Shooting Games for Android

best shooting games for android

In the video games world, there are various genres to please every type of gamer globally. One of the most popular genres for a long time is shooting games. Who hasn’t spent hours enjoying all the action that shooting games have to offer? Thrill and entertain yourself with shooting, explosions, strategies, solo combat, or a good battle royale game. In this list of the best shooting games for Android, we will give you the most exciting and incredible titles so you can take action wherever you go. Furthermore, among the best options, you will choose the game you like the most, compatible with your mobile phone. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Shooting Games for Android in 2021

1. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

offline shooting game android

Many users consider Cover Fire one of the best free shooting offline games! Here, you can play in multiplayer mode with your friends online or play the solo mode without spending a single penny. You can play in offline mode and go through the different levels of the game. As you play, you will unlock missions that will give you better rewards. Build your team for the competitive modes and choose your favorite weapon so you can be the best of all!

Each chapter is full of diverse missions such as shooting from a helicopter, driving vehicles, using snipers, and much more. You will be able to face off against the best snipers in competitive modes. As well as enjoy different in-game events such as tournaments and unique game modes unlocked for a limited time. You will also play with the fantastic graphics that the game can offer you. So, escape the bullets, play with your friends and be the best in Cover Fire.

Cover Fire on Android

2. MaskGun: Multiplayer Shooting Game

multiplayer shooting game android

Do you like to play with your friends? Do you want to create your squad? Well, with MaskGun, you will! It is an online multiplayer game where you can shoot and kill all your enemies. Customize your character and equip him with the best weapons to be the best shooter. You can also be part of the global events that the game constantly offers.

You can play different game modes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, and bomb disposal mode. The game mechanics and controls will make you spend hours with your mobile phone playing. Try the different maps and complete the missions to unlock exclusive content. So if you are looking to play and have a great time with friends and meet new members of your online team, start playing MaskGun now! It’s also available for free; you can’t miss it!

⤓ MaskGun on Android

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

mobile shooting game for android

Call of Duty is a classic game for consoles like Play station. The franchise has been providing its players with the best experiences in shooting games for years. Today, it continues to be the talk in the gamer community!

Call of Duty Mobile combines the best battle royale games, excellent 3D HD image quality, game mechanics adjustable to the player’s taste, voice chat, and text chat. Customize your character and equip your weapons with the best attachments to constantly unlock in-game promotions and the battle pass. Enjoy different game modes such as Team Duel, Versus, Search and Destroy, Domination, First Line, Hot Spot, and many more. Compete at the world level in internal tournaments or build your clan and battle against the best in the clan war. Enjoy the latest upgrades of the last season and become the best shooter of all.

Call of Duty on Android

4. Garena Free Fire

survival shooting game android

Free Fire is one of the most popular games of the year. You will have 10 minutes to defeat 49 players in an expansive world with a great variety of weapons that will help you survive. In the game, you have total freedom! You can drive vehicles, hide and make ambushes creating multiple strategies and using different camouflages. Compete with your teammates to form squads and communicate with them to develop strategies to defeat everyone and be the team that survives in the end.

Free Fire has excellent gameplay and easy-to-use controls. In addition, it is a game with fantastic graphics that make the experience of this FPS something exciting and fun.

Garena Free Fire on Android

5. Morphite

shooting mission game for android

Morphite is a shooting game that recreates futuristic worlds, with different landscapes to explore caves, space stations, and rivers. You will face fantastic creatures! However, you will have to defend yourself if you want to survive in the end.

It is a rare and almost extinct mineral highly coveted in space. So it has a special relationship with Myrah, a young space explorer who first seeks to survive searching for resources but gradually goes through unknown worlds. He is looking for clues about his past and this rare mineral.

You will have to survive at all costs while facing huge bosses, upgrading your weapons, and traveling through infinite space. Find many weapons to upgrade as you advance in the game through trade or objects you find in the worlds you will explore. In addition, it has a great soundtrack and exceptional graphics. It is a game full of adventures! Action and adrenaline are just around the corner, so don’t miss the opportunity to play it.

Morphite on Android

6. Modern Combat 5: mobile FPS

fps shooting game for android

Are you looking for a game that has an excellent performance on your mobile phone and also has fantastic gameplay in both multiplayer and solo mode? Then, we bring you one of the titles that have been acclaimed by the most demanding gamers in the world – Modern Combat 5.

Gain experience in every single player or multiplayer game so you can unlock upgrades that will help you be number one in your games. Every piece of equipment you add to your outfit, weapon, or character will mean an improvement in your gameplay. So choose wisely to get the advantage every time you play.

In Modern Combat 5, you will be able to complete a series of levels. There will be no room for boredom! As you progress, each mission will be increasingly difficult, testing your aim, strategy, and ability to play.
So don’t miss any of the campaign modes and do your best while fighting the enemy and becoming the number 1 player.

Modern Combat 5 on Android

7. Blitz Brigade – Online FPS

online shooting game for android

Blitz Brigade is an FPS game full of action and adventure; choose between 7 characters and join the madness of team combat. Blitz Brigade has different game modes to fight in different scenarios with spectacular graphics and use various weapons. In the game, each class has unique abilities that can drastically change the fate of a battle. Customize and use these abilities to your advantage, and achieve victory.

The game modes available in Blitz Brigade are: all against all where no one is safe, shoot anything that moves and survive to the end. Capture the flag: go and infiltrate the enemy base and get the flag, but be careful. You must return and take it to your base if you want to win the game. Deathmatch: shoot until you get the most kills in the shortest time possible and give the victory to your team. Domination: test your teamwork and defend positions. At the same time, you advance and attack, taking enemy positions, don’t give up and fight until the end.

Blitz Brigade on Android

8. Dead Effect 2

horror shooting game for android, sci fi shooting game android

Dead Effect 2 is a sci-fi shooter that brings adventure to your phone. It uses futuristic elements, special weapons, and a lot of high-tech upgradeable equipment. Thanks to the latest NVIDIA technology, it brings features like high-quality graphics, stunning effects, and a fantastic soundtrack. You can choose between 3 characters with different styles, training, and development with more than 40 upgradeable weapons. Also, it has an infinite number of implants that will give you skills to your team and help you in battle.

Dead Effect 2 features an excellent achievement system where you will spend hours completing special missions and bells to develop your character to the limit. In addition, the in-game controls are fully customizable, providing convenience and comfort in gameplay.

Dead Effect 2 on Android


shooter game android

DOOM comes back to life, celebrating its 25th anniversary since its creation! And what better way to do it than bringing back the destruction and chaos of a world full of endless monsters. A place where the only goal is to survive.

Many strange beings only want to devour you and take you to the depths of hell. You, as a soldier, must defend yourself and end all threats. At the same time, you find more powerful weapons as you progress through each level. Relive this classic and enjoy exploding and destroying the demonic creatures that have been so popular in the FPS genre.

DOOM on Android


Video games are a great way to entertain us and spend time with our friends! Now that you know the best shooting games for Android, you can spend hours and hours enjoying your mobile phone wherever you are. Practice your aim, improve your strategies, and compete in the most popular worldwide modes. Be the best shooter of the 21st century. Let the adrenaline run through your veins, take over you! So don’t hesitate any longer and download any of these incredible games.