is a perfect way to re-use old smartphones or laptops. The app itself is complementary.

4. Reolink

security camera app

The Reolink app is recognized as one of the best home security camera apps. It works with its zero-configuration IP cameras: plug and play. This free app allows you to view your camera’s live videos anywhere and at any time. More than 2.5 million people now use this app. You can use the official website or Google Play to get it.

5. IP Webcam

free ip camera app for android

One of the simplest home surveillance software is the IP Webcam. Your phone is turned into a remote camera. The app has good basic features. This provides VLC player support, live video streaming, Ivideon support, FTP server and Dropbox support, motion detection, and video chat support. This is one of the few successful applications for free home protection. However, it does take a few minutes and some brainpower to set up. Advertisements endorse the app. Otherwise, this is free.

6. Alfred Home Security Camera

cctv app for android

For home security, Alfred Home Security Camera app is simple to use. Thanks to the interface, you don’t need to go through lengthy signups and logins. This has its awesome color scheme, which you will definitely love.

This application is the best form of home security app that will make it possible to convert your smartphones into security cameras. You can better execute a simple command in this way. So you should get this application if you have an old smartphone because you can convert your old smartphone into a handy camera. A smooth interface and impressive architecture include the features of this home security application. And users can turn their old smartphones into cameras quickly.

7. i-Security

app for security camera

i-Security is primarily considered one of Android’s best home security camera applications. It enables users to watch live streaming through a surveillance device from various cameras. Live streaming can also be accessed via the 4G/3G Internet or WiFi using your camera. The application’s characteristics involve physical control. And on multiple servers, users can set up this application.

Turn Android Phone into Security Camera

Without question, choosing the best home security app for your Android smartphone will double the security of your home. With these home protection apps, you are assured of receiving updates and warnings about any activities in your home when you are away.