Free Photo Sharing Sites like Flickr

best photo sites like flickr

Flickr has always been one of the favorite sites for photographers and videographers because it allowed them to share their work with the rest of the world without paying anything. However, the company canceled its free plan in 2018, and the number of free photos was limited to only 1000, which made it difficult for users to consider alternatives to Flickr. If you are also a Flickr user and looking for some worthy alternatives, we can help you with it. In this guide, we will share the best free online photo sharing sites like Flickr. So, let’s get into it.

Best Free Photos Sites like Flickr

1. 500px

flikr alternative, better than flickr

Let’s start with 500px, which is arguably one of the best free photo-sharing sites like The best thing about 500px is that it offers a very generous free plan which allows users to upload 7 images per week and 2000 images in total, which is more than enough for most users. On top of that, it also has excellent integration with most cloud services & platforms such as Dropbox, Facebook, and others which allow users to upload through integrated platforms.

Also, we think that 500px is a much better platform than Flickr because of its layout. Another nifty feature of 500px is that it allows photographers to earn royalties when their photos are used somewhere, which is a big plus, especially for new photographers.


  • Better Layout
  • Generous Free Plan (2000 images in total)
  • User Voting System
  • Royalties for Photographers
  • Vibrant Community


  • The limited free plan (Paid plan starts at $3.99 per month)

2. Imgur

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Imgur is another one of the best photo sites like Flickr. This website is mainly known for sharing memes, but the company has recently rolled out the free service, which allows users to upload unlimited photos making it an ideal option for photographers.

As a platform, Imgur is very popular, and you can use its popularity to reach your targeted audience. The platform regularly features the latest photos on its home page, and it also comes with the upvote and downvote system, which users can use to vote for their favorite photos.

The platform allows you to easily upload your photos, and you can do it via drag and drop from your local drive. Once you upload the photos, you also get the option to set them to the public or private album. Overall, if you want a platform with unlimited photos and great reach, Imgur is a great option for you.


  • Free to Use
  • Great for Photos Sharing
  • Popular
  • Functional Smartphone Apps
  • Great platform for beginners


  • Not ideal for professionals

3. Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites with more than 1 billion active users around the world, and it’s also one of the best photo-sharing sites like Flickr. The best thing about Instagram is that its photos-centric platform, and it comes with a huge audience, making it an ideal option for photographers. On top of that, it also doesn’t come with any limitations, which means that you can upload an unlimited number of photos on your Instagram Profile.

Another nifty feature of Instagram is Instagram Stories which you can use to show behind the scenes of your work and engage with your audience. Also, it comes with a hashtag system that you can use to target your audience and get more exposure. If you want a platform with huge potential for growth and unlimited photos, Instagram is the ideal option for you.


  • Great Layout
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Ideal for Community Building
  • Can use Ads to get more exposure


  • None

4. DeviantArt

flickr replacement

DeviantArt is one of the best photo sharing websites similar to Flickr. It’s often assumed that this platform is only limited to digital artists, but the reality is that it also features photographers from around the world.

This platform is ideal for beginners as it offers 2GB of free storage, which you can use without paying a single penny. On top of that, if you need additional storage, you can always get a premium membership.

When it comes to features, it comes with tons of them. For starters, it comes with a very vibrant community that will give feedback on your work. On top of that, it comes with groups and chats where you can socialize with other artists or build your community.

Overall, if you are starting with photography and want a platform where people could comment and provide feedback on your work, DeviantArt is a great option for you.


  • Offers 2 GB Free Storage
  • Active Community
  • Good for Community Building
  • Use Critiques


  • Limited Free Plan

5. Photobucket

photos site like flickr

Photobucket is another very popular online photo sharing site with more than 10 billion hosted photos. The best thing about Photobucket is that it has great integration with Facebook, which allows users to upload photos directly to the platform through Facebook. Also, it allows you to upload photos via URLs or local drive.

Another great thing about Photobucket is that it offers different ways to publish photos. The first way is for the general public, and everyone will be able to access it. Similarly, the second way is private, where your photos will be saved privately, and no one will be able to see them. The third way is password-protected sharing which means the individuals with a password will only be able to see the photos. The third option is very useful, especially if you only want your clients to check your work.

Photobucket comes with the 21 days free trial option, and once the trial is over, you will need to get the premium plan which starts at $6 per month. Overall, if you want a photo sharing site with great privacy options, Photobucket is a great option for you.


  • Good Layout
  • Comes with Advanced Privacy Options
  • Integrated with Facebook
  • 21 Days Free Trial


  • No Free Plan

6. Google Photos

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Google Photos is one of the best photos websites like Flickr. The website used to offer free unlimited uploads, but Google has recently changed its decision, and now users only get 15 GB of free storage. It’s not great, but still, it’s respectable, and beginners can surely work with it.

The best thing about Google Photos is that it works great. As it’s hosted on Google servers around the world, your clients will be able to access your photos quickly. On top of that, you also get the various privacy options that you can use to share your work with your clients only.

The only problem with Google Photos is that it uses the compression algorithm to compress the photos, which may affect the quality of the photos, and it can be a deal-breaker for some photographers. But, overall, if you are a beginner and you want a site to host your photos, Google Photos is a solid option for you.


  • Free to Use
  • Comes with 15 GB of free storage
  • Advanced Privacy Options
  • Reliable


  • Not ideal for professionals


These are the 6 best free photo sharing sites like Flickr. All of them come with their own pros and cons. You can pick the one which suits you or look promising to you.