Self Destructing Messaging Apps for Android

best self destructing message app android

In all of these years, the way people communicate has changed significantly. Instant messaging apps and social networking apps have made communication quick and simple. It has been made possible by several applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and others. They provide end-to-end encryption for security, but chats, for example, in WhatsApp, may be read by many people, and adding App lockers may also look suspicious and this is where the Self Destructing messaging Apps come into play.

These apps can delete messages when the recipient reads them and/or after a certain period has passed. Some also notify the sender if the recipient screenshots their photos or conversation. No trace or history is left behind and while the recipient remains watchful, the sender of the messages can rest assured that their privacy is not being violated by anyone. This article will share a list of the best Android self-destructing messaging apps that could delete messages automatically.

10 Best Self Destructing Messaging Apps for Android

Here are some of the easiest and free Self Destructing Message Apps for Android.

1. Snapchat

self destructing text message app android

Among teenagers and young adults, Snapchat is one of the most common self-destructive messaging apps. It is the first app to come up with the concept of self-destructing text messages. This application lets you send text messages, images, and videos to your buddies, but the files will self-destruct once they open and read your message.

The app’s unique function is that the snaps or pictures you post, stay in your profile for 24 hours before instantly disappearing, and best of all, whenever anyone screenshots their snap, the sender is notified.

2. Telegram

self destructing message app android

Telegram is one of the most common and well-liked instant messaging applications for Android and iOS. The Telegram messaging app isn’t as well-known as the one mentioned above, but it’s just as good.

Telegram users can send an infinite number of messages, pictures, videos, and files to their friends and family. It’s completely free, lightning-fast, easy to use, stable, and comes with a self-destructing messaging feature.

Telegram has a “secret chat” feature available. The secret chat messages can be automatically programmed from both participating devices to self-destruct. It uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that only the intended recipient can read a message.

3. Confide

self destructing message app

With the Confide app, you can communicate privately with confidential messages while leaving no digital trace. You can send, retrieve, and conceal hidden text messages in a private group chat using encrypted messaging, anonymous chat, and anonymous texting.

To promote real, unfiltered, and efficient communication, this app blends end-to-end encryption with disappearing and screenshot-proof messages. Messages are private and safe, you can also swipe-to-reveal to avoid screenshots after they’ve been read.

This app allows you to send messages in text, picture, or document format to any email address or phone number.

4. Wickr Me

self destruct text message app android

Wickr Me is another great and high-qualified private message application. The Wickr Messaging protocol provides solid end-to-end encryption as well as perfect forward and backward anonymity for user data.

Its “Configurable Expiration Timer” feature allows you to set a self-destruct or expiration time on all your messaging content giving you complete control over who has access to your content and how long it is accessible.

5. Signal Private Messenger

disappearing text messages app for android

If you’re looking for a private messaging app for Android that prioritizes privacy, Signal Private Messenger might be the best option.

Signal Private Messenger has cutting-edge end-to-end encryption (powered by the open-source Signal ProtocolTM) which keeps your conversations private. With Signal Private Messenger, you can also send disappearing messages which will expire after a certain amount of time.

6. CoverMe

disappearing text app

CoverMe is a private messaging app that allows you to send and receive private messages and calls from a second phone line.

CoverMe’s private messenger is end-to-end encrypted and gives you complete control over your messages. When the receiver has read your messages, you will be notified immediately. The app allows you to use a self-destruct’ feature in messages, which makes them disappear after they’ve been read.

7. Privacy Messenger

self destructing message app android

Privacy Messenger is one of the best free secure and private messaging apps. It comes with a private box where you can keep your private messages. To ensure security, all messages are encrypted. And no one could capture a snapshot of your messages.

Not only that, but the app has the ‘self destruct’ feature in messages, including an SMS blocker to keep spam messages away.

8. WhatsApp

self deleting text message app

WhatsApp is the real front-runner when it comes to the best Android instant messaging service. Voice calling, video calling, and file sharing are all included in this instant messaging application.

WhatsApp has launched a “disappearing message” feature which can be turned on in the app’s settings. After enabling the feature, all sent messages will be deleted after seven days.

For groups and individual chats, there is a similar function where the sender of the message can delete it for anyone within a certain time range. Though you can’t set a time limit for self-deleting messages while using the “Delete for All” function for groups. That choice is provided by the self-disappearing message function for an individual chat.

9. Dust

app that erases text messages after read

Dust is one of the best and most highly regarded Android messaging apps available today that gives users control over their digital life. This is one of the most private and secure texting and messaging apps available, and conversations in the Dust messenger are heavily encrypted and not accessible by anyone. You can also easily delete messages off their phone, and once a message is removed, it cannot be retrieved.

Dust has some cool features that; Detect and notifies you if a screenshot is taken, Automatically erases history after 24 hours, allows you to unsend any message anytime, and send secret texts.

10. StealthChat

self destructing message app android

StealthChat is a safe app that allows you to call and chat with your friends and partners. StealthChat was designed from the beginning to be private and safe. On the server, StealthChat does not save any information about your conversations, texts, calls, videos, files, or phonebooks. StealthChat encrypts all chat messages, calls, files, and media with end-to-end one-time encryption keys, making it impossible for anyone to listen in on your conversations.

It has a self-destruct messaging feature that has a “burn” timer that deletes messages, pictures, and files after they have been read.