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Best Sites to Download Software

Best Sites to Download SoftwareLearning about tech and software is a daunting thing to get into. Universally, the best course of action for newbies who recently bought new computers and PCs is to download the right software for their general use. These include browsing sites like Google or Firefox, video conferencing platforms like Zoom, messaging platforms, and productivity tools for office or schoolwork. 

However, as technology becomes more complex, so does the abundance of online threats that can easily wreck a computer through malware or viruses. One of the most common ways of spreading them is through downloading software, especially pirated or cracked software. This is why it is more important than ever for online users to be incredibly aware of the websites that they are downloading platforms from. 

In this guide, we’ll be discussing our picks for the four best sites to download software. We’ll discuss what kinds of software these sites feature and are available for download. As well as their other features and capabilities. 

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Best Sites to Download Software

1. Softpedia

Internet Explorer 9 Softpedia Edition (Windows) - Download & Review

Softpedia is one of the top websites for downloading all kinds of software for free. Not only is Softpedia a hub for downloading software, but it is also a news site where you can stay updated on different tech and software happenings. The website is constantly updated with new platforms and drivers to download, and it boasts over 3,000,000,000 served downloads since its establishment. 

Most of the software available for download on Softpedia is for Windows and includes tools for handling documents, and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, adblockers, and more. They also feature drivers that you can install to update Windows computers and ensure that they are still fully functional. There are also other applications that are for Android mobile devices and Mac PCs, making Softpedia one of the most trusted platforms that are accessible and versatile. All of the applications that you can download on Softpedia are free unless stated otherwise. 

2. FileHippo

FileHippo: App Reviews, Features, Pricing & Download | AlternativeTo

FileHippo is another popular website for downloading software. Like Softpedia, many users trust it because there are no harmful viruses, applications, or malware attached to the program that users want to download. Most of the programs that are available to download on FileHippo are related to antivirus and device protectors. 

FileHippo’s interface is incredibly organized. All of their available programs are categorized according to purpose, such as for security, office use, multimedia, file sharing, and more. Before adding a new program to their site, all of the programs are tested for malware, adware, and spyware, which ensures that all programs are completely safe to add to new devices. They are also handpicked for quality, ensuring that all of these programs definitely work and are worth the download.  All of the applications that are available for download on FileHippo are free unless stated otherwise. 

3. Ninite

Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once

Ninite makes it easy for you to download all of the software and programs that you can possibly need. On Ninite, you can simply tick the checkboxes assigned to the programs that you want to add to your device. These include different web browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera, document readers, messaging and video call platforms, developer tools such as Python, and more.

After checking all of the programs that you want, Ninite will immediately run and install the programs that you chose. This takes out the pain and hassle in setting up large amounts of software, which is inevitable for users who are setting up new computers. Ninite simply works in the background, allowing you to continue setting up your PC while these applications download automatically. 

Ninite is completely free to use, as well as the applications that you can download. However, there is also a premium version which is Ninite Pro. This version of Ninite allows for more hands-on activity when it comes to patching and deploying applications from your browser.

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What is the best site to download free softwares?

Softpedia, FileHippo, and Ninite are some of the eBay websites to download free software. All of these websites are great in filtering through versions of free software that can be harmful to download. Ensuring that these are all completely safe to use on people’s computers. Other than our picks, CNET Download is another popular platform to access and download free software. 

Where can I download Safe software?

The best place to download safe software is from the official websites that created them. However, other sites, such as those in our guide. 

How can I download software for PC?

Downloading software is often easy and straightforward. After accessing the website you want to download the software from, you often simply have to click on a link and that will enable a download to start on your device. After enabling or allowing access to your computer, the software will immediately start downloading.

What is the best site to download Windows 10

The best site to download Windows 10 is directly from Windows. Because it requires a product key for you to access and use on your computer. 

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